GRADUATION!! (Grad School)

Friday, February 20

Why am I here........

I am not a screaming girl fan so why am I surrounded by them?
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Thursday, February 19

On the road again.......

So I have finally started my trip west. I should be in Fresno late this evening. I have to say that I find the mountain vistas of Utah much prettier then the flatlands of Tennessee, Missouri, and Nebraska.

Well potty breakis over. I'm back on the road.
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Monday, February 16

Not "Bodice Rippers".......

I couldn't help it....this totally made me chuckle.

I figure since Ms. Gabaldon had it on her site I could share it here.

Trip to San Fran.....

Last Friday my friend Kara called to invite me to San Francisco with her. Now as everyone knows, I am still trying to find a job here in good ol' Utah. Deciding to take this trip was a bit difficult for me. What responsible person takes a trip when she doesn't have a source of income?

Well......when the trip is paid for by someone else........that would be ME!

I will be leaving Thursday sometime and heading to California. I am still not sure which direction I will go. Due to weather I might have to go the southern route and crash with friends in Fresno on Thursday night. Then we will all drive together to SF on Friday morning. But if the weather is nice through northern Nevada I am just going to do an early morning drive straight to SF. (If they're gonna require chains on my tires I will turn into a chicken real quick

Saturday, February 14

Just another day

So it is officially that day that is feared by all Singletons. The day that we are brainwashed to believe should be filled with hearts and flowers and romance...............

So....Happy Valentine's Day!

Tonight was fun for me. I ended up hanging with my family. The discussions that ensue around a family dinner table are of the likes that I have nowhere else. There is always laughter when my brothers get talking. I believe at one point there was a discussion on the difference between claymores and broadswords. We tend toward the geeky side.......;)

We then moved onto movies. We started with a ballroom movie for the Cricket. Apparently, Get Smart is too crass for the fam, but Take the Lead is just fine. Lol! Since 2 of my brothers are ballroom dancers there was quite a discussion on rules and regs of ballroom competitions and what dancers can actually do.

We followed up with Drop Dead Fred. Years ago, my parents recorded this movie from television in 1994 (According to one of the commercials that were recorded). The Wog and I enjoyed it. Ha Ha Ha

Anyway....tomorrow I am back at the parent to help with the rolls for a ward activity my parents are attending and then babysitting. I think I will enjoy this Valentine's Day.

Hope you enjoy yours as well. :)

Thursday, February 12

Where's my book?

I'm early........

Everyone knows of my terrible sense of direction. When going to an interview I usually give myself an extra 30 minutes or so. This way when I inevitably(sp?) get lost I still arrive on time.

Unfortunately, this means that I'm left with nothing to do the two times I have arrived 30 min. early. Lol! I haven't had the time to get back into my TBR pile. Guess I'll have to do that tonight.

As for what else is going on.......

The interviews continue. *sigh*
I just wish I could find a place to work. I hate not having a regular schedule.

The unpacking also continues. *double sigh*
I finally got a dresser and was able to unpack my clothes. Now I'm closer to being completely unpacked.

As a final note, I had forgotten how much I loved the radio stations that I listened to in Utah. I have even found a hip hop station (blame Steph).
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Tuesday, February 10

It's Snowing......

The other reason I moved to Utah was for the snowm Yesterday we got snow....

And it is snowing again!!!

I love it!!!
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In the Kitchen with the Candlestick.........

So today I got a late start due to my desire to catch up on Bones.....which turned into a marathon of Bones Episodes. Lasting until roughly 5 am or so.......I know.....What can I say...I am a sucker for Booth. :)

In hopes of keeping this short, let me paraphrase.
  • I got up this afternoon and decided to I was done with living out of boxes. Since I don't have a dishwasher and all of my dishes have been packed for over a year, I was allowed the privilege of washing every dish by hand. took 3 hours, but my kitchen is completely unpacked. (Well except for those things that are at my Sister-in-laws house. I haven't picked up those boxes yet.)
  • In an effort to multi-task, while washing the dishes, I started downloading all of my cd's. Now I am not finished yet but I am over halfway done and it has only taken 10 hours. Now the question is what do I do with the cd's? Lol!
  • After finishing the kitchen I moved on to my library. I unpacked all but 6 boxes of books. And those six boxes might just end up at the piblic library. (I don't think I will ever re-read those books. So now might be a good time to get rid of them.) I did get all the books I like unpacked. Unfortunately, I am using the broken shelf by stacking books on top of it. Lol! I am hoping to get 2 to replace the ones that I lost.
  • While unpacking I found many important the sheets for my bed! Yeah. Tomorrow I won't have to sleep in a pile of blankets. Lol!
Now I am tired. I am going to bed.....tomorrow maybe I'll start working on hanging my clothes and working on the rest of the living room.

Sunday, February 8

Gotta love Gladys.......

I found this today on the SBTB website......and while it isn't so spiritually uplifting I had myself a good chuckle.


Friday, February 6

Another day in my life....

as the Scuttle the Seagull would say:

"Ah...Very Boring"

*I had two job interviews.... One I wanted and didn't get, the other was crazy and I am glad that it gave me an opportunity to perfect my poker face.
Oh well...back to the local search. Hopefully I can find something soon.

*I had the chance to babysit my nephew today. What a cutie. Tomorrow I am babysitting 2 of my nieces. Wahoo! I am glad that I have the chance to do this now. It is part of the reason I moved home. btw....This means that there is only one more family in the area I haven't had the chance to babysit.....Cyn you and Kent want to go out one night...I'm offering?

*Tonight, I started unpacking my library. Yes, the stove still needs cleaned and I haven't unpacked all of my clothes and my kitchen stuff. But really people. A girl has got to have priorities. ;)

*I took the time to catch up in the blog world tonight. For the first time in months I have no blogs left to catch up on....what's a girl to do. People you have to write more now. :)

Thursday, February 5

Thanks Mom.........

There are days where you come across a problem that you can only take to your parents. They are the ones that calm the panic and help you find a solution.

Tonight was one of those times......

Since I find the whole situation mortifying.....I'm just going to say:

Thanks Mom.

Wednesday, February 4

I'm Just Me.......

I was supposed to spend my day cleaning and unpacking. Instead I got online to look for jobs (that's my priority right now right?).

Of course after doing that for a while I wanted to take a break...................and this is what I came up with.


The music a clip of SHEdaisy's song titled Lucky 4 You (Tonight I'm Just Me)

(P.S. If it works right I will make one of my "on the road" pictures.)

Aches and Pain......

The storage unit has arrived and thanks to my family it is unpacked. Yesterday after a quick interview I headed over to the PODS place to check out my unit. My sisters Tallie and Sarah met me there with their cars, which we filled. Then my Dad and brother Paul arrived with a trailer for all of the furniture.

Sadly, some of the furniture didn't make the trip in one piece. My two lamps are going to take some work and I lost 2 book shelves. Those are the hardest to take. Ugh!

Anyway, after loading up my brother Paul had to go to work, so we switched him out for my brothers James and Ian and headed to my new apartment. These guys work fast and between the 6 of us we had everything unloaded in about 45 minutes or so.

*sigh* I am exhausted but I am sitting in my new apartment surrounded by boxes.

A HUGE thanks goes out to my mom who watched the little ones for my sisters while they helped AND made a spaghetti dinner for all of us. I know she hasn't been feeling well so that was very nice of her.

I stayed up until the wee hours of the morning but I was able to clean the entire apartment except for the oven, the microwave, the blinds, and a small portion of the kitchen that is full of boxes. Unfortunately, the scrubbing has caused my hands to cramp so I am putting off the rest of the cleaning by playing online.

Tomorrow is another set of interviews......hopefully I will have a job soon so I can buy groceries and gas for my car on a regular basis. LOL!

Monday, February 2

Day EIGHT (The last day!)

This is the last of the Travel blogs........hallelujah!

Day Eight started with road closures in Wyoming, but it only lasted a few hours so I was on the road before noon. What did I do on Day 8..............I drove.....and drove......and drove. I made it to my parents house by about 8 pm and was very grateful to end my trip.

There was one small incident with the icy roads. Just after passing Rawlins, WY an 18 wheeler pulled in front of me and when I tried to slow down and merge in to the far lane my tires slid me sideways. It is an un-nerving feeling to be going down the freeway horizontally. It didn't last long but I ended up going off the road to the right and landing myself in a ditch, hitting one of those mile marker things in the process. No harm to anyone.........except for the rather obvious dent on the front left side of the car. Yay for the Rental Agency Insurance! I mean really, really YAY!

Well that was my trip. I plan to have 2 blogs with pictures from the road.......they should be up in the next couple of days.

In the past week, I have rented an apartment, bought a car, and applied for many jobs. Interviews start tomorrow. Cross your fingers for me. ;)

P.S. Just a would have been 4 years at my last company..........It'sad for me.........I sure do miss them.


Sunday morning was a bit difficult for me......after the night drive I was exhausted and slept a lot. The passes through Wyoming were closed so it wasn't like I was going anywhere for awhile.

My friend Laurie offered to let me come and "veg" out with her and her kids....which is what I did. Lol!

She had 2 adorable kids!!

After meeting up at Laurie's place, we headed out for lunch. I made Laurie drive because I am a pansy and was too scared to drive in the snow. I think the place we went to eat was called Sanford's. Whatever it was called it had awesome burgers and even more awesome desserts. I am not sure what we had but it was deep fried with ice-cream and lots of syrup. As you can see.....we ate it all. Lol!

From there Laurie took me on a short scenic drive of Cheyenne......I saw lots of.........snow.......and more snow.............and more snow. After that she made my day by taking me to the public library. They have the coolest kids library I have ever seen. I even took pictures. They have a the entire place set up to help kids learn interactively. There is a bookmobile, a whole slew of computers, a life size (kid size) chess game, a stop animation set up for kids to make their own movies, and then there is this play area where the kids have tiles with letters and have to move them through this really awesome set could play for hours and never get bored. The teenagers reading area has a bunch of funky chairs, including an area that is set up like a fifties diner. The whole place was just amazing for me. Lol! I loved it. I took a ton of pictures but I won't bore you with them. Except for this one of Laurie and her daughter.....I took this because Meg is going to grow up to drive the bookmobile.....I wanted her to be able to see what it would be like for her. ;)

So after a day of vegging out with Laurie I went back to the hotel for lots of sleep and to prep for my drive to Utah.