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Monday, September 1


I rarely dream. And if I do I rarely remember them, expect a few of the terrifying nightmares of my childhood (Ursula is one scary broad!).

When I do actually dream I try to remember them. There was one a few years ago that had me holding a very important discussion with my CFO and the missionaries in my tiny bathroom at the house in Falls Church. Rather awkward. Lol!

This weekend I have had two dreams. 1 is odd enough but 2 so close together hasn't ever happened that I recall.

The first happened Sat morning and included a rather intriguing drive in a jeep..... Through the halls of a school I was supposed to be attending. I'm have learned my lesson. Don't end the privious nightt just after encounter written by Gabaldon. It causes odd dreams. ;)

But this morning I woke from a disturbing dream of Courtney, who died 18 years ago last month. I don't recall much, other then it was present time but she hadn't changed in appearance or speach. There was a feeling of age about her. We were having a meal of sorts surrounded by people, But we sat and talked as if we had all the time in the world.

18 years........I'm glad is was a good dream. Though, I am again reminded of those things in my life that would disappoint her.

As I said, disturbing.
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The Palmers said...

Love you Rach... That's all, I just love you!