GRADUATION!! (Grad School)

Saturday, September 12


I think this is the first time in 8 years I haven't commemorated this day in some way. I didn't even put it on my facebook in any way.

I don't really have an excuse, though my day was rather full. On 3 hours of sleep I worked 7 and a half hours, went to 3 classes, worked on a paper, worked on the November event, watched a movie with the 'rents..... I think that was all.....To be honest, I am really to tired to think of anything important or commemorative. Today is important to me...... but right now I am typing with my eyes closed because the lids are too heavy to stay open. I have tomorrows to-do list running through my head and I might cry here in a minute cuz it just keeps getting longer......

Suffice to say, Gone but not forgotten.

It doesn't matter if it is 8, 18, or 80 years, those we lost will always be remembered.

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