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Saturday, February 14

Just another day

So it is officially that day that is feared by all Singletons. The day that we are brainwashed to believe should be filled with hearts and flowers and romance...............

So....Happy Valentine's Day!

Tonight was fun for me. I ended up hanging with my family. The discussions that ensue around a family dinner table are of the likes that I have nowhere else. There is always laughter when my brothers get talking. I believe at one point there was a discussion on the difference between claymores and broadswords. We tend toward the geeky side.......;)

We then moved onto movies. We started with a ballroom movie for the Cricket. Apparently, Get Smart is too crass for the fam, but Take the Lead is just fine. Lol! Since 2 of my brothers are ballroom dancers there was quite a discussion on rules and regs of ballroom competitions and what dancers can actually do.

We followed up with Drop Dead Fred. Years ago, my parents recorded this movie from television in 1994 (According to one of the commercials that were recorded). The Wog and I enjoyed it. Ha Ha Ha

Anyway....tomorrow I am back at the parent to help with the rolls for a ward activity my parents are attending and then babysitting. I think I will enjoy this Valentine's Day.

Hope you enjoy yours as well. :)

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Tiana said...

I love you! That makes this love day wonderful! Wish I was there to play with you.