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Wednesday, March 12

The American Idol Pool

So apparently You Tube and Blogger decided to play tricks on me. So here is the post that was supposed to go out yesterday with these videos.

It is that time of year again. My office pool has set and I have chosen the American Idol that I am willing to put my money on.

My all time favorite is David Cook. Every week I love listening to him. Especially the version he did of this song:

So my money is on him. Good luck David!

But I must say (even though I didn't pick him for the office pool) I secretly wish that Chikezie wins. For some reason when I see him I think of my friend Nick.


Amy said...

Love, love, love him!!!

Amy said...

Ok, now that your post is different I have to clarify that I was talking about David Cook in the above post.

Tiana said...

I love David Cook as well. I loved his rendition of Hello! so good.