GRADUATION!! (Grad School)

Tuesday, September 30

They almost match my real eye color...sort of

What's your inner eye colour?
Blue eyes You're a relaxed, laid-back chick with a sweet, friendly nature. Your kindness puts people at ease and also wins you many friends, and you love to be surrounded by those who love you. You've also got a strong romantic streak, and when you fall in love, you fall deep. However, sometimes when the going gets tough, you can become a bit reclusive and try to stay out of important matters – generally not a good idea! You tend to rely on others a lot, and your mood hits rock bottom when they disappoint you. Not surprisingly though, when someone is relying on you, you go to all lengths to live up to their expectations, and because of that, you make a wonderful friend.
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Saturday, September 27

My Girls....

Tonight was a night that seemed to be all about my girls. I met up with Kate and we saw the new movie The Women. It made me laugh a lot. But it also made me think of the women I n my life. We followed the movie with Womens Conference. Every fall the women of our church gather to hear messgaes directed specifically to us as women. It speaks of our talents, our fears, and our purpose. Tonights meeting was amazing. I was again reminded of the possible connections that can be made with the women around me.

But most importantly tonight has made me very grateful for my girlfriends. I have some amazing friends.

I keep trying to write something to follow that sentence but it isn't working. I can't seem to find the words that could adequetely (sp?) express how grateful I am for these women.

So I guess I'll just say thanks and I love y'all. You mean more to me then words can say.
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Friday, September 26

Maybe Perry can help me.

This was in my new messages this morning:

"Rachel, right now, all around you, outside your door, down the street, and in every corner of your world, there's evidence of a conspiracy. All the elements are secretly marching to the beat of your drummer, while casually pretending to be detached and indifferent.

I love you,
    The Universe"

Which totally explains all the guys in my neighborhood who walk as if thay are drunk. I'll have to work on that drummer.
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Wednesday, September 24

I'm in my "Frump Girl" phase

What Is Your Style?
Frumpy You’re too bogged down in work and commitments to put any time towards your look. Whatever is easy, whatever’s is comfortable is what you do. Fashion takes too much work!
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Tuesday, September 23

I give I give!!!

That's 3 times in the last week that I have slept through my alarm. I give in! I'll get a new one. Ugh!
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Monday, September 22

Vampilla Ice!!

Alright.....only m fellow TM's will think this is funny.....but I had to share.

There was a night as we sat in the cabins out on La Push that we got to see a live Performance of this song! I tell you we were laughing until we cried!

Amy, Thanks for posting it!

Its a medley!

One of my friends posted this on facebook.........It gave me a I thougth I would share until i got a real post up.

How many of these have you actually seen?

Thursday, September 18

My favorite shot of my weekend

I haven't written a review of my is still percolating. One of the joys of the trip was that fact that there were 26 women all with cameras. As I had broken mine a few months before I am glad to have literally hundreds of shots to help me remember the trip.

I found this shot this morning and it made me smile. It was taken by my friend Kendra. I am glad to say that laughing was a common occurrence for the weekend. This was just hours after my plane had landed. It didn't matter that it has been months since I had seen Meg or years since I had seen Gypsy (literally, I haven't seen her since high school). Sitting in a Starbucks in Seattle we were laughing like loons. I just wish I knew what we were laughing about. :)

P.S. I would head over to Gypsy's page, she has some amazing shots up from our trip. She is very talented with her camera!

Tuesday, September 16


Fear is an interesting thing. I thought I was doing better. But here it is almost 2 months after the incident and the mere sight of a man walking behind me in my neighborhood has the ability to send me into a panic. I seem to be shaking.
Not a good thing. I got to deal with this stupid fear!
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Monday, September 15

Home again, home again, jiggety jog......

36 hours later I am finally stansing in my bedroom. I am going to shower ande sleep before I start crying.

It's good to be home. :)
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Too Tired To Think....

What a nice alliteration. ;)
Well my weekend of fun is almost over. I now sit in the JFK airport for the 9 am flight to BWI.

Any real thoughts will have to be written after a couple hours of decent sleep. I don't count sleep on planes, that causes more discomfort then rest. :)
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Sunday, September 14


Another day comes to a close. And what a day it was. It has been so fun here in Forks, a lot of the locals have gotten into the fun. The tour of the high school was great. We got pictures of the entire group of TMs. We had a bonfire and listened to indian stories out in La Push. I mailed postcards and bought what I hope is a super cool key chain. :) I even won a prize (I guessed the right number of Edward heads in the jar) and listened to a Twilight Rap. If it ever gets on YouTube I will post it. It was really funny.

I have also met some really awesome ladies. These women are a really fun bunch. I am so excited to be able to continue to chat with them.

And finally, I have remembered a whole lot about myself. But that is a whole different post.

It is late and I need to shower and pack to go home.

See y'all back on the east coast. :)
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Saturday, September 13

Off to the high school.

So we have yet to make it to the hospital. We are waiting for dr Cullan to come on shift.

So instead we are hitting up the high school. It's been awhile since I have been inside a school room. But I gues I can for Bella.
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In search of Dr Cullan.

So at this moment we are hoofing it to the Forks hospital.
Amy needs a fix.

Kathy is brilliant! Maybe we should start with a map.
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Thursday, September 11

On the ferry.

We have a3rived. There are so many of us it is hrd to keep everyone straight. Lunch at Ivars was fabulous. Lots of laughter and fun.
The claqm chowder was amazing. :)

Now we are on the ferry headed onto Port Angelous. My pensive side has reared it's ugly head. It is so gorgeous here. The air is brisk and clean. I am grateful for the chance to be here with so ma,y fabulous women. I am again reminded of the freedoms we enjoy as citizens of this country.
I blame Dan and his emails. But after 2 emails from him over seas and 2 flights with multiple soldiers returning from the middle east, I feel the need to express my gratitude to them in general. I am deeply grateful for the soldiers of yesterday and today who fight so that I can enjoy my freedoms in beautiful places such as this.
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Random blog post for Kara......

I promised Kara that I would post random notes from the trip. After the great nap on the plane, we have touched down in the ATL.

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7 years have gone by.

I sit on the runway waiting for my plane to take off and wonder what that morning was like for the passengers all those years ago.
Not that I am worried about anything happening today. I'm just remembering that the people on those flights were very like those that surround me today.

My thoughts turn to the Pugliese family as they always do on this day. I wish good things for them.
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Wednesday, September 10

Things to do.....

So I am almost home. Only a short 30 minutes bus ride and I will be home to prep for my trip. I have just over 6 hours to:

Do 4 loads of laundry (2 loads of bedding)
Clean my kitchen
Clean the bathroom
Pack for my trip
And sleep.....

Which do you think will end up on the 'not gonna happen list'?
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Homeward bound...

I am finally on the train. It has been quite a long day for me. Lol!

In just under 36 hours I will be boarding a plane for the west coast. Washington, here I come.
I am excited. Really, I am. I just don't have time to sound like it. Works keeps me pretty busy and after work I spend my nights prepping for the triip.

By the by.....I finished my 27 gifts. I am tempted to post a pic of one but they look like a Kindergardener craft project so I probably won't.

Maybe when I come back I'll take a pic of my booty. (As in pirates treasure not my rear end).
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Monday, September 8


OnePlusYou Quizzes and Widgets

So apparently these guys think my blog is okay for the general public.....

I guess that is better then having to tell my mother that she can't read my blog. Lol!

Work is really too busy for me to be doing I am going to get back to it. :)

Friday, September 5

Showing my Age..........

Apparently, I can no longer come home from a show at 1:30 in the morning, read until 3 am and then get up and be coherent at 5:30 am.

I slept through my alarms....and now my brain is a bit fuzzy.......

It is going to be a very long day!

BTT #16 I forgot here's your Thursday question on Friday. :)

btt button

Suggested by JM

I was looking through books yesterday at the shops and saw all the Twilight books, which I know basically nothing about. What I do know is that I’m beginning to feel like I’m the *only* person who knows nothing about them.

Despite being almost broke and trying to save money, I almost bought the expensive book (Australian book prices are often completely nutty) just because I felt the need to be ‘up’ on what everyone else was reading.

Have you ever felt pressured to read something because ‘everyone else’ was reading it? Have you ever given in and read the book(s) in question or do you resist? If you are a reviewer, etc, do you feel it’s your duty to keep up on current trends?

Okay.....I admit it, I have been pressured into reading a book or two...or more. (Yes, Ben I am still blaming you for the whole dark trilogy thing!)
I don't feel duty bound to keep up with "trends" per se, but I do like to read books others have found interesting. Some I like, others not so much. I don't usually do a review of anything I read so I guess it isn't a worry for me. Lol!

Thursday, September 4

Tugs at the heart strings

Les Mis was amazing, of course.
As expected:
Jean Val Jean was a saint,
Javert unforgiving,
Fantine pathetic, the Thenadier's scummy,
The men of the barricade were courageous, Cosette and Marious sickeningly in love, and poor Eponine was stuck with unrequited love.

I realized that I have a very cynical outlook. My favorite songs: A Little Fall of Rain and Empty Chairs and Empty Tables. (A song of love that was never accepted and a song of the battle suvivor.)
And the song A Heart Full of Love makes me want to gag.

I guess I'll have to work on that.
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Welcome Home......

Today is a big day for the family back home.

Baby Hughie returns from his 2 year mission to Vina del Mar Chile. As a matter of fact, his plan landed just over 2 hours ago. Dinner is scheduled for everyone in 2 hours. I am sad to miss it. I am sure he has quite a few stories to tell. :)

It has been interesting for me to read his emails and watch this young man grow. He is such a great kid. I am so proud of him.

So Welcome Home Hugh! On to the next step!

Wednesday, September 3

A different language

Dinner with Nancy, Kara, and Tink was a blast.

On the way home a group of gentleman got into a discussion on the bus. It seemed to get rather heated. Unfortunately, I can't figure out what it was about. While I could pick out a few words here and there (White House, MF'er, sh*t, soldiers, and a couple others) I have no idea what they were saying. I guess I still need to learn more of the local lingo. Lol!
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Fandom Unite....

I think everyone knows by now that a portion of Stephanie's next book, Midnight Sun, was illegally posted on the internet. Stephanie is rather understandably upset by this. Sadly, she has put Midnight Sun on hold indefinitely.

You can find more information, including a legal copy of the released manuscript here.
(Don't spoil I still haven't read it.....yet......)

The fans have decided to show their support.....

For those that don't know......I am a Twilight fan. There are various reasons, one being I just love to read and Stephanie Meyer has a great imagination. I have had the chance to meet some of the most amazing women because of these books. For that alone I will be forever grateful for Stephanie Meyer and her writing talents. But the fact that I actually enjoy the stories and can't wait until my trip next week trip to Forks Washington....well.....lets just chalk it up to a personal geekiness.

So yes, I will be one of many wearing a Twilight support shirt on 9/13/08. I hope she continues to create the stories and characters that many have grown to love.

Tuesday, September 2


I was all rea5y to get into the next episode of Robin Hood only to learn that the DVD I just received is nothing but extras. Ugh!

Oh well I guess I'll have to watch Firefly instead.
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Monday, September 1


I rarely dream. And if I do I rarely remember them, expect a few of the terrifying nightmares of my childhood (Ursula is one scary broad!).

When I do actually dream I try to remember them. There was one a few years ago that had me holding a very important discussion with my CFO and the missionaries in my tiny bathroom at the house in Falls Church. Rather awkward. Lol!

This weekend I have had two dreams. 1 is odd enough but 2 so close together hasn't ever happened that I recall.

The first happened Sat morning and included a rather intriguing drive in a jeep..... Through the halls of a school I was supposed to be attending. I'm have learned my lesson. Don't end the privious nightt just after encounter written by Gabaldon. It causes odd dreams. ;)

But this morning I woke from a disturbing dream of Courtney, who died 18 years ago last month. I don't recall much, other then it was present time but she hadn't changed in appearance or speach. There was a feeling of age about her. We were having a meal of sorts surrounded by people, But we sat and talked as if we had all the time in the world.

18 years........I'm glad is was a good dream. Though, I am again reminded of those things in my life that would disappoint her.

As I said, disturbing.
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