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Monday, April 13

Just late night ramblings......

Saturday was a big day for our family. After an early morning of Easter egg hunting the adults in the family headed up to the Salt Lake Temple to attend the sealing for my big sister and her family this weekend.
(Short version translation for my Non - LDS Readers: A Sealing part of the LDS wedding ceremony. It is part of our belief that marriages are to be 'sealed' for time and all eternity. (Now you know why marriage is such a big deal in our world...Eternity is a VERY long time.) Sometimes this is done at the time of the wedding, sometimes it is postponed for one reason or another.)
Lighthearted-ness aside it is a very spiritual moment for any family and I am very glad that I was able to be present for it. It was a sweet ceremony that gives us a reason to celebrate and be with people we don't see all that often (Hi Sandy and Travis!) The ceremony was followed by a great big dinner filled with family members. I was joking to a friend that we had at least 25 people at my mother's house for the dinner and that wasn't all of us. More then half, thank heavens, but not all. It is always an interesting time when we are surrounded by family. I truly enjoy the time I get to spend with them (even if they do stab you in the back every so often......"miracle" indeed Kent Jr! :P )

Ohhh.....also a quick shout out to my best friend and her amazing husband who took the time to come do a quick fix it job on my car when we broke down on the way to the temple. John was a sweatheart to come out to the freeway and take a look when I called Meg in a panic. So thanks to John we got moving again and made it just barely on time.

So after such a long event and family filled day, I took today off. Lol! I needed the quiet of my apartment and was very grateful to have it all to myself. Wahoo for living alone! Anyway, it has been a very relaxing day. And tomorrow I am back to job hunting, the gym, maybe a trip to the temple.......maybe a stop by the History department to talk to one of my advisors for school....there are so many options. :)

Happy Easter to everyone!


Kate said...

Can't think of a better way to spend Easter Weekend. Glad you got the time with the fam and glad that you have a day off before the jobby job starts tomorrow.

Julia said...

Congrats to your sister on the "sealing" ceremony. It look like you and your family had a wonderful Easter :)

Julia (from JDRobb group list)

Sandy said...

Hi to you too! It was great to see everyone again too. We were grateful to be invited to join you. Your family is so awesome. You all have always been great to Travis and I.