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Saturday, November 22

The morning train

Well I saw the movie. My girls night was a blast. There was a lot of talking. Even more laughing. I didn't crash until somewhere between 230 and 300 am.

Now here it is just after 500 and I am on the train to NYC. Hopefully I can catch a bit more sleep during the next 3 hours. The hour or so of sleep at the hotel just isn't cutting it lol! But not to worry. I have my good friend cherry coke as my wingman. :)

As for my thoughts on the movie. Well.......I wouldn't call it the movie of the year.

I can catalogue many of its faults. But I think I liked it anyway. So there's that. :) we'll see what I say after my afternoon showing with the NY TM's. Maybe the 3rd time will clear up a few lingering issues. :)
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dougandcheryl said...

I really liked it! I think I went into it just hoping it wouldn't be terrible and so I was really happy with it.

Bonnie the Boss said...

So were lingering issues cleared? We all want to know.