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Thursday, September 4

Tugs at the heart strings

Les Mis was amazing, of course.
As expected:
Jean Val Jean was a saint,
Javert unforgiving,
Fantine pathetic, the Thenadier's scummy,
The men of the barricade were courageous, Cosette and Marious sickeningly in love, and poor Eponine was stuck with unrequited love.

I realized that I have a very cynical outlook. My favorite songs: A Little Fall of Rain and Empty Chairs and Empty Tables. (A song of love that was never accepted and a song of the battle suvivor.)
And the song A Heart Full of Love makes me want to gag.

I guess I'll have to work on that.
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Tiana said...

Of course it would make you gag....I love you and miss you. James is looking in the area again...NC, Baltimore, and Northern VA. Say your prayers and be a good girl and maybe Heavenly Father will grant both of our wishes to have the Fraze Fam close enough for you to at least visit if not live!

Rae said...

You're in my's hoping our wants are in like with God's plans. Lol! I would love to have you guys out here. :)

Tiana said...

Me too!