GRADUATION!! (Grad School)

Saturday, November 29

A day to be grateful.

Here I am again at the american history museum. Except the roles seem to be reversed as I am the one to arrive first. The morning is gorgeous so with the sun shining on my back I sit here with my iPod playing in my ear and a book in my lap.

People are starting to gather s I have to get in line but reallly how can I complain about the freakin' tourists on my playground when I'm in such a great mood. :)
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Wednesday, November 26

Anger Management

Those who have known me long enough (or are married to people who have known me long enough) can remember a time when I had a temper. There was a time when I used that temper as an excuse to react violently. As the years have passed (since there have been so many HA!) I have made a conscious effort not to lose my temper. It was a goal I had made after many talks with my dad (Kent) about who was really in control of my emotions.

I haven't really had to pay attention to this goal in the last 4 years because there was little need. There have been a few times where my temper has gotten the better of me but I was able to walk away so it was nothing major. Not to say there has been no anger in the last 4 years just that there was no yelling, violence, or wild accusations or anything else that used to mark my arguments.

Why do I bring this up now, you ask? Well, last night I realized that I really do control my temper. It has taken more then 11 years but in the midst of someone yelling at me I was able to think clearly and rationally. I was able to stay calm and realize that it wasn't worth the argument.

Not something I would have done at other times in years past. This doesn't mean that the reaction wasn't there. By the time I was back in bed the adrenaline had hit and I was shaking with no outlet (I decided to read until it faded). The urge to defend myself and my actions was there but it wasn't worth getting all riled up, especially when I had to work in the morning.

It's nice to know that in some ways I am growing up. Even if I still prefer to live my life in a world of books.
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Tuesday, November 25

For Julia......and Jess

Julia over at Julia's Book Corner tagged me....TWICE! And Jess from Capital Hill Romance caught me forever ago.....

Hold on get all the answers in one. Please scroll down and see if you are tagged. ;)

The BookWorm Award............
Open the closest book to you, not your favorite or most intellectual book, but the book closest to you at the moment, to page 56. Write out the fifth sentence, as well as two to five sentences following.

(Be grateful that Ben has me reading history right now instead of smut.)

So from Today's current book, The Killer Angels by Michael Shaara:
Longstreet remembered his manners. "Oh, excuse me, Colonel. Allow me to present our George Pickett. Our loveliest general. General Pickett, Colonel Fremantle of the Coldstream Guards."
Tag five people to pass on the award and Meme.
My Five are:

7 Random Book Facts Meme....

  • Link the person who tagged you & post these rules.
  • Share seven random and/or weird book facts about yourself.
  • Tag seven random people and include links to their blogs.
  • Let each person know that they've been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

Both Jess and Julia tagged me for this one so I guess I have to do it now huh?

My 7 facts:
  1. I buy books for souvenirs. Some people buy shot glasses or teaspoons....I buy books.
  2. My mothers favorite movie is The Music Man and we often watched it on Sundays. By the time I was 18 I had the desire to be Marian the Librarian.
  3. I love books that are part of a series. (does anyone not know this?)
  4. When a new book comes out in one of the series' I read, I have to read all of the preceding books before I can read the new one. (This is okay when there are only 3 or 4 books....but a bit more difficult with a series' like the J.D. Robb 'In Death' books which has a count of somewhere in the 30's)
  5. I remember getting The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis and The Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien for my 8th birthday. (I don't remember reading either series at that time and have never picked up Tolkien as an adult.....but it is on the list.)
  6. I fell in love with the Anne Of Green Gables series when I was 11 and I have been in love with Gilbert Blythe ever since. (I would even take him over Jacob Black......but maybe not the BDB boys)
  7. I prefer my collections to be in paperback but I am too impatient to wait for the new books. So I buy in hardcover to read the first time. Then when the paperback comes out I trade the hardcover on Paperbackswap or Bookmooch.
My Seven Are:

I think that is all for the tags......Did I forget any?

At least I taste good with Gravey......

You Are The Stuffing
You're complicated and complex, yet all your pieces fit together.

People miss you if you're gone - but they're not sure why.

Yeah....I am not sure why.....but there you have it....

Monday, November 24

A girls weekend

As you know, it started Friday night with the girls here in DC and continued with an early train ride to NYC with Tink.
Friday night was a blast. The TM's here are great to just hang out with and there was a lot to discuss after we saw the movie Friday. This meant we were up laughing until almost 3 am......making 4 am seem like an indecent hour to get up for a 5 am train. Ugh! But with some reminder texts from Tink, I was able to get up an out with only an hour of sleep under my belt. The sunrise on the train was beautiful. I even woke up Tink to take a picture. Lol! Poor girl.

Upon arrival we headed over to the pier and jumped in line for a 2 hour tour of the harbor. Yes I know this is rather touristy, but I wanted a chance to see as much of the city as possible. Who knows how long I will have that chance. Right? ;) It was great to see all of the interesting places. The statue of Liberty and Ellis Island are still quite a sight to behold. (Granted it would have been a smart thing to remember that I get seasick before the boat hit the rough waters....but since I didn't yak I figure I handled things just fine. Three cheers for Coke products.)

After the harbor tour we met up with the NY TM's to catch another shot at THE flick. My opinion hasn't changed so I'll just say that I will probably own this movie. Actually, I am almost positive that this movie will one day grace my collection......But I really hope they do a better job on New Moon. It is better as a companion to the movie instead of a story all on it's own. And that is all I am going to say on that topic.

After the movie we spent a couple of hours at lunch and just shooting the breeze with the NY ladies. It is so fun just to get together and chat. Kara then walked us over to Rockefeller Center to take a look at the unlit tree. I hope to see it lit up sometime next month but I am not sure that it will be a possibility. it is crazy how busy my schedule tends to stay. throw in a 10 day trip to Utah and I have no time to do anything. Lol!

We rounded the evening off by walking down 5th Avenue to see the store windows. Some are already decorated for Christmas (though Macy's didn't officially unveil theirs until yesterday.) A quick trip to Borders to pick up my souvenir books to commemorate this trip and we were on the train headed for home.

All in all, it was a fun trip that was followed by lots of sleep. Apparently I am to old to survive on 3 hours of "catch as you can" sleep. oh well you are only young once, right? Lol!

This weekend starts early with a movie on Wednesday with my friend Kate. We are headed to see Four Christmas' with Reese Witherspoon and Vince Vaughn. I look forward to it, it only to get a look at my future. I can just see me trying to figure out how to handle the holidays with 4 sets of in-laws. Lol!

Well there's my was even written on something other then my Blackberry.
Feel Very Special.

Now I have got to get back to work. *sigh*

I am going to die at 87.  When are you? Click here to find out!

Saturday, November 22

The morning train

Well I saw the movie. My girls night was a blast. There was a lot of talking. Even more laughing. I didn't crash until somewhere between 230 and 300 am.

Now here it is just after 500 and I am on the train to NYC. Hopefully I can catch a bit more sleep during the next 3 hours. The hour or so of sleep at the hotel just isn't cutting it lol! But not to worry. I have my good friend cherry coke as my wingman. :)

As for my thoughts on the movie. Well.......I wouldn't call it the movie of the year.

I can catalogue many of its faults. But I think I liked it anyway. So there's that. :) we'll see what I say after my afternoon showing with the NY TM's. Maybe the 3rd time will clear up a few lingering issues. :)
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Thursday, November 20

Twilight Eve.....

It's the night before you know where the girls in your life are? Lol!

All the my TMs here are counting down the hours to Twilight. Most are hitting a midnight showing somewhere in there area.

Not I! Granted the multiple viewings over the next week should make up for that fact. Ha ha ha!

I must say I am looking forward to being with the girls here tomorrow and then agin with a whole new set of girls in NY.

Here's hopin' it doesn't blow. :)
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Tuesday, November 18

BDSM anyone? I know someone.........

From our car conversation:

Me: You would tie me up?

Noted, you like bondage. Glad we're not dating.

You: Wait, wait, wait!!! That is not what I meant.
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Anyone who has ever listened to my iPod on random knows that I have an eclectic taste in music. I can go from musicals to country to pop to classical to rap to 80's rock to hard rock and honestly say "oooh, I love this song." Lol! I know I am not alone in this as I have found it is common of people of my generation.

Today on the metro I was again reminded how powerful music can be. I enjoyed my commute as I sat listening to the hits roll by. Then a song came on that I rarely listen to. It is one of the movie soundtrack suites. You know the kind. There are no words, just the music that had played as a backdrop to the powerful momoents in the movie.

I listened to it all the way through. Then I listened to it again and again. It has been awhile since I have been to a concert so I had forgotten how it feels to find the music of the orchestra swelling in your chest. To feel as if the piano is sweeping through your soul.

I think todays playlist shall be songs that have no words. Songs full of powerful emotions that speak to the soul.

Any suggestions?
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Monday, November 17

Public transportation

I am a big fan of public transportation. For the past 4 years I have gotten around on the DC metro system (sometimes catching rides with friends to things that are far away). It is pretty fabulous. I love using metro for many reasons.

I do NOT love when, at the end of a long and tiring day, I get on the bus and it smells of dirty butt.

A my momma would say, butt stink is not pleasant!!
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Wednesday, November 12

Frustration in a pretty package.

I know this comes as no surprise to most of you, I'm a girl who has become addicted to the virtual world. Lol!

Over the past few years my blog roll has broke the 200 mark. There are 4 different email accounts that I check daily. Then there are things like myspace (weekly), facebook (daily), at least 2 book forums that I am a member of (daily), my blog and my family wiki (checked as needed). I'm constantly on IM to keep connected to my world at large.

Lately I have been mostly cut off from this world and I am slowing losing my mind. Even with my berry access, my commute isn't long enough for me to check all the things I usually do. My bloglines has over 2000 unread blogs. My email accounts (other then the work address) have hundreds of unread emails. Not to mention the other sites I usually check. Ugh! I don't even know where to start my virtual housecleaning. Which compounds my frustration. There are so many things I have to catch up on. Argh!

Though in reality, it's not as if I have the time right now. Ha ha ha. The only reason you get this blog is because oi have an awesome boss who let me come in over an hour late today. Yay for sleeping. Here's hoping the next blog won't be written from a cab at midnight tonight.
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Another cab ride...

Another night where I was in the office till midnight.

I'm not trying to ignore people. I just don't have time.

I've been trying to call my dad for 2 days now to wish him a happy birthday. But I figure he doesn't want that call this late. Lol!
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Tuesday, November 11

Caught a cab....

It's after midnight and a very nice cabbie is spending the next hour driving me home from the office.

We are finally ready for tomorrow. (Did you catch that John and Subodh? Tomorrow.)

I'm exhausted and frustrated. My book was finally delivered from Amazon today. I've been waiting a week. And now I'm too tired to even read it. Oh well! Once I get through tomorrow maybe I will be able to think. Though I probably won't find my brain until this week is over. :s
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Tuesday, November 4

Random thoughts........

**As my Daddy says:
Vote Today. Vote Often.
(Or stop complaining)

**Some day I am going to grow out of the ugly duckling phase and be able to walk without embarassing myself. Until then I will continue to feel like a 12 year old girl in a rush as I fall down at random moments in front of people.

**Sorry John and Subodh. I'm not going to share work info in this post. But I will say the tension levels are still high at the office. :)

**I've reaffirmed my decision to never get drunk. My cherry coke hangovers are enough to deter me from wanting a real one. One girls night out and getting up the next day is painful. (But totally worth it! Thanks Tink and Tara.)

And that is all for now. I know I haven't written for over a week but between work and friends in town I just haven't had time. I'll try to get something worthwhile posted soon.
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