GRADUATION!! (Grad School)

Monday, April 13

What do I do now...

I spent the day running errands that I needed to have done before starting work tomorrow. The biggest thing being registering for classes. I am officially registered for 14 credit hours on top of my 35 hour/week job. (Shall we say I will be a tad busy during the summer semester?)

I had decided last week that I was registering for classes today whether or not I had a job. Lucky for me....I have a job, so I had to work around that schedule. It's not as easy as it sounds, but I managed. I am working to get all of my GE's out of the way so I can really concentrate on my English and History courses. (Oh yeah...Jess: I am working on an English Lit Bachelors and a Public History Bachelors before going onto our favorite Masters Program). Out of the 5 classes I am taking, I am mostly excited about 2 of them, the other 3 are required to get a degree throuh UVU. The ones that I think will interest me most are Social/Cultural Anthropology and Elementary Astronomy. Both classes seem to be something that will hold my attention. I can hardly wait to start them.

But now that I am done with that, I guess I had better get the apartment cleaned so I can go to bed ontime. But I really am not in the mood to clean or go to bed....*sigh* the struggle of being an adult. :)

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Amy said...

You're taking 14 credits and working 35 hours a week?!?!! You're crazy!!!! (maybe I'm just a wimp- I can only handle 9 credits with a full time job)

Good luck!!!