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Wednesday, April 8

Scene from a semi-Italian Restaurant.......

My heart has been melancholy this week. It doesn't make any sense. My life is good. My family is good. Even Inkheart couldn't lift my spirits in the long term. Though, I liked it enough to see it twice. (Ya gotta love theater's that have movie's for under a buck!)

I think this melancholy is what led to my trip into the city today. It has been years since I have gone to visit the graves. I got directions only to find that the main buildings had closed. I had been planning to stop in and ask for directions to the actual plots. As I said it has been years so my memory is pretty sketchy. I walked around for a while trying to locate the plot but the wind was pretty nasty and I was starting to feel creepy. I mean who walks around a cemetery at dusk ALONE looking at all the headstones with out stopping. Apparently, people who can't remember where their family is buried! Argh! I finally had to give up when my hands started to freeze. My flowers ended up on the grave of of a Navy Vet from WWII. I'll try again next week, when people are actually working there. I know her body isn't there but I need to make sure the headstones are at least clean. Ya know, and she deserves flowers. Every girl deserves flowers once in a while.

Written during dinner.....hence the title.......

Just for clarification, the graves I was visiting were those of my best friend and her mother. They were killed when I was 11. It is kind of a long story....but they had a profound impact on my life.


Kathy said...

Tell me you'll be around at the TMs dinner on Friday May 1st. Seeing you would gladden my heart!

Boo said...

Who's grave were you visiting? It wasn't clear from the post and I'm curious to know.
I'm sorry you are feeling a little blue. I wish I were there to help with that.
I love you. Big Hug from BOO!