GRADUATION!! (Grad School)

Saturday, March 28

Did You Know.....

There is a Chipotle and a Five Guys in Bountiful Utah........

Why did I move to Provo again?
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Thursday, March 26

Snow In March.....

Next week is the first of April but today is freezing. There is snow, granted it is not much and the wind is blowing like crazy. But the point is.....

It's beautiful.......and one of the reasons I moved back here to Utah.

Happy Spring y'all! :)
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Thursday, March 19

It WORKS!!!!

I have spent the day trying to get my internet to work.


Now it is almost 1 in the morning and I need to sleep. But I wanted to post a quick review of my day.....

Went to bed at 3 am.....

slept until mid-morning.


cooked a full meal in my kitchen for the first time

read some more

cleaned and put a way a few more items



watched the movie House Bunny (not sure what I was thinking wasn't as funny as I wanted it to be. Lol!)

And that was my day. As Scuttle the Seagull would say....."Ahhhh...very boring"

Tomorrow should be better, there is a visit to the bookmobile and a run to the park with the Zerkle kids. ;)

Tuesday, March 17

The dawns begins to break across the sky..... I finally start to fall asleep. I've got to find a way to cure this horrendous insomnia. :s
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Saturday, March 14

Qoute of the evening....

"I don't need the balls I have the letterhead...."
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Sunday, March 8

Rinding in cars with teenage boys......

I have great little brothers. They crack me up over random things. Often I can be found jsut hanging out with them.

On Friday there was a run to the store with Goose to snag a birthday present for his friend.

Yesterday was a quick jaunt with Wog and his girlfriend to drop me off at my car.

But today took the cake...... I had all of them in my car when we went to the first birthday party for our niece. On the way home it was reaffirmed that I do not think before I speak around them. I am afraid to post what was said as it was rather crass and I know some of my readers don't think that type of humor is funny. But lets just say that it could have been a scene straight from the Simpsons. I was just to slow to catch on. Lol!

We laughed all the way home.

Saturday, March 7

The geek in me.....

Alright, those who know me know that there is a small part of my heart that will forever love the ABC Family and Disney Channel original movies. What can I say? They are clean, and cheesy and fun....and you know that they will always have a happy ending. Lol! In a world as uncertain as ours, I am a sucker for a happy ending.

So no one is probably surprised that last night I was drawn to the Disney Channel for my watching pleasure while babysitting. On a Friday night Disney is known for playing their old Original movies. Which is how I got to watch Camp Rock.

And being me, I watched the whole thing sort of. Part of the time it was on mute while I was on the phone. I also offset it with 3 other movies that were running on other channels. So I was totally confused by the end, which means that I did a little searching this morning and watched it on my laptop. Since I geeked out....y'all get to join me. Here is the climactic song number (Steph and Heather get your mind out of the gutter it is a Disney Movie....) the unpopular girl is who the rocker is looking for.....aren't we all surprised? Lol!

On another note.....I now know what the Jonas Brothers look like. Lol! Why is their hair in their faces? The main character makes me think of a 70's pop star........

Friday, March 6

Quotes of the Evening.....

Tonight, my friend Sarah called at the last minute and wanted to go to dinner. I had nothing pressing and was glad to join her. As always dinner was full of laughter. So I thought I would share a few with you........

*** So it looks like we haven't spent enough money on dinner. We're gonna have to get dessert. Are you okay with that?

(Yes that was said seriously.....You gotta love Sarah)

*** We would like to look at the dessert menu please. I am the menu. You are the menu? (we order and he leaves the table) He's the menu? He is a bit young but do you think maybe he would lay down on the table for us?

*** I am gonna have to stop exercising. It's not good for me when I am a single girl. It clears the clutter from my mind and all that is left is the gutter. I just dive right in and go swimming.

Thursday, March 5

It's been A Month.......

Wow, How time flies when your having fun.

This is fun. Right?

Mostly, my life is still pretty boring. I am still applying for jobs and not getting much response. I refuse to start school until I have some source of income. Call me crazy, but I have this terrible fear of not having money to pay rent. *blush*

I spend a lot of time at my parents house. I love my little 2 bedroom apt and I am still working at unpacking everything there. everyone knows, I hate to be by myself. There is something about too much silence. So, I head over to my parents house just to have a noisy background. I love the time I get to spend with my brothers.

Now onto THE TRIP....everyone keeps asking about the trip to San Fransisco with some of my friends. I love to travel and I haven't been to SF since I was 11. That isn't to say that I really got out and saw the city at all. Ha Ha ha, I spent the weekend with my friends at a convention. But that is for later in the story.

I drove to Fresno Thursday night. Why Fresno you ask? Because I refused to drive I-80 in the snow with the possible requirement of chains for my tires. After the small snafu in Wyoming, I am staying clear of snowy mountain roads. So, I went south through Vegas, up through Bakersfield and onto Fresno. There I met up with friends Kirsten and Mary. The next morning we gathered with the rest of the women traveling to SF and carpooled the remaining distance. Then we were there and the weekend started.

Now for a confession........

My friend Kara won 2 tickets to the San Francisco Salute to Twilight Convention. Yes, I have driven all that way to go to a Twilight convention. For those that followed my Facebook conversations, already know how I feel about being there. I had a blast with my girls that were there. Kara and I spent alot...and I mean ALOT....of time together as we waited in line for signatures or attending the various events. Then there were meals with everyone and just time to chill. It was great to see the girls that I had met last September and to make friends with the new women. The TM's are such an interesting mix of women. :)

As for the rest of the conference......There were Q & A sessions with the actors from the movies, which I found interesting and embarrassing. as much as I loved listening to the answers to the various questions, it is unsettling for me to be counted among the fans that were there. I would rather not be compared to the woman who asked for Peter Facinelli's gum straight for his mouth, or the one that offered a marriage proposal to Kellan Luntz, or the women who brought out the cuffs.....or other gifts.

Part of the tickets that we won were signatures from each of the actors, so I had brought my twilight book for them to sign. There were quite a few hours waiting in line for that. To be honest, if we hadn't been getting something signed for a charity auction we probably would have skipped the signings entirely to go hang out with our girls who were at the front of the line. :)

The Jackson Rathbone concert was fun. I am sad i didn't attend the Vampire Ball as one of my friends from Sept. was there so I missed out on seeing her. It was cool to see what can happen at these things and talk with Kara about what she wants to happen for the one I am volunteering for in July.

I have to admit, my one grump was Billy Burke......he is my favorite actor from the movie. I adore his version of Charlie and he will forever be what I see in my head when I read. Unfortunately, when I asked him to sign my book.....he signed right across the words! I mean really. Who signs across the words of a book? You read books! LOL! It's not really a grump just a pet peeve of mine....Hee hee hee.

I also took some time to see my sister Gretch and her husband Mark while I was in town. I haven't seen them since Christmas and never in their "natural habitat". It was nice to spend a day with them. We ran errands, played cards, talked about pregnancy (Gretchen is right now in the hospital in Labor.....GO Gretch!) and just hung out. I am a big fan of just chilling with family.

Okay that is my trip. now I have to shower.....and get ready for another interview. *sigh* As Laurie tells would help if I could upgrade from "Interview Goddess" to "Job Goddess". Then I could stop going to interviews and start working.

Monday, March 2

From my uncle...............

This morning my mother, my sister-in-law, and I sat and watched this video repeatedly.

What I want to know is.........Who doesn't know the Mashed potato? That end choreography is almost straight from a Dirty Dancing scene and any girl of the past 3 generations knows the story of Johnny and Baby.......
Don't they?
If so they all should be able to join in at that point. :)