GRADUATION!! (Grad School)

Friday, February 6

Another day in my life....

as the Scuttle the Seagull would say:

"Ah...Very Boring"

*I had two job interviews.... One I wanted and didn't get, the other was crazy and I am glad that it gave me an opportunity to perfect my poker face.
Oh well...back to the local search. Hopefully I can find something soon.

*I had the chance to babysit my nephew today. What a cutie. Tomorrow I am babysitting 2 of my nieces. Wahoo! I am glad that I have the chance to do this now. It is part of the reason I moved home. btw....This means that there is only one more family in the area I haven't had the chance to babysit.....Cyn you and Kent want to go out one night...I'm offering?

*Tonight, I started unpacking my library. Yes, the stove still needs cleaned and I haven't unpacked all of my clothes and my kitchen stuff. But really people. A girl has got to have priorities. ;)

*I took the time to catch up in the blog world tonight. For the first time in months I have no blogs left to catch up on....what's a girl to do. People you have to write more now. :)


Kara said...

glad you are settling in...
we will be there in May sometme!!

Amy said...

Kara's coming to Utah?!?!?!!?! I need details!!

Amy said...

Oh wait.... is this the same Kara I know or is it someone else that now thinks I'm kind of weird because I want details about her trip to Utah?

Rae said...

Amy you crack me up. Yes it is the same Kara. We'll have to get together and chat sometime. ;)