GRADUATION!! (Grad School)

Tuesday, September 30

They almost match my real eye color...sort of

What's your inner eye colour?
Blue eyes You're a relaxed, laid-back chick with a sweet, friendly nature. Your kindness puts people at ease and also wins you many friends, and you love to be surrounded by those who love you. You've also got a strong romantic streak, and when you fall in love, you fall deep. However, sometimes when the going gets tough, you can become a bit reclusive and try to stay out of important matters – generally not a good idea! You tend to rely on others a lot, and your mood hits rock bottom when they disappoint you. Not surprisingly though, when someone is relying on you, you go to all lengths to live up to their expectations, and because of that, you make a wonderful friend.
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Sherpa said...

Violet Eyes:
You're wacky and creative, with eclectic tastes and an interest in the unusual. You're wild and unpredictable, but sometimes you feel like no one understands you. You often express yourself through art, writing or music, and you're probably quite talented in your area of preference. You have a wide friendship circle, as you get along with people from all walks of life, but you often lack the closeness that being in a smaller group provides. You can also be a bit moody and temperamental, and you're prone to sudden outbursts of frustration when life doesn't go your way. Despite this though, you're usually pretty cheerful when life's treating you well, and even when you're in a bad mood, you always let off steam in private, making for a very happy-go-lucky exterior.

Rae said...

I knew there was a reason I liked you, Sherpa. It must be the wacky creative side. ;)

Britten said...

I got blue eyes like you!

Amy said...

Apparently I'm supposed to have baby blues too!

Rae said...

Amy.....No wonder Meg says you are just me in Utah.....Yet another reason for you to leave Utah and come play with the heathens on the east coast. ;)

Britten....I would be ecstatic if I was half as cool as you. :)