GRADUATION!! (Grad School)

Tuesday, December 29

Dear Yahoo.....

I am truly sorry that I haven't spent much time with you for about 3 months now. But 3 hours to go through the unread messages was a bit much. Even if I did end up deleting 10,443 unread messages.

Sadly I must also tell you that I probably won't see you again until Summer. Till then we will have to survive with Blackberry connections. I am sure you will survive somehow.

With much regret,

Monday, December 28

Another Productive Semester....

I got my grades today.....
a 3.94 for the semester

Interestingly enough it was my writing class that lowered the GPA. I only got an A-. But still for the schedule I was keeping I am still fairly impressed with myself. Lol!
Now to do it again.....
Wish me luck.

Saturday, December 26

2:45 am

The house is quiet...

There are no loud boys or crying babies or any of the others things that signify a large family has gathered for the holidays. Shopping will come bright and early tomorrow, yet here I lay awake. I am exhausted and should be sleeping but in reality all I want to do is to start another book.

For months now I have had to put off my personal reading time. Books that used to take me hours now takeome weeks and sometimes months to get through. As the semester progressed and I got more and more busy, I the books in my TBR (to be read) list did nothing more than gather dust on the shelf. Now that the classes are done for the holidays and I have had 10 days to relax and prep for next semester, I have read 12 books. I have another week and a half to go and look forward continue on my reading spree.

Be it The Art of War by Sun Tzu, an young adult fiction, a sci-fi/fantasy, or a romance, I can't begin to explain the balance that I can find when I slide into the pages of a good book.

Thursday, December 24

Tiana is not pregnant!!

Apparently there has been confusion.....
Now that that has been cleared up back to your christmas festivities. :)
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Sunday, December 20

It's that time again....

So I realized today that I didn't have my traditional Christmas in Kilarney Video up yet this year. I wouldn't want to disappoint anyone... and since I listened to this song for the first time last night.... here you go! Aren't the Irish Rovers great!

Wednesday, December 16


The day I thought would never arrive ... arrived this morning. I had to meet with my writing professor regarding my conference paper. And with that short 30 min class.... I finished my semester.

It has been a particularly hard one. Between moving, the New Moon Event, work, and classes, I seem to have lost sight of myself and my goals. There were a couple of times I seriously doubted my desires. Did I really need to go back to school? Was it worth it? For the first time, I wondered if I had the abilities to pull off the degree I want.

Now that the brain fog of classes and finals has cleared.... my answer to all of the above is still a resounding yes.

This semesters classes have been passed and while I don't know if I pulled a 4.0 like last semester, I am content with the grades that I have.

Now for a 2 week break to prep for next semester. :)