GRADUATION!! (Grad School)

Tuesday, March 22

the midnight hour....

It is that time again and I need a quick break before settling back in for the last 3 pages of my midterm essays that are due tomorrow.

Spring break is over now. I still can't believe it passed by so quickly. But it did and now there is only a short 6 weeks until the end of the semester. I realize that my brain is stuck in school mode as that is where my world revolves. In less than 14 months I will have completed the first portion of the education that I have been headed towards for years. I know the fate of the world will not be affected by my degree. But in reality, my world will tilt on its axis at that point. Granted, I will just be headed off to more school, but that is not the true point.

This thing.... this degree, that I have put so much effort into, will have been received. For a girl that feels that she never completes a project and never settles in one place for long, this is a MASSIVE achievement. And a massively scary step. The future that I have been hoping for is going to be possible. But what if that future is not what I dream it to be. I know for a fact that real life is nothing like school. And yet, even with that fear, I am giddy as a girl on her first day of kindergarden. There are less then 14 MONTHS!

Now I just have to battle the senior-itis that is settling into the creases of my brain.

Okay I am back to a discussion of the trauma of slavery and Holocaust survivors using the neo-slave narratives of Charles Johnson and Mark Twain's Puddi'nhead Wilson.

Tuesday, March 8

It's happening....

It has been a hard day for me.... I can't post to much because most of it is work related, but needless to say I had a blessing today for peace an strength.

I sit here, with a paper due in a few hours wishing that i could focus. But there are so many thoughts running through my head that I am hoping that rambling will help.

School has been good. I am fascinated by my classes. There is a lot of reading for each day but I find most of it interesting, even if I am sometimes overwhelmed with the amount.

I have to take the math placement test next week. This will tell me what math classes I can take this summer and weather I am taking 2, 3, or 4 classes.

I am also now actively searching for an internship position. I am hoping to work through a library or museum for the next couple of semesters.

And finally, other than the math classes, I have 9 classes left to take for graduation. In other words, in 1 year 2 months I will have graduated. It is really truly happening.