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Monday, March 31

RIP...yet another one!

So I seem to be rather hard on my electrical equipment. When I first started with my current company I was the receptionist.....I used the desktop computer at the front desk. It was a sweet set up. Some days.....*sigh* I miss that.

But things changed and I started working with the HR department. I was given a laptop....after months of computer problems and the death of 2 Dell laptops, the company purchased me a brand new Compaq. I have loved my little Compaq. It has been with me for over a year and been through a lot. Unfortunately, 2 or 3 weeks ago, my little Compaq couldn't handle the pressure and gave out. I was told it was a hardWARE problem not a hardDRIVE problem, so IT was able to save my life (i.e...all my information) and transfer it to an ugly little dell that I have been using. I haven't put any pressure on this little computer, remembering the problems of my past. Which, it seems, was rather justified. While trying to learn more about the Green River Killer last night with Patience, the Dell decided it was too much. When I brought it to IT this morning I was told that it was the harddrive. *sigh*
So here I sit on a temp laptop...which is better then the ugly dell but not as nice as my little Compaq.

At least they saved the last hard drive so it is only the last couple of weeks that I have to make up for.
Mondays Stink!

Friday, March 28

Wow...I made it.....

I just realized it is after 5 pm....(5:02 is after 5 pm!)

I can't believe it, I made it to the end of the work day!
Well I am going to send one last email and then head home to drink lots of Chamomile tea and suck on cough drops in the hopes that I will have my voice back soon!

Happy Weekend y'all!

Thursday, March 27

2 Things:

A) I found it interesting that todays 'Note from the Universe' read as follows:
Any and all forms of separation - disconnects, divides, partings, breakups, and goodbyes - Rachel, are temporary. Very.

You'll be together far, far longer than you will ever be apart.

Forever and ever -
The Universe
I joined the 100+ Reading Challenge with my friend Jessica. Yay!
I figure, since I was already keeping track I might as well join the group. It shouldn't be all that hard to complete; I have already finished over40 books since January 1st. I think I might have burned myself out for a bit....but the urge to finish my book on the battle at Balleau Wood is to strong to stop reading for very long. Lol!

Wednesday, March 26


I have tried to write about this weekend repeatedly, only to come up with disjointed phrases. So let’s try it this way:

Gramps passed away on Saturday March 15, 2008. I had a chance to talk to him the Sunday before he died. Very little was said, but I was again reminded of how important it is to be able to say ‘I Love You’ one more time.

I worked for a week, but I don’t remember much of it. That seems to be normal though, hence I have a blog to remind me. 

I arrived in California late Friday night, after brief hellos, I was tucked into a mattress on the living room floor. Dad took pictures. Not sure why he wanted to commemorate the fact that it was almost 3 am my time and I was exhausted.

Saturday: Grandma made pancakes. I was kind of surprised how normal the routine seemed. The only thing missing was Gramdpa. Breakfast was followed by errands with Gretch, frames, ink cartridges, lunch, nylons, and blank DVD’s. More family arrived.

Sunday: Grandma made German Pancakes; such goodness I had never known. YUM! There was an Easter egg hunt because Grandma wanted things to be as normal as possible. The last of the family arrived and we all got ready for Church, where we took over a sacrament meeting. I think we literally doubled the meetings attendance though most of our heads were bobbing in fatigue by the time the Easter program started. Lol!

Sunday Night: The Viewing started right after church……I am not a fan of viewings. As I have stated before in this blog, I deal with death by reminding myself it is like a friend who has moved far away. The person is gone from sight but I have a chance to see them again someday. Viewings do not help this, for lack of a better word, pretending. I choose not to find closure in the empty vessel left behind.

I will forever and always see Grandpa Hinkson standing tall, fanny pack around his waist with a goofy smile as he cracked silly jokes in the living room of the tiny 3 bedroom apartment in Ohio when I was 11. 17 years have gone by since that day, but I still have vague memories of him telling us we were family, there would be no step or half or anything else. We were Mom and Dad and brother and sister, we were FAMILY.

Sunday night was about visiting. I didn’t know many of the people that came to say goodbye, but many of the cousins were there. It was nice to be able to talk and visit with family; to laugh and joke about the way Gramps had been in life.

Monday: Monday was a beautiful day. The sun was shining, the temperature was nice, and there was a slight breeze. There was some more time for a viewing and then time for family to say one last goodbye. I resisted the urge to look in the casket. The urge was more to follow the expected protocol; I didn’t want anyone to think that I didn’t care. In reality, I have found that it does more harm then good for me so I decided that the protocol was not important. It was hard to watch my father, my aunts and uncles, and especially my Grandmother as they gathered around the casket in a loose semi circle to see Grandpa for one last time. I doubt there were any that were unmoved by the grief that was there.

A beautiful funeral followed. The bagpipes were poignant; the speakers and music was appropriately respectful, and the eulogy was a great look at the life of a righteous and wonderful man. The graveside service had all the honors that a respected serviceman should have and loving dedicatory prayer given by my uncle.

At the end of the services there was a lowering of the casket and members of the family were allowed to participate in shoveling the dirt, one shovelful at a time. Most chose to take part. I did not. Another thing that was not necessary. I did take an opportunity by throwing a purple flower onto the casket. It was enough of a good bye for me. There was a slight detour to lunch as we took a scenic route…Lol! By the time we got to the luncheon we were starving and grateful for the food that was provided by the Relief Society. Monday night was filled with the departure of family members and the preparation for my own departure. There was time to talk and visit more and it was good just to be there among family. It was so nice to get to know them better. I hope to continue to build on those relationships. Family is so important.

Tuesday started out like normal…..with Pancakes. Lol! With goodbye hugs Gretch and I left. She dropped me off at the airport on her way home to Northern CA. The trip was long and uncomfortable but I filled it with a new book. Not one I liked but it kept me busy until I was picked up at the airport in DC.

I can’t really explain all the emotions that were involved in this trip. Let’s just say the weekend trip felt like it lasted much, much longer. Grandpa was an amazing man; he taught me about keeping an upbeat attitude and about the importance of family. He will be missed in this life and there are many of us that look forward to seeing him again in the next. We love you Gramps!

To geek or not to geek....

61% Geek

I think my rating reflects that I know geeks more then it reflects my personal geek status! Thanks Steph....and Richard. LOL!

Friday, March 21

They are tough little whippersnappers...

Because I couldn't resist taking this.....
Thanks Toyfoto


I guess if I could only take 10 of is a good thing Mom and Kent stopped at 12. :)

Wednesday, March 19

The Economy Today.........

Rae: ...but I want to be able to stay home and play all day while someone else brings home the bacon.....
Rae: think I could apply for that job with someone?

: no, I think in this economy the job you're after isn't to be found
Jeremy!:without additional skills

Rae:I have additional skills...but very few people are allowed to know about those.

like I said, in this economy, being a little more forthcoming about those can get you a foothold
Jeremy!: or other-body-part-hold....

Rae: yes...well with my trust issues....I figure the economy will change before I do

Tuesday, March 18

This Ewok didn't battle for Endor......

But I would have joined the battle if they could've corralled my "ooh shiny" moments......

Star Wars Horoscope for Gemini

Like most Geminis, you are a playful little creature.

You tend to be extremely curious, craving knowledge but sometimes having a short attention span.

For the most part, you are charming and lovable.

But at times, you can seem scattered and high-strung.

Star wars character you are most like: Ewoks

Monday, March 17

The day of Green......

Today is one of my favorite days of the entire year. I love St Patrick's Day. In years past I have been know to to wear green from head to toe. Usually there is a special bounce in my step, it must be the fact that green is my favorite color.

This year, I am not so into it.......I am not even wearing any green.

Hopefully my enthusiasm will return some time today. Maybe I can find someone who wants to go to IHOP for dinner/FHE. They are serving Green Eggs and Ham.

Any takers?

Saturday, March 15

Kenneth Royal Hinkson died today, surrounded
by his children and his sweetheart of 51 years.

I know that I haven’t really talked about this, but I don’t really know what to say……my heart hurts. Grandpa Hinkson will be truly missed.

Friday, March 14

My favorite songs.......

I can't seem to concentrate today.... so i am going to give a shout out to my current favorite radio website. YAY for Yahoo Launchcast!!
as you can probably guess I have been listening to the various play lists and thought I would share my current radio favorites. Enjoy!

New Soul by Yael Naim. You probably have heard the commercial that this is attached to. My friend Tara introduced me to this artist. The whole CD is interesting, it makes me wish I spoke French and Hebrew:

Love Song by Sara Bareilles.....I actually like her whole CD; NOT the video. But it is the only one that I can get to post on my blog. The second song starts around 4:25 or so. You can stop listening there. Lol! Enjoy the music! :)

Bleeding Love by Leona Lewis.......
This one has an awesome video that I can't figure out how to post on my blog either. It can be found HERE.

See You Again Miley Cyrus....I am disturbed that I like this song...but I do..what else can I say.

Over You by Chris Daughtry....Love Him!! Another great CD!

And that concludes todays videos...enjoy!

Happy Birthday Courtney!

Wish I had a picture to share but I don't have any in soft copy. Cyn or Ralph or Gretch you got anything?

Wednesday, March 12

The American Idol Pool

So apparently You Tube and Blogger decided to play tricks on me. So here is the post that was supposed to go out yesterday with these videos.

It is that time of year again. My office pool has set and I have chosen the American Idol that I am willing to put my money on.

My all time favorite is David Cook. Every week I love listening to him. Especially the version he did of this song:

So my money is on him. Good luck David!

But I must say (even though I didn't pick him for the office pool) I secretly wish that Chikezie wins. For some reason when I see him I think of my friend Nick.

In response:

I need to leave for dinner here in a few minutes but I wanted to blog this before I forgot. I came across Jessica’s question while catching up on my blogs while taking a turn at our reception desk.

Now I am the type of person who reads almost anything fiction and non-fiction alike. There was always so much information to learn. I remember reading the large biographies and histories of WWII when I was in middle school. Things didn’t change as I grew up. I don’t remember when I started reading most of the genres that I currently enjoy. But the Romance genre stands out in my memory; probably because of the 'taboo-ness' that was given to the genre. My big sister dubbed them “my trashy slut-whore novels”. No she has never read one and she probably never will. Lol! But I am okay with that. I understand where the bias comes from. But I also reserve the right to enjoy a sweet romance when I want one. Lol!

So in answer to Jessica’s question:
I would love to hear from you about how you found this genre, what led you here, and what has kept your interest for so many years.

I started reading Romance novels in High school. My neighbor had a closet full of Harlequin Historicals. She was also the Bishop’s wife. (For the non-LDS: The Bishop is the leader of the local congregation) I used the justification that if she could read them so could I. I wasn’t shy about it either, though I knew that the books were taboo. My neighbor kept hers hidden in a secret closet in her sewing room, fo heavens sake. But I was 16 and had no shame. I made a deal with my AP history teacher: I would show up to class and take the tests if he didn’t require me to pay attention to his lectures. So I sat in the back of AP history and read my historicals while listening to my headphones. (Yes I passed that class; I never had issues with history).

The happy endings are what keeps me coming back. There is something about knowing that there will always be a happy ending, Sometimes I want the good guy to get the girl, the bad guy to get punished and every one to live happily ever after. I don’t want to have to worry about it whether or not I will be depressed at the end of the book. My usual motto is that if I wanted to depress myself I would watch the news. Why spend my free time depressing myself with fiction novels. Lol! That doesn’t mean I solely read the happy stuff now but I will admit to enjoying it as much if not more then almost anything else.

When I started my own collection I did keep them under my bed. There were young impressionable minds in the house (to be honest I was out of bookshelf space. Lol!). As a adult, there are houses I have lived in where I keep the romance novels in my room instead of with the other authors in the library, out of respect for the others living in the house. Even with that, I usually don’t let the taboo-ness bother me. I read what I want, where I want. Lol! It always makes me smile when I see a woman sitting on the train reading a romance novel.

Deep Sleep?

I woke confused this morning.....

For the past couple of days I have been sleeping with my phone on just in case I get a call from my family. This morning I woke up to it off. I know it was on last night when I went to sleep. I can only assume that I turned it off sometime during the night.

Here is the troubling question:

Did I answer a ringing phone in the middle of the night before I turned it off?
(The only plausible scenario that I can come up with is that I woke to the ringing phone answered it and then turned off the phone when I was done speaking to whomever it was.)

I don't recall waking up to answer the phone, but it wouldn't be the first time I had a conversation with someone while I was asleep. If I did....what did I say and what was I told?

Did you call me?

Tuesday, March 11


And now you know why I liked history and English better....

JustSayHi - Science Quiz

P.S. Good news on the family front. While things might not be good for long they are good now and that is all we can ask. :)
Thanks for those that called. :)

Sunday, March 9


Last night I had an epiphany while watching the movie 16 Candles. Does anybody remember Farmer Ted? I do (but that is not the point of this post). Last night reminded me that it is also the name of a character in that movie.You know the geeky one that is in love with Molly Ringwold. She even gives him her panties to help him out of a bind. Lol! I apparently had a soft spot for geeks even in my childhood. Lol!

As a side note:
I am not ignoring the other things going on right now but I don't want to talk about them. I seem to be a bit of a watering pot and I don't want to discuss it here. Lets just say it is shaping up to be a difficult week for my family.

Friday, March 7

Baby Hannah Jean Arrives

I got the call this morning shortly after I arrived at work. I have a new niece. I will let my brother tell the story in his own words.........
A new little Hinkson shatters the sound barrier

Well, it is official. Hannah Jean Hinkson was born about 4:30pm (Baghdad time), which would make it about 6:30am in Utah. (This email may not be 100% factual).

Hannah, is a name from the Old Testament; she was the mother of Samuel the Prophet. However, this is only the spelling that we have chosen. The name we liked is pronounced the same, but in Arabic, the word hana' (with a glottal stop at the end) means "happiness or bliss." I also like the palindrome quality of HANNAH, backwards and forwards it is the same. Jean is the name of Julie's maternal grandmother, Jean Partridge, who will be tickled pink to learn Hannah's middle name, I'm sure. Amber's middle name is Louise, after my maternal grandmother (who hopefully will be able to come out and visit us when I am in town in April or May).

Hannah weighed in at 8 pounds 2 ounces and was twenty-one and a half inches long. (For all of you who like to compare, Amber was 7 pounds fourteen ounces and was twenty-two inches long. I think).

This birth went much faster (only fourteen hours) than Amber's birth. From what I hear Julie was able to relax and take it easy for most of the time.

Julie went into the hospital late last night and had the baby early this morning. Her sister, Diana, slept over with Julie at the hospital. Julie's mom, Beth, arrived around six in the morning and was there for the birth. Julie's father, Bruce, stayed home with Amber.

Julie tried to call my parents early this morning, but they were peacefully sleeping (or at least peacefully not answering the phone). At 6:30am, I can see them not answering the phone while they study the scriptures. And, there was absolutely no indication that Julie would be in labor at all this week.

We were quite surprised by this turn of events. Julie had been told that she would not give birth until next week at the earliest, but when Julie went to the hospital for her "non-stress test" she was told that her blood pressure was a little too high and the baby's was a little too low. So, they decided to monitor her and the lifeform within her.

She didn't want to bother anyone, because she had not progressed towards giving birth at all. But, after several hours of observation, they determined that they would slowly induce the pregnancy. By that time, it was late at night... and by six or so she was dilated to a nine (nine centimeters). Note: Americans don't know what that really means. We have never understood the metric system. If we knew how big nine centimeters was in the English system of measurement (inches) we would all be "grossed out." Explaining things in centimeters is a way to explain reality without terrorizing the maternal populace.

Some good news, no forceps were used. Amber had to be pulled out; but Hannah seemingly glided out.

I had been receiving updates over the past few hours (which were the late hours of the evening for you, but not for me). Julie was able to rest most of the time while she was "progressing."

Julie talked with me until the very last moment, and then handed the phone over to her sister, Diana, for the "play by play." This was Diana's first time and Julie's mother's first time witnessing "the miracle of birth." As Julie's mom put it, a few minutes later, it was her first time from that end. (Or maybe that is how I am putting it... she said something like that to me).

I could imagine everything happening from last time. I think I kept asking Diana if they were doing what they were just about to do.

I was caught by surprise to hear little Hannah start to cry. I think I'll always remember that moment first hearing her cat-like screeching, standing in the gravel, rocking back and forth, burying my shoes in the gravel... in a dusty, outdoor corrider between stuccoed T-wall and the similarly stuccoed walls of our building, lucky number thirteen. The sky was a beautiful shade of blue, and I watched our entire building vacate, in order to attend the memorial service of a serviceman who died in a helicopter crash a few days ago. I think that this same kind of juxtaposition happens every day. I am glad to be on the happy side of the equation today.

I am very much looking forward to seeing pictures of my new daughter (and her mommy... and her sister), hopefully I can receive and download some of those tonight. I am sure that I will receive a steady stream of new pictures. It is amazing how close I feel to the situation, despite my distant reality; and I have many of you to thank for that.

March 7th has turned out to be a very beautiful day, one of the best days of my life.

Hannah seemed to cry longer than I remember Amber crying. I have been told that she looks healthy. She has good color; she has brown hair... and Julie told me that she was making some Truman faces... and then she made some faces that looked like me. Poor kid, hopefully she grows out of that, right Truman?

..........(Rae's Editing)

I consider myself very blessed. I never really imagined growing up, what a sweet experience it is to be a father. I think I could see it in my mind... but I never saw it in my heart. That same sweet awe that I felt when Amber was born has revisited me.

I am grateful for a beautiful wife, and two sweet little girls. I couldn't be happier (unless I were home right now... but that will happen very soon).

Over and out...


Congrats Ralph and Julie. I am very happy for you!

Thursday, March 6

The day of the Dentist

Today was a day I have been afraid of all week long! It started in the middle of the night with me being sick. So when 7 am came and I was still not well I decided to rest before the big event.

For those that don't know I am afraid of the dentist. I have been this way since I was a kid. My first memory from the dentist, I think I was about 8 or there abouts. I know we were in Kearns at the time. Anyway I remember sitting in the lobby of the dentist crying. I had just had caps put on my baby teeth and it hurt. Alot! Mom was talking to the lady at the desk telling her there was something wrong because I couldn't stop crying and the lady was telling her there was nothing wrong. Mom finally brought me over and had me open my mouth to show that my gums were bleeding. A man was brought out and I was rushed back into a chair so they could fix whatever they had done. Things didn't get better as time went on. I remember Mom getting angry with another dentist because she kept me in the chair for hours AFTER she had been told I was afraid of her. Lol! By the time I went on my mission my dentist had taken to giving me Valium just to get me in the chair, with the hopes that I wouldn't bite him. I only did that once!

So fast forward to now....I have tried to get over this fear. I no longer take the meds (though they are available if I need it) and I usually can get through a session with nothing more then my headphones. Today I went in because I know there is work to be done and I was having a bit pain in one of my teeth. Apparently one of the roots had decided to start to wrap around some sort of bone that caused pain to shoot up into my ears and around the front of my teeth. So after 2+ hours of work, lots of needles, and a very nervous dentist and assistant (I started to shake, got really cold, and kept holding my breath) I came out one tooth less.

Now I am home with a swollen jaw and under orders to continue to ice my face and eat only soft foods for 48 hours. Monday I have to go in and have the stitches removed and possible have the cleaning that was supposed to happen today. Lol! And while I think my dentist is a very nice man....I really, really don't like him right now.


Wednesday, March 5

Some days....

For one of my dates we went to the drive in. Not a real one of course. We were in UT we had to be "creative". We created "cars" out of cardboard boxes and then "drove" to my garage and watched Bye Bye Birdie there. It was rather fun. But that is not the focal point of this post. It was there that I was introduced to this song (The important part starts at 1:11):

Most days I don't agree with this song....

Then there are days like today that I completely disagree and have decided that God hates women in general.

So I am going to hide away for a bit....and as Vada told Thomas J.:

"Go away! And don't come back for five to seven days!"