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Monday, February 2


Sunday morning was a bit difficult for me......after the night drive I was exhausted and slept a lot. The passes through Wyoming were closed so it wasn't like I was going anywhere for awhile.

My friend Laurie offered to let me come and "veg" out with her and her kids....which is what I did. Lol!

She had 2 adorable kids!!

After meeting up at Laurie's place, we headed out for lunch. I made Laurie drive because I am a pansy and was too scared to drive in the snow. I think the place we went to eat was called Sanford's. Whatever it was called it had awesome burgers and even more awesome desserts. I am not sure what we had but it was deep fried with ice-cream and lots of syrup. As you can see.....we ate it all. Lol!

From there Laurie took me on a short scenic drive of Cheyenne......I saw lots of.........snow.......and more snow.............and more snow. After that she made my day by taking me to the public library. They have the coolest kids library I have ever seen. I even took pictures. They have a the entire place set up to help kids learn interactively. There is a bookmobile, a whole slew of computers, a life size (kid size) chess game, a stop animation set up for kids to make their own movies, and then there is this play area where the kids have tiles with letters and have to move them through this really awesome set could play for hours and never get bored. The teenagers reading area has a bunch of funky chairs, including an area that is set up like a fifties diner. The whole place was just amazing for me. Lol! I loved it. I took a ton of pictures but I won't bore you with them. Except for this one of Laurie and her daughter.....I took this because Meg is going to grow up to drive the bookmobile.....I wanted her to be able to see what it would be like for her. ;)

So after a day of vegging out with Laurie I went back to the hotel for lots of sleep and to prep for my drive to Utah.

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Amy said...

That picture of Laurie just made my day!