GRADUATION!! (Grad School)

Thursday, April 30

Quote of the night...

Me:what do I look like the crazy cat lady.

Brother Paul: you need got either a cat or a boyfried.

I feel the love. How 'bout you?
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Sunday, April 26


How is it possible the last week we hit 85 degrees on Wed but it is SNOWING today?

Yay for springtime in Utah. Lol!
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Friday, April 24

Being sick stinks.....

But I have to give a quick shout out to my younger brother Ian
who kindly brought me Sprite....not 1 but 2 2 liter bottles.

Yay for me I haven't thrown up in 3 hours!

Now I am going back to my couch.


Tuesday, April 21

They always come back for more.....

I couldn't resist sharing this one......

You Are Chinese Food

Exotic yet ordinary.

People think they've had enough of you, but they're back for more in an hour.

Monday, April 20

Not Comfortable.....

Religious post…….read at your own risk. ;)

Yesterday during Relief Society a story about the march of Zion’s Camp was used to emphasize how God can step in and help us out when things are beyond our control. During the lesson I had a thought but I couldn’t get my words to align so that I could express the sentiments running through my head. Ironically, while in the shower this morning everything snapped into place and I was able to word the comment I wanted to make. So you are stuck getting it. ;)

Abit of LDS background………

In the early days of the LDS Church the members were driven from state to state, trying to find a place where they would be allowed to live with their neighbors in peace. Time after time they sold what they could and moved on. At one point in Missouri, after mobs had forced the people to leave, the government in the area promised to help us get our land back if we provided the armed men to do the task. About 250 men volunteered to march from Kirtland, Ohio to the lands in Missouri to help the members that were living there. The group, called Zion’s Camp, ranged in ages from 17 to 79 and struggled to make the 1000 mile march. One night the men were warned that there was a mob gathering to kill them. Our men were outnumbered and outgunned. I am not sure what exactly happened at that point; I am at work so I don’t really have the ability to do more research. I am pretty sure prayer was involved but I don’t have the facts there. What I do know is that night a great storm arose. The men of Zion’s camp got wet and some of the tents were blown down. Some of the men even had to take shelter in a nearby Baptist church. The Prophet Joseph remarked that God was in the storm that night. A few miles away the men of the mob did not fare as well. The lightning and thunder spooked their horses. The rain that had fallen on Zion’s Camp turned to large pellets of hail. Bones were broken, guns were broken, and the river swelled to the point that the mob could not cross it to reach Zion’s Camp. The result: the men of Zion’s Camp were protected in their time of need.

All through our meeting yesterday the thought that it wasn’t comfortable kept running through my head. When it all finally clicked into place I realized that the men of Zion’s camp didn’t have it easy. During the storm, they got wet. There was lightning and thunder in the distance so it is possible that their own horses were a tad spooked. Their tents were blown over. They even had to take shelter in the Baptist church. To top it off…how would they know what the storm was doing to the men of the mob? The mob could have found shelter and were waiting out the storm to attack. Just because God steps in, doesn’t mean that life will suddenly be easy or comfortable. We can have the peace of knowing that we are doing what is right; but we will still have to work to follow that path that the Lord has set for us. I keep looking at the schedule my life will take here in a few weeks and getting more and more nervous about it. I know that I am doing what is right, but I guess I needed to be reminded that it isn’t supposed to be easy. This life is a test and a trial. Neither of those words are synonymous with comfort.

So in the end what did I learn in Releif Society yesterday:

Suck it up and deal!

A girl needs a forceful reminder now and then. ;)

Monday, April 13

What do I do now...

I spent the day running errands that I needed to have done before starting work tomorrow. The biggest thing being registering for classes. I am officially registered for 14 credit hours on top of my 35 hour/week job. (Shall we say I will be a tad busy during the summer semester?)

I had decided last week that I was registering for classes today whether or not I had a job. Lucky for me....I have a job, so I had to work around that schedule. It's not as easy as it sounds, but I managed. I am working to get all of my GE's out of the way so I can really concentrate on my English and History courses. (Oh yeah...Jess: I am working on an English Lit Bachelors and a Public History Bachelors before going onto our favorite Masters Program). Out of the 5 classes I am taking, I am mostly excited about 2 of them, the other 3 are required to get a degree throuh UVU. The ones that I think will interest me most are Social/Cultural Anthropology and Elementary Astronomy. Both classes seem to be something that will hold my attention. I can hardly wait to start them.

But now that I am done with that, I guess I had better get the apartment cleaned so I can go to bed ontime. But I really am not in the mood to clean or go to bed....*sigh* the struggle of being an adult. :)

I have a job.........

Yup you read that right:

It is more hours (35/week) then I would prefer in a week, but I can work a small school schedule around it. I have to go register for classes (hopefully this afternoon) but I should be able to pull at least one class in the morning and one in the evening. It might not be the full 12 credits I had planned but we can go this route for a couple of semesters at least.

As for details: It is a receptionist position at a small software company (Sound familiar Kristin?). So it is something I am good at and something I am comfortable with. It is in the salary range I was shooting for (Yay!) and I start tomorrow morning.

Next Question............With classes (morning and evening) starting in May.........when am I gonna go to the Gym? Ugh, I have to call my trainer, he is not gonna be happy with me. :)

Just late night ramblings......

Saturday was a big day for our family. After an early morning of Easter egg hunting the adults in the family headed up to the Salt Lake Temple to attend the sealing for my big sister and her family this weekend.
(Short version translation for my Non - LDS Readers: A Sealing part of the LDS wedding ceremony. It is part of our belief that marriages are to be 'sealed' for time and all eternity. (Now you know why marriage is such a big deal in our world...Eternity is a VERY long time.) Sometimes this is done at the time of the wedding, sometimes it is postponed for one reason or another.)
Lighthearted-ness aside it is a very spiritual moment for any family and I am very glad that I was able to be present for it. It was a sweet ceremony that gives us a reason to celebrate and be with people we don't see all that often (Hi Sandy and Travis!) The ceremony was followed by a great big dinner filled with family members. I was joking to a friend that we had at least 25 people at my mother's house for the dinner and that wasn't all of us. More then half, thank heavens, but not all. It is always an interesting time when we are surrounded by family. I truly enjoy the time I get to spend with them (even if they do stab you in the back every so often......"miracle" indeed Kent Jr! :P )

Ohhh.....also a quick shout out to my best friend and her amazing husband who took the time to come do a quick fix it job on my car when we broke down on the way to the temple. John was a sweatheart to come out to the freeway and take a look when I called Meg in a panic. So thanks to John we got moving again and made it just barely on time.

So after such a long event and family filled day, I took today off. Lol! I needed the quiet of my apartment and was very grateful to have it all to myself. Wahoo for living alone! Anyway, it has been a very relaxing day. And tomorrow I am back to job hunting, the gym, maybe a trip to the temple.......maybe a stop by the History department to talk to one of my advisors for school....there are so many options. :)

Happy Easter to everyone!

Wednesday, April 8

Scene from a semi-Italian Restaurant.......

My heart has been melancholy this week. It doesn't make any sense. My life is good. My family is good. Even Inkheart couldn't lift my spirits in the long term. Though, I liked it enough to see it twice. (Ya gotta love theater's that have movie's for under a buck!)

I think this melancholy is what led to my trip into the city today. It has been years since I have gone to visit the graves. I got directions only to find that the main buildings had closed. I had been planning to stop in and ask for directions to the actual plots. As I said it has been years so my memory is pretty sketchy. I walked around for a while trying to locate the plot but the wind was pretty nasty and I was starting to feel creepy. I mean who walks around a cemetery at dusk ALONE looking at all the headstones with out stopping. Apparently, people who can't remember where their family is buried! Argh! I finally had to give up when my hands started to freeze. My flowers ended up on the grave of of a Navy Vet from WWII. I'll try again next week, when people are actually working there. I know her body isn't there but I need to make sure the headstones are at least clean. Ya know, and she deserves flowers. Every girl deserves flowers once in a while.

Written during dinner.....hence the title.......

Just for clarification, the graves I was visiting were those of my best friend and her mother. They were killed when I was 11. It is kind of a long story....but they had a profound impact on my life.

Monday, April 6

All by myself.....

Tonight I have decided that it is time to start having my own FHE again. Not that it is that big of a deal as a single person. Lessons are short and there are no arguments over the activities.
But I'm taking this opportunity to do fun things all by myself. Tonight's activity:
Inkheart with Brandon Frazier (sp?)

I have my popcorn and bottled we're ready to start the previews. Now if only the kids will stop yelling.....*sigh*
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Nothing new on the horizon.........

It feels as if it has been forever since I posted anything about what is going on in my life, so here is a quick update:

  • Classes start May 6th. I have decided to get 2 bachelors degrees before heading on to a Masters. I figure that should keep me busy for a while.
  • I am still job hunting. I interview at least once a week and am getting rather tired of the words over qualified. It is quite annoying.
  • My apartment is almost ready for other people to see. My front room is mostly unpacked, my library is mostly set up and my room is livable.
  • My family is close by and I see them a couple times a week. It is nice to be able to see and hang out with everyone, and also nice to go home to my apartment and ignore everyone. ;)
  • I see my friends a couple of times a week.......especially Meg and Sarah.
  • I am also at the gym 3 times a week and have just decided that I will start going to the temple right before I go to the gym (it's not like I don't have the time).
  • Conference was great, I spent it with the Fam, cooking and cleaning. Lol!
That about sums up my life. If anyone hears of any part time jobs....give me a holler. I could use all the help I can get. ;)

Wednesday, April 1

Conversation of the day........

Today I got to go to lunch with the incomparable Megatha and her great kids.

During the course of our lunch I had the following conversation with her 5 year old son:
5 yr old: Where's your husband?
Do you have a husband?
Me: Nope, I don't have one.
5 yr old: Then you'll have to work for one like my mom does.