GRADUATION!! (Grad School)

Thursday, May 5

The future....

This morning I spent my time looking at my schools of choice for my Master's program. They have been narrowed down to 5 schools all on the east coast. In the order of preference:
  • Simmons Graduate School of Library Science in Boston
  • Indiana University - Purdue University Indianapolis
  • Rutgers School of Communication and Information - New Brunswick, New Jersey
  • Louisiana State University Baton Rouge
  • University of Maryland
Boston and Indianapolis get priority ranking because they offer dual Master's programs. I can study Library Science and Public History at the same time.

Maryland gets last place because, while I love that part of the country and they offer the dual program, a couple of the alumni say the school is not the easiest to work with.

Next Step... The dreaded GRE. Most of the schools only require it if I have a GPA less than 3.2 (Not even close...Phi Theta Honors society... Thank you very much!). But it is required for 2 of the schools. So.... yet another thing to study for. The application deadlines for Fall of 2012 aren't until February/March so I have a bit of time.

Ugh... this blog post is completely disjointed.... Much like my graduate plans.... It is time to pull things together so I can reach my goals!

Now I am off to meet the woman over my internship.... wish me luck. :)

Wednesday, May 4


Grades are out and I got an A- in the Nature of History! I was hoping for a C so this is a load off my mind.


The other classes were just as good. An A- in US history, a B in Contemporary Literature, and a B- in Critical Theory.

Life is GOOD!

And now I am signing off.

Okay now I will return to acting my age.

Good Morning....

WIth out school, my nights have been boring. There is only so much tv you can watch before you want to pluck out your own eyes. Reading helps but even that doesn't seem to be able to pull my focus as school had. I can't wait to start up again next week.

I have to admit though...Lazy mornings are quickly becoming an addiction. My mornings resemble that of Oliver in the musical with out the maid and the singing town. I love listening to the morning through my open window as I slowly wake up. *sigh*

Sunday, May 1


I blog in the shower.

Not literally of course, but, as I stand under the hot water, my mind clears and flits from topic to topic. Unfortunately, the epics I compose in the shower rarely appear here among my blog posts. Usually because once I am out of the shower I have very little time to sit and write down my thoughts. Today, though, is a lazy day with a lazy shower. There was even singing, slow church hymns that reverberate off the walls of the bathroom and echo through the soul. In my laziness I have time to throw my thoughts out into the universe.

As the hot water beat down on my hair I began to brush my teeth (I figure I can justify longer showers if I include brushing my teeth. ;) ) and was reminded of a memory from decades ago. I remember standing at the sink with my Grandpa Rocky watching him brush his teeth. I couldn't have been more than 8 or 9 and was in awe at the amount of white toothpaste that covered his lips. Since I was just a child, I assumed that this is what happened when grown ups brushed their teeth and began to try to achieve the same result. I even remember resorting to wiping toothpaste on my lips so I could look more grown up.

This memory brought to mind the endless discussions from this semesters Lit class on interpretation. Our individual experiences effect how we view the world. And not only personal experiences but communal ones as well. I will never understand completely the horrors of Pearl Harbor or the fear of McCarthyism just like a child born this year will never comprehend the loss and fear America suffered on 9/11. Books are written, movies are made, and songs are dedicated to the experiences but that effect is not the same. My choices will forever reflect the experiences of my life.

Even among a society or a family for instance, events can cause different interpretations. For example, I am one of 12 children who were raised by my mother and step-father. As my memory is so faulty, I often call my siblings for clarification on events of our past. Interestingly enough, 1 event can have 12 different interpretations. AND each interpretation effects the individual differently. The situation of my childhood has influenced my choices throughout my life. Yet my sister, who is only older than me by 16 months, has been influenced in ways that I never have. While we shared many of the same experiences, our responses were vastly different. No judgement is placed on either of our choices, they are just different.

Therefore with all of these different interpretations how can we function as a whole? Can we as a society work towards the common good? How will we be able to define what is good among all of the interpretations?

As children we look to our elders to define what is right and wrong and to guide us in our actions. As students we look to our teachers to teach us the facts. As adults we find our guidance in many things. I personally, rely on my faith in Heavenly Father, as well as the knowledge I have gained through my life to guide my choices. But I fully recognize that not everyone believes as I do. My only hope is that tolerance can prevail to help us understand and accept the differences that make each individual unique.