GRADUATION!! (Grad School)

Monday, March 27

A Day...

NOTE: Today’s thoughts are stilted and random.

I took a day today.

My moods being what they are I tend to take these every so often. Today was beautiful outside. But I made a deal with myself. If I was going to take a day, I was going to be productive. And I was. I finished unpacking (I have lived here since last August and can now officially say I am moved in). I rearranged the furniture in my bedroom to make room for the new dresser. And I cleaned. The new arrangement is nice. It is clean and new. And only took 8 hours of my day. And to top off my day I finished with Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, one of our family favorites. We used to watch it on Sunday afternoons. I can sing all of the words. It brings back good memories. It was fun. The music is still soothing to the soul. The ending still makes me laugh. The dancing still causes a dreamy sigh. A highly enjoyable day.
Hopefully I can get my mind to engage for work tomorrow…..

Sunday, March 26

The Moods....

I was looking back over previous posts and I realized I tend to write when I am in a contemplative mood. I was in one just a few weeks ago....I thought the lull would be longer but it wasn't. I am not helping by the things that I am reading. I just finished Tony Parson’s book Man and Wife. His first book left me in a mood for days. I am not sure why I thought this one would be different. As a follow up I read Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom this afternoon. Both books made me take a look at the world around me and realize that we are all searching for something in this life. My friend Cam calls it connection. Others have told me it is peace. Some say it is acceptance. I think these are all pieces of the same. I think it is all connected to love. Or should I say our own perceptions of love. I have recently realized what I was searching for, I doubt its possibility. No it is not love and marriage and all of those things, though I am looking for those things at some point. Regardless now that I recognize the futility I must change my thinking and search for things that can actually be good for me….. What are you searching for?

Friday, March 24

And the results are in....


Sorry for the shout, there was lots of pent up frustration about dinner last night. So let me give you a semi-short reenactment:

Rachel gets off work early so that she can go home and finish the prep for the meal…misses bus.; hauls tail to the Transit Center (making a 25 minute walk into a 12 minute walk/run) to catch her connection, which she does by running in the parking lot and waving her arms.

Once home, the enchiladas are already in the oven thanks to Kara a wonderful roommate. Allowing 30 mins for the enchiladas to heat through, Rachel now has time to heat the refried beans and make the Guacamole. (Which turned out rather well if I do say so myself)

Missionaries (Elder Lund and Elder McDonald) show up a few minutes early with the token Priesthood Holder in tow, Jesse somebody or other. The table is not set, and the enchiladas are still in the oven; not to worry we have time. While the fabulous roommate Kate entertains, Rachel goes into finish in the kitchen. While taking a tray of enchiladas out of the oven she burns her hand, not being allowed to scream and shout curse words due to the missionaries she quietly set the tray down and checks to see if they are done; which, of course, they are not. Back in the oven they go. She now has time to stick her hand under cold water. When her hand is no longer throbbing she does, what her grandmother always told her to do, she puts butter on in. (Yeah you laugh all you want. I know it is an old wives tale, but 2 things a) I was not thinking clearly and b) it made it stop throbbing. The blister never appeared. And the burn is not half as bad as it could have been. Plus I didn’t want the people in the living room to know what a doofus I was. Now back to the story)

Rachel starts to set the table; Sour cream, Guacamole, plates etc. and the refried beans straight from the stove. Once every one is seated she takes a tray of enchiladas that are warmed through but not hot (GRRR…) and sets them on the table; leaving the 2nd tray in the oven to continue to heat. Fabulous, roommate Kate turns off oven with out Rachel knowing.

Dinner lasts a good long time. There is enjoyable conversation, and the declaration that dinner is good. But really what else are they going to say, they're missionaries and it is free food. When Rachel finally remembers the 2nd tray, the top is crispy, but not burned because of fabulous roommate Kate, so Rachel sets them on the stove top. Dessert (Gourmet cookies provided by that fabulous roommate Kate again) and then closing prayer and we are done. At this point there is the realization that something in burning. Nothing is in the oven; the enchiladas are on the stovetop. So, if you were wondering if a stove top set on low can heat through a Pyrex casserole dish and burn a tray of enchiladas black. The answer is YES. And not just a little burn, we are talking charcoal. Yes, I forgot to turn off the stove when I removed the refried beans. And that is the pleasant note that the missionaries left on.

Why do I even try? I am going back to Ghetto Parmesan Chicken and Freezer foods. Grr…at least I have fed them for this month. I don’t have to try again till next month. :)

Thursday, March 23

The Greatest Day

Thursday is the greatest day of the week. I have thought this for quite sometime now. When I tell people, they always look at me like I am crazy. If you look at it logically I am right. Let me explain…..

Monday is not the greatest day. It is the first day of the week. But it is not exactly the worst day. You have just come back from the weekend, yeah you wish it was still the weekend, but you can handle going to work knowing you just had 2 days off.

Tuesday is the worst day of the week. There is nothing special about Tuesday, you are not just back from the weekend, and you are not halfway through the week, the weekend is not even in sight. There is nothing good about a Tuesday [unless you had Monday off and then Tuesday is not so bad ;)]

Wednesday is a pretty good day. You have made half way. You can see the weekend; there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Thursday is the best day. You are over half way. The next day is the weekend; the anticipation is so strong you can taste it. You are almost there.

Friday is a great day; it is usually busy with things that have to be done at work before the weekend. The day will fly by right up until ten minutes before quitting time. And then the minutes turn to hours as you watch the clock. Finally quitting time and you rush out to start the weekend.

Saturday and Sunday…these ones fly by, they are usually filled. You can fill them with activities and errands or just with sleep and relaxation. But they are so full that they are over too soon. There is never enough time. So as much as you enjoy these days they are not the best days because they are always over much too soon.

And then the cycle starts all over…..

So really no matter how you look at it……

Thursday is the best day of the week.

Wednesday, March 22

Will they survive.......

Let me tell you first off.....I am no chef. I can cook a few dishes. There’s Ghetto Chicken Parmesan, which consists of Chicken Nuggets, Preggo Spaghetti Sauce, and Parmesan Cheese (thank you DAD); Chicken and Cheese Rice Bake (Chicken, rice, water, and Monterey Jack Cheese) and Freezer foods.

But I can actually cook one dish that I am proud of. My signature dish is my red sauce beef and cheese enchiladas. I think they are pretty good. My brothers loved dinners when I made them at home, which was not often. It usually takes about an hour of prep time and then another hour in the oven. So this is not a meal you can whip up after work. But the missionaries are coming to dinner. If I am going to cook for them I have to have something edible. Something I don’t worry would kill them.
I am preparing the night before they are to come. I can just pop the trays in the oven when I get home and dinner will be ready at 7. Tonight, though, was not my night. I had previously shopped for everything I needed (or so I thought) except for the enchilada sauce. So tonight after work I walked to the giant next to the metro. Unfortunately they were out of enchilada sauce. Did you know that was a possibility…I didn’t. Who runs out of enchilada sauce? Bah!
I have a wonderful roommate (Thank you Kate) who offered to take me to the nearest Safeway to see what we could find. Now logically, I am at home, preparing to go to the store, I should double check to make sure I have all of my ingredients. Did I? NO! I went to the store blissfully ignorant of the trouble ahead. With Sauce purchased, dinner eaten and everything ready so that I can make the enchiladas, I realized that I was missing a key ingredient. How was I to make my meal? Oh the drama!!! There was a frantic call to my mother and my sister. How do I substitute? What will work? If I add more of this how do I compensate for the spiciness? I can’t destroy the one dish that I can actually cook. I will not go into detail about the mess that ensued. Roommates were brought in for taste testing. What if I use more of this and less of that? A dash of this should give it the right kick….or not. The only complaint is that the first tray might be a little bit spicy. In the midst of all of this drama, the elders called to confirm only to tell me that they now have a meeting at 7 pm. Therefore dinner will have to be moved up an hour. This is fine except that no one will be home to put the food in the oven. Roommates are again assembled to see if any one will be home just to put the food in the oven. I will be home to take it out. Another crisis averted. Now on to the final problem; I just took them out of the oven for the pre-cook, only to find that they have overflowed the pans and spilled in the oven. Well it seems I can’t win for losing today. I’ll clean the oven tomorrow after the missionaries leave. The day should be better. ;)
Wish me luck. Hopefully the missionaries will enjoy? Hopefully I won’t give them food poisoning! :)

Tuesday, March 21

I Love You?

So a friend of mine discussed the use of this phrase on her blog. She posed the question that maybe the over use of this phrase reduces the meaning. Since I am in a contemplative mood anyway today I have been pondering this. I recalled a conversation between me and my younger sister. When she married her husband there were definite differences in their communication styles. Our siblings and I have learned by sad experience that people don’t always stay around. Some of us have picked up the habit of saying “I love you” when ever we leave or even end a conversation with a family member or close friends. This was a not the norm for my sisters new husband. She had to explain that she needed to hear those words from him when he left in the morning or ended a call with her. Even more, she needed him to understand that she needed to say these words to him, regardless of who was around, as there was always the possibility that it would be the last time she saw/spoke to him. Her overuse never diminished it’s meaning. It was just as important to her each time she says it.

In contrast if overusing it would diminish its meaning then would under use deepen the importance when it was said?

I don’t think so. As I recall the days of my youth I don’t recall them being used by my mother all that often except when extreme emotion was involves. As a matter of fact these words were used as more of a manipulative tool when I was young. It was always pulled out in the middle of a fight as if that would change what was going on…It’s okay because I love you and therefore I can treat you this way. Or how could you act that way I love you…etc. I don’t think this gave more importance to these words. (Then again what was it just yesterday I blogged about how nice it was to hear these very words from my mother. Ironic I know.)

To finish these are not words I use all that often. I know I don’t say it enough. I have to find the delicate balance. I never want to use this phrase and have people feel that I am trying to manipulate their actions by my use of emotion. I hate being manipulated by my emotions. But I also need to let those that are important to me know that I will miss them when they leave. I think I am almost there.

Now I am bored being contemplative and Gilmore Gilrs should be starting soon. Time to be light hearted.

Monday, March 20

For those who want to know.....

All right already. I'll post it.....

Apparently, as with everything else, I tend to be unpredicatable. But as it says I'm always in the mood to try something new.

You're a Freaky Kisser

When you kiss, you want to experience something new
A new technique, a new partner, a new piercing...
And your own personal kissing style is very unpredictable
There's no saying where your tongue or hands will go

A nice note...

I had a good day today.....It was a little crazy busy. There was the sad news that my friend had to have surgery Sunday night (she just had her appendix out, she is already home resting). There were projects for work that came up last minute rearranging things for the rest of this week. Then there was the Hockey game. The ward went to see the Washington Caps vs Montreal. Gwen and Steph condescended to sit with us instead of paying for the good seats. So we were literally in the last row of the arena. Unfortunately the Caps lost yet again, but it was still enjoyable to be out with such a large group.

Even better though was what I came home to……you know sometimes parents do great things for their kids. Today was one of those days. I came home to a letter from my mother. Essentially she told me she was proud of me and that she loved me. Not something I hear frequently from her. I think she just assumes that I know these things. It was nice to hear. It is even nicer to know. I hope one day when I have kids, heaven forbid, I can remember how important those moments are. I hope I can remember to duplicate the great things my parents did for us when we were small. Hymns to lull us to sleep, green eggs and ham on St Patty’s day, Slurpee’s on Payday (it was a treat we could afford) . Of course these things lasted no longer then my parents’ marriage but they left memories with me and my siblings. Hopefully the good things can be carried on.

Now I am done being contemplative. I am going to take a test from blogthings. Maybe I will share the answer. What do you think? Wanna know what kind of kisser I am? Yeah me neither. ;) Lol!

Friday, March 17


Have you ever noticed that when you get your feelings hurt and immediately react you almost never say the things you want to say.....I snarked at a good friend today. Actually, I snarked at a good friend 10 minutes ago. And now it is bothering me. All over something silly. I got my feelings hurt by not being included. And then by some one making me feel silly over wanting to be included. One of my many faults is immediate reaction to being made to feel stupid or silly. It stems from my childhood and having too many people tell me that I wasn't ....something(smart, good, something)...enough. I work hard to control the instant angry reaction. Most people don't intend to treat you like you are being silly or stupid. I usually do pretty well, but sometimes I miss the step to angry reaction. When it happens usually I will pull out of any conversation because I know I will say something unkind it I continue to talk and there is no excuse for unkindness.

So now I have to apologize..and then explain. Which is really not worth the effort as it was silly to begin with. I am tired just thinking about it. Or maybe I am just tired. *sigh*

Happy Saint Patricks Day!

Top o’ the mornin' to ya!

St. Patrick’s Day has arrived.......Wahoo!! This happens to be one of my favorite holidays, for no apparent reason. One day I would like to go to Chicago and see the parade and the dyeing of the Chicago River. It would be even better to be able to go to Ireland. *sigh* I do have Irish in my family. One of the stories says we are from Galway Bay in Ireland. My mothers maiden name is Galloway....the change happened somewhere along the line. (Hmmm....that would be interesting to find out) Any way, there is really no reason for me to love this day so much. But I do. I am giddy today. I have been wearing green all week. Not that that is really different then any other week. It is my favorite color after all. But I don't really green beer, not for me. I do remember once when I was little (We lived in New Hampshire at the time so it was somewhere between 5 and 7 years old) Mom got up early and made us green breakfast. Green eggs and Ham, special just for St Patty's day, well and the book by Dr. Seuss, of course. It is a fun Memory. I usually don't go to massive parties on this day. Tonight for instance, I will be hanging with my great girlfriends while we plan our major outing for the fall. But there is something about this holiday that just makes me smile. Maybe it is the fact that it is spring, and there is green involved. I am just so easily pleased these days. I hope you enjoy this wonderful holiday.

Wednesday, March 15

City Girl at Heart

So, I was pondering many things today. But as I walked the 30 minutes to my house after work I recognized my love for the city. I live in the ‘burbs. It's not as bad as it was last summer when walking any where was not even an option. Right now I am at least a 30 minute walk to anything. So I have decided that I am a city girl.

I love knowing that I can walk anywhere, I can go to the library or the grocery store, or the theatre with out having to rely on any one else. The access to the metro system any time of day, allowing me to get any where I want any time I want. [Kind of ;)] I miss that part where I live. I love coming home to a house with lighted is comforting in a way. But, I miss being independent. I hate feeling like I am abusing a relationship because I can never get to an activity on my own...(shut it....I know you don't care but I do!) I miss knowing that I can do anything I want with out having to push any one else to go with me.

I love the sights and sounds of the city. I love the people rushing everywhere, places to be, things to do, people to see. I love the zoos and the parks. I love the museums and the theatres. I love the shopping plazas and the restaurants. I love the city. I miss living in the city.

Monday, March 13

The Family....

Over Christmas we had Family Pictures taken. Life is never as it seems in the pictures.... But these turned out pretty nicely.

Here is my step family....Mother, Step-Dad, and 11 siblings...I grew up with these people. We look so happy and...close.

And now we add the spouses and gradchildren........yet again with the hugging. It makes us look closer. There is a line in a song somewhere that says why can't we live like we look in our family picture. The formal picture for the sitting room wall....I think it is okay....But I am grateful that right before Lukas goes on his mission we will have to take another one....that's only 10 years.... Already this picture is out of date as there was a baby born in January and one to be born next month.

This one is my favorite. These are the moments I cherish. We do have them every so often. One of the kids (I think it was Ralph) cracked a joke and the photographer caught it on camera. This is the laid back atmosphere I want to establish in my family when I have one. One of fun and love.

Now back to work........

I'm a snob?

You Are Boston

Both modern and old school, you never forget your roots.
Well educated and a little snobby, you demand the best.
And quite frankly, you think you are the best.

Famous people from the Boston area: Conan O'Brien, Ben Affleck, New Kids on the Block

Friday, March 10

The Calm....

It is Friday....I made it through the week. As I sit here at the front desk I realized that I am in the calm before the storm. I have 57 minutes before I head back to the HR Office and receive my assignments for today.

I had a whole blog written…but it sounded too whiney even for me. So instead I am going to give you ……..

Fear No More The Heat O' The Sun

Fear no more the heat o' the sun,
Nor the furious winter's rages;
Thou thy worldly task hast done,
Home art gone, and ta'en thy wages;
Golden lads and girls all must,
As chimney-sweepers, come to dust.

Fear no more the frown o' the great;
Thou art past the tyrant's stroke:
Care no more to clothe and eat;
To thee the reed is as the oak:
The sceptre, learning, physic, must
All follow this, and come to dust.

Fear no more the lightning-flash,
Nor the all-dreaded thunder-stone;
Fear not slander, censure rash;
Thou hast finished joy and moan;
All lovers young, all lovers must
Consign to thee, and come to dust.

No exorciser harm thee!
Nor no witchcraft charm thee!
Ghost unlaid forbear thee!
Nothing ill come near thee!
Quiet consummation have;
And renown├ęd be thy grave!
~~William Shakespeare~~
I miss you Gramps!

Wednesday, March 8

Just when you think....

Just when you think that life is comfortable you get slammed. Today was too busy to today you get a poem. (I just started a favulous book of poetry and this is one I enjoyed) This poem was in written in response to Marlowe's "A Passionate Shepherd to His Love" Here is her response to the shepherd.....Hee Hee Hee

The Nymph's Reply to the Shepherd

If all the world and love were young,
And truth in every shepherd's tongue,
These pretty pleasures might me move
To live with thee and be thy love.

Time drives the flocks from field to fold
When rivers rage and rocks grow cold,
And Philomel becometh dumb;
The rest complains of cares to come.

The flowers do fade, and wanton fields
To wayward winter reckoning yields;
A honey tongue, a heart of gall,
Is fancy's spring, but sorrow's fall.

The gowns, thy shoes, thy beds of roses,
Thy cap, thy kirtle, and thy posies
Soon break, soon wither, soon forgotten,—
In folly ripe, in reason rotten.

Thy belt of straw and ivy buds,
Thy coral clasps and amber studs,
All these in me no means can move
To come to thee and be thy love.

But could youth last and love still breed,
Had joys no date nor age no need,
Then these delights my mind might move
To live with thee and be thy love.

Tuesday, March 7



Work is steady. Okay, Okay, okay I get a little stressed when I have 3 projects and they are not done and I want to go for sushi at lunch and my boss is working through the lunch hour just to get her projects done, and then to top it off I take an extra half hour.... Then I am no fun and can be considered not nice. As a matter of fact...I have decided I don't handle stress all that well. I hate it. Sit back, let me go at my own pace and it will get done with in your time limit....give me 6 things to do all at the same time with out giving me an order of priority and tell me they all have to be done and I could possible get upset. Especially when you are sitting there watching me work....I hate having people watch me work. It takes a lot of concentration for me to multi task...therefore I
get snippy with those that talk to me. I like to be left alone to get it done. But that is not what I am talking about…..


I have spoken to my family…listened to the words and let them slide right off. Okay it might have taken a day or two to get over it. And maybe tomorrow it will start all over again. But today….


I have talked to various friends and life is moving along really well for so many of them. Old friends are having baby number 2; new friends are starting new relationships together, other friends are enjoying new jobs….life is good.


I am not overly happy about anything. There are things causing me to smile. There is beauty all around me. New friends are appearing. Old friends are re-appearing. The world around me is starting to thaw and blossom. The wind blows fierce and fresh. Life is good.


Monday, March 6


The Fault is mine. I was not careful enough with my possessions. My favorite headphones, the beloved and dear headphones I have had for months, are now no longer. There was an incident whilst I was stocking the kitchen at work. Unfortunately, they are irreplaceable. They have been discontinued. There was much angst and frustration while in the Sony store, all carefully kept inside as I knew it was not the fault of the very nice salesman. Therefore, I had to pick out a new pair. I do not like them; they do not fit the same way. They are not as comfortable. They are not what I wanted. I am sad… I will adjust.