GRADUATION!! (Grad School)

Wednesday, September 30

American Lit....

So I received my first exam for American Lit today. I have 2 weeks to take this 12 question test. It is open book, open notes and take home. Easy right?


The first 11 questions are short answer. Meaning I have 1 paragraph to explain the significance of given quotations. Not bad. It is question 12 that is the doozy....

I have to write a 3 page essay. 3 PAGES! now I know why he lets us take home his tests for a week and a half. Lol!

To be honest, I am really looking forward to this exam. There was a lot of great readings in this section and I can't wait to discuss it.

Tuesday, September 29

I don't want to work.....

I don't want to read about Daoism (homework).......

I don't want to go to class tonight.......


I'll change my mind in about an hour......but for now can I take a nap?

Saturday, September 26

Quotre from women's conference

"Nick taught me never to go to a church function without treats."
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I have missed being able to write just for me........I never seem to have time to sit and write when the thoughts are flowing....

I just go off a call from a good would think after 12 hours of sleep I would be awake but I am still exhausted. Yet I got to thinking about guys and all my various friends and the choices they have made regarding guys. Some one once pointed out to me that to find a guy I was willing to marry I had to know what I wanted (Hi Tara!). At the time, I tried to make a list of what I wanted in a guy. But as Marianne the librarian's mother says, the mix of Paul Bunyan and Shakespeare doesn't exist. Even then, there were so many things I wasn't sure I wanted. I think this is my current problem. I feel a little like Eric from the Little Mermaid, when I see him it will hit me like lightening. Except I know that is not realistic.

I was trying to think this morning about what I really wanted. Want to know what I came up with?

Ok I will tell you....only cuz you asked so nicely.

I really want to finish school. I want to go to grad school. Iwas looking at schools again last night and putting them in order of desire......I think Rutgers moved into second place now that I know the Universite de Montreal is ALA accredited. It is also french speaking. How cool would that be?
UMD and Catholic are still on the list and so is Indiana. But I was looking at all the other options (all on the east coast) and I can hardly wait!

Also....I started thinking about minoring in French. My french teacher suggested it and it has been on my mind ever since. I am gonna look into what is required on top of what I am already doing.

That is what I want.....I guess everything else will have to wait. :)

Saturday, September 19

Quote #4

J: I think he is sexy........ Whenever my husbands showers I find an excuse to go in to the bathroom. I usually tell him I have to pee. (Then there was lots laughing)
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Quote #3

"We need a bucket for the placenta"
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Quote #2

Me: I don't have time to see my trainor.

L: then sleep with him its a better work out.

A: It's a two-fer.
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Friday, September 18

Quote #1

L: He has his bras and I have mine.

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Reasons to attend French class.....

Because you never know who will show up!

Thursday, September 17

Out of Steam....

I have 13 weeks left of the semester. It sounds like such a small number, but the urge to cry is strong. I think I am in over my head. But truly I am not. It isn't that I can't survive the schedule I have set for myself. It is that I just don't want to any more. My motivation is completely lacking. While the schedule is rewarding it is also very demanding. I never get to do what I want any more. I love learning and I have chosen this path. I know that.

I also know that I took on the extra responsibilities for the event and I won't back out now. I committed and I keep my commitments. But I will admit that I have started counting down the days until Nov. 21st when I can eliminate it from my schedule. (I believe we have 67...should I put a counter on my blog? Lol!)

So people....what I need from you are ideas. I need help staying motivated. How can someone who is working a 37 hour work week, has 17 credits, and helping with an event keep her head above water. I just need ideas to keep me in a good mood......well at least most of the time. Can any one give me any suggestions?

Okay back to the 2 short stories for American Lit, the paper and 2 chapters for Writing and the 2 readings for American History.......

Sunday, September 13

Helping Kate.....

While talking with Kate tonight she confessed to struggling to name her second bedroom....
It is a Study/Library/entertainment center

But what do you call such a room. Since I have a room that is also a study/library, I have decided that a word must be created. The top two choices are:




To be honest I am leaning towards the first! Ihave always wanted a Stud-brary. ;)

Saturday, September 12


I think this is the first time in 8 years I haven't commemorated this day in some way. I didn't even put it on my facebook in any way.

I don't really have an excuse, though my day was rather full. On 3 hours of sleep I worked 7 and a half hours, went to 3 classes, worked on a paper, worked on the November event, watched a movie with the 'rents..... I think that was all.....To be honest, I am really to tired to think of anything important or commemorative. Today is important to me...... but right now I am typing with my eyes closed because the lids are too heavy to stay open. I have tomorrows to-do list running through my head and I might cry here in a minute cuz it just keeps getting longer......

Suffice to say, Gone but not forgotten.

It doesn't matter if it is 8, 18, or 80 years, those we lost will always be remembered.

Thursday, September 10

A topic...A topic.....

Rae's got a topic!!!

I have been stressing over my topic for my world history research paper. I was told it has to pre-date the 15oo's and the paper should be between 8 and 16 pages (Until I have covered my topic). But I couldn't figure out what topic I wanted.

i thought about the female pharaohs for a bit....then shifted to the Celts..... I even talked to my professor about studying the epic of Gilgamesh or possibly the writings of the Celts.

After heming and hawing over it I decided that want I really want to study is ancient libraries. I mean really...who is shocked about that.

So now I just have to narrow down my topic. Which libraries....the first library in Sumer in 2000 B.C.? Maybe I could see what records were kept in Europe or the British Ilses? Ohh.....maybe during the Crusades...I'd love to do a bit of studya nd see what was destroyed then....hmmmmm....

So many chances....

Thursday, September 3

Life is full of dilemmas.......

Currently I am too tired to think clearly. I have 8 more pages to read for American History, 20 pages to read for American Lit. 5 assignments due for French, a narrative to write for the writing class, and I still can't decide on a topic for my world history class (thanks for all the facebook suggestions, I might even use one. Lol!)

Add to that trying to figure out what needs to be done for the November event, how I am gonna pay for my next tank of gas, when will I find time to prepare my lesson for Sunday, and for the French study group on Sat. and find time to sleep....sleep is a very good thing, especially when class starts at 7 am tomorrow.....

Maybe I will try that now....right after the readings that have to be read for tomorrow!