GRADUATION!! (Grad School)

Saturday, October 17

Coming up for air.....

You know that horrible feeling you get when you are in over your head..... Being me I get that feeling a lot. I thought that I have finally found my breaking point. So what do I do? I add another assignment onto my already full list of things to do.

I have been trying to think of a way to tell everyone.....well.....everyone who doesn't already know. But with all that is going on I just don't have the time. Today alone I still have to do my homework, find boxes to pack, research storage units, and figure out a meeting place in Draper for tonight's meeting.

To top it off, I am tired. Beyond tired, for the past 3 days I have gotten at least 8 hours of sleep and I am still draggin' tail. I know it gets worse when I over do, but I don't know how to cut back. There is too much to do and so little time to do it in. I also know I would feel better if I hit the gym, but with an already packed schedule I have no idea where I would fit it in. The only time I have available is after 10 pm. Which does me no good, as I am then up until 2 or 3 am because I have so much energy. *sigh*

Back on track......

I am moving in with my parents to work thing out financially. I have the chance to do a study abroad in France next spring and if I get every thing paid off I can go. So I am moving in with my parents so that I can do that. Now I have 2 weeks to pack up my house and move. On top of everything else I have to do. Cross your fingers for me.


Thursday, October 1


When deciding to move back to Utah, I made a list of pros and cons.

I have to admit days like today were on the pro list!!! Crisp fall air. The trees on the mountain changing colors. Topped with snow capped peaks!
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