GRADUATION!! (Grad School)

Saturday, July 18

1 down.....2 to go

Do you remember the scene at the end of Mr. Mom....the one with the little boy running around the house shouting "One Punch! One Punch!"That is how I feel today. I want to run around the house shouting:
88.6%!! 88.6%!! 88.6%!! 88.6%!!
Okay I feel better now. That would be the score I got on my Astronomy Mid-Term today. I know it isn't a stellar grade, but after 2 weeks of studying and sweating I am ecstatic over a solid B. I have apparently absorbed enough of the information to pass and if I can pass this class with a solid B I will be happy.

Admittedly, it will be the first B of my college career (all three!). Who gets all A's in college any way?

Now I am back to studying....It's time for the History of the Solar System.

Thursday, July 16

Girls Night......

We forgot to take pictures!!! time we will remember. Lol!

The night got off to a rocky start but with our sodas and candy in hand we were seated minutes before the curtain went up (actually it was minutes before the announcer guy came out on stage to talk to us about sponsers...the outdoor Scera theater doesn't have a curtain.)

The Dr. Pepper and gobstoppers kept the nausea at bay long enough to enjoy the womens voices and cringe at the mens. I did a double take every time "Baby John" came on stage. Between the hair and the old school clothes I could have sworn that Nick was on stage. Lol!

Nannah and I had a good time. We laughed, we talked, I cried (never fails the ending always gets to me.....). I can't wait to hang out with her again. :)

I also realized tonight that I have been very spoiled. The Kennedy Center, the Hippodrome, and Broadway are definitely not community theater. After 4 years of that coming back to actual community theater is hard for me. But I will persevere. I will suppert the arts here while I can, and wait patiently for the days when I can afford to go to the other theaters again.

Tuesday, July 14

I can't get it all done!

I seem to have hit a block......

My eyes won't stay open for the reading of my Astronomy book. I still haven't finished the last 2 chapters, which I have to read and answer all the questions for so I can take the test. That doesn't include the other 6 chapters that I have to have done by Monday so I can take my second test. Is crying allowed?

Secondarily, the writing of my anthro paper has ground to a complete halt. It is due on Friday!! I have all this information swarming around in my head and I just can't get it to come out in a logical pattern.

I think I am going to give up for the evening. I will try again tomorrow morning.

Friday, July 10

Things of note....

While the new headset makes me look like a little silly....I am really, really, REALLY grateful I don't have to turn or tilt my head today. It seems to aggravate the pulled muscle in my neck when I do that. I figure if an hour and a half can bring me to tears.....more then that will reduce me to blubbering and that would be BAD on the job. were so right. I LOVE Castle. Nate Fillion is great and ABC lets me watch all of the episodes online. Yay!

Tuesday, July 7

Today's Astronomy lesson......

1) F=ma

2) (Pyears)2 = (Aau)3 (wow that doesn't look right on my berry but there you have it.)

3)CCD = Change Couple Device. It can be found in telescopes and your digital camera.

And finally.....

Astronomers like it BIG. ;)
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Saturday, July 4


Sometimes I wonder if I am fundamentally broken.........Steph says I'm not but I still wonder.....

Now back to astronomy and anthropology.
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Thursday, July 2

Down Home Country Boy

This is the reason I have a soft spot for them good ol' country boys. Lol!