GRADUATION!! (Grad School)

Thursday, November 30


A friend sent me a fabulous quiz today. Lol. I found it rather ironic, especially since Boo posted THIS on Tuesday. Hee Hee Hee

Now that you have read all about me.... Is it true? Am I really the Rock Star? Any one actually understand my psyche? Lol! I sure don't!

Wednesday, November 29


I would like to write something interesting. I would really like to write something that will make people laugh and smile and would help me remember what I have been thinking etc. these days. Too Bad!!

Today was the presentation that I have been working towards for the last month. There were a few hiccups this morning….a little embarrassment…..a little nervousness….but I survived. Now my brain is mush. Let’s hope I can actually get some sleep tonight. Tomorrow I start nights at Barnes and Nobles. Yeah for Book Money!!!

Tuesday, November 28

Grams has got cancer. Surgery is on the 7th.

She'll be fine.



Nothing to worry about.

She will be fine.

Monday, November 27

Home for the holidays

I spent most of this weekend tired. Someday I hope to get over this dragging feeling of fatigue but that is not today.

Thursday was nice; it was a quiet and enjoyable Thanksgiving with Amber. She crashed at my place Wednesday night and we were up early (okay 9ish is kind of early right?) to watch the Macey’s Day Parade. It was fun to just laze around in my pj’s and watch the floats and commentators. I even learned a few thanksgiving facts. Dinner was easy…. Amber made her homemade vegetable and chicken soup. No, it’s not traditional Thanksgiving Day fare, but man was it yummy. I know I’m not a cook but I did make pumpkin pie as a nod to the holiday. Might not have been the greatest pie ever but it wasn’t inedible. Boo was even kind enough to eat a piece. Lol!

Friday was spent in bed. Not as much fun as it sounds, when all I did was sleep with short bouts of reading in between.

Saturday was definitely a “Rachel Day”. I find it funny how easy I am. Amber and I headed into The District to take a tour through the National Spy Museum. Unfortunately, tickets were sold out until 2pm. So after purchasing our tickets for the 2 o’clock tour we decided to visit the Smithsonian’s National Portrait Gallery; there was an exhibit on Josephine Baker that I was excited to see and Amber kindly indulged me. I am a loner when it comes to museums; I like to walk by myself slowly and I love to read the things that are posted. I loved the Portrait gallery; we spent hours in there. I got to see many of the exhibits. There was a fascinating one on the American faces of today and I enjoyed the Walt Whitman paintings. Especially the one where he seems to be laughing, not laughing at you but more laughing at something he has found in his head. Anyway, I finished off with Ms. Josephine Baker who was an amazing woman. After a quick bite and Amber’s favorite lunch spot, Potbelly’s, we headed over to take on our new identities at the Spy museum. As Greta and Angelina we learned…well many things, among them I would make a horrible spy. Lol! Amber is definitely Bond Girl material though. By the time we headed out of the district I was dragging, poor Amber let me crash for a bit at her place before we headed out to meet up with Nic for our last activity for the day. We closed our day with singing and dancing penguins on a giant screen. Yup, you guessed it. It was a showing of Happy Feet on the IMAX out at the Air and Space Museum. A movie that I enjoyed so much I will probably be seeing it again. And maybe I will even own it. (I have a secret love for musicals and for cartoons….put the two together and I am sunk. Lol!) Unfortunately, by the end of the movie I was wiped. Nic drove me home and I couldn’t even stay awake to read. And that is a good thing. Hopefully I have caught up on the sleep I need to get me through the week. It is going to be a doozy! I hope everyone else had an enjoyable Holiday Weekend!

Thursday, November 23

Greatest Thanksgiving Quote....`

"Bond is like Ammon. He will never die.
It's like he's protected or Something."

Thanks Boo! We love you!

Wednesday, November 22

I am just a common mutt.....

I find it very interesting that there are 362,962 with my first name and 20,998 with my last name but there are only :
LogoThere are:
people with my name
in the U.S.A.

How many have your name?

Monday, November 20

Not my generation?

There is just something about listening to Jim Croce.
There is really no explanation.
But I love it!

Friday, November 17

I need something else at the top of my blog...

So I really have nothing to write except that I no longer want the top post to be my fears...So lets see.....

I have purchased my tickets to fly home for Christmas. I will only be home for 5 days. 2 of which will be spent in Idaho with my grandmother. I have many emotions about going home for the holidays. Most of which I don't wish to express here. (Hi Family...I love you!)
But I will say that I am a little excited to see my mountains covered in snow again. *sigh*

I'll try to think of something better to write later. But for now I am back to Open Enrollment.....

Tuesday, November 14

Post Secret....

I recently purchased The Post Secret books. I have spent the last couple of days reading these books off and on. It is amazing the secrets people have. I find that I am even more amazed at the courage these people have to share their secrets, notwithstanding the anonymity. Take a look. I hope that being able to share with others allows these people to get beyond the fear that they believe is holding them back.

Some one recently commented to me that this blog could make me sound I am afraid to write anything. What if everything I write from now on makes me sound like I am stupid?
And that is where these 2 themes converge. I decided to post my secret; maybe if I put it out there then it will not have such a hold on me.

I am afraid of being thought of as stupid. (Pause for dramatic effect)

Who knows where this fear comes from? Who cares? It is something that has been a problem all of my life. I know that when I speak my words never come out right. I stutter. My thoughts tend jumble when I get excited. I forget the word I want to use. I frequently mispronounce words. I know this doesn’t make me stupid. I know that I have a decent mind. My mother has always told me that I am dyslexic…if I am it is a mild case that I believe I have mostly defeated due to my voracious appetite for the written word. I was surprised by my elder brother recently when he commented that he was glad to realize I was a “deep thinker”. That was high praise to me, especially coming from this particular brother; he is extremely smart. (And no, he was not being condescending or unkind , it was a compliment.)

I know in my head that I am not stupid…Logic tells me so. But there you have it. My fear that I do not tell any one.

(Because everyone already knows that I am afraid of the dark and the things that go bump in the night!)

Monday, November 13

Great Waters?

So today's Fortune Cookie from my lunch said....

"You will soon be crossing the great waters."

Does the Great Salt Lake count as a one of the "Great Waters" and is Christmas considered "soon"? If so does this mean I have to go home for Christmas?

Sigh.....looks like it is inevitable....

Well family, get ready, I'll be home for Christmas!

Thursday, November 9

My memory never serves.....

I saw the movie The Queen with Kate last night. I was excited to see the movie until I realized that I was thinking of a different movie. I had thought the movie was the Esther Movie (One Night with the King) but it was a movie of the british royal family at the time of Princess Di’s death.

Now, as you all know, I have a horrible memory; therefore my memories of the events of August 1997 are extremely hazy. I do remember that I was working on the housekeeping staff for Days Inn in Provo. My boss was very affected by the death of Diana, to the point that she listened to the play by play of the funeral on the tiny radio in her office. I remember that people we lauding the work that Diana had done with her various charities, almost painting her as a saint. I also remember that for some reason there was a great dislike of the Royal Family. The main thing I remember of that time is that I was shocked at the grandiose measures that were taken in regards to Diana’s death and the fame that was heaped upon her head for her charity work when a mere week later Mother Theresa died and it was a mere blip on the radar. A woman who dedicated her life to charity work, she even one the Nobel Peace Prize in ’79 for her work, but she was not as “important” as Di? But that is a diatribe to be written at another time.

Back to the reason for this post…..

Last night’s movie was a view sympathetic to The Queen. It causes one to empathize with her struggle at the time of Diana's death. I was impressed with the way she was portrayed. It gave her a very human feel as she tried to deal with all that is being thrown at her and realized that maybe she didn’t know what was best anymore. I was so intrigued in regards to what I did not know about her that I looked into it today.

I learned many interesting points……..such as did you know that Queen Elizabeth was a mechanic(technically titled a driver) during WWII? She is, so far, the only female member of the Royal Family to serve in the armed forces. Her first Prime Minister was Winston Churchill. She was called Lilibet as a child and was know for her sharp wit. At the age of 14 Elizabeth made her 1st broadcast addressing the children who had been evacuated due to the War (WWII)

Queen Elizabeth II is not a person I have ever thought much about therefore I had no real opinion of her. As I have read about her, I have created my opinion of her. She is a woman who amazes me. One that has done the best she could for herself and her people. I truly believe that she has devoted her life to the service of her people, as she pledged when she was a mere 21 years old. I am glad that I went to the wrong movie last night.

P.S. I promise to post the pics of last weeks wedding soon. It was an adventure and the Bride and Groom deserve to be celebrated.

Tuesday, November 7

Upoming Posts.....

I am waiting to blog about This weekend until I have pictures.....It shouldn't be long.

But until then....

Congrats to the Happy Couple Mr and Mrs Truman Hinkson!!!