GRADUATION!! (Grad School)

Saturday, July 4


Sometimes I wonder if I am fundamentally broken.........Steph says I'm not but I still wonder.....

Now back to astronomy and anthropology.
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Stephanie said...

You just need a good, firm smack on the ass to get you back on track.

Tiana said...

I second that....everyone needs a good firm smack on the ass once in a while!

Boo said...

Honey, I feel the same way but I can honestly say to you, "No! You are not broken." I love you. Chin up and hang in there.

Richard said...

You just need to remember the final chorus to the song "Broken" by Tift Merritt:

But I’m broken and I don’t understand
What is broken falls into place once again.
Hand of kindness, come and gather me in like a rainstorm,
Again and again and again,
I think I will break but I mend.

We all get broken at times, but we do mend.