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Wednesday, November 26

Anger Management

Those who have known me long enough (or are married to people who have known me long enough) can remember a time when I had a temper. There was a time when I used that temper as an excuse to react violently. As the years have passed (since there have been so many HA!) I have made a conscious effort not to lose my temper. It was a goal I had made after many talks with my dad (Kent) about who was really in control of my emotions.

I haven't really had to pay attention to this goal in the last 4 years because there was little need. There have been a few times where my temper has gotten the better of me but I was able to walk away so it was nothing major. Not to say there has been no anger in the last 4 years just that there was no yelling, violence, or wild accusations or anything else that used to mark my arguments.

Why do I bring this up now, you ask? Well, last night I realized that I really do control my temper. It has taken more then 11 years but in the midst of someone yelling at me I was able to think clearly and rationally. I was able to stay calm and realize that it wasn't worth the argument.

Not something I would have done at other times in years past. This doesn't mean that the reaction wasn't there. By the time I was back in bed the adrenaline had hit and I was shaking with no outlet (I decided to read until it faded). The urge to defend myself and my actions was there but it wasn't worth getting all riled up, especially when I had to work in the morning.

It's nice to know that in some ways I am growing up. Even if I still prefer to live my life in a world of books.
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Bonnie the Boss said...

I am conciderably older than you and I haven't mastered that yet. Way to go! Tell us how.

Amber, Dan, and Fam said...

Good for you Rae! I have a bit of a temper too, and it is really hard to control that. So I admire you for coming so far. :)

Kathy said...

That is a great thing to master. I'm working on the same thing. I tend to yell when I get irritated at my children and it's not a good thing to do and I'm trying to be in control and remain calm.

Toini said...

Thanks for sharing, Rachel!
Being an old roommate of yours, I know what you're talking about ;)

I think it's awesome that you have learned to master it. What a great goal to have, and to work towards! I'm still struggling with it every day, although I think, or hope, I'm doing a little better each day.