GRADUATION!! (Grad School)

Sunday, September 13

Helping Kate.....

While talking with Kate tonight she confessed to struggling to name her second bedroom....
It is a Study/Library/entertainment center

But what do you call such a room. Since I have a room that is also a study/library, I have decided that a word must be created. The top two choices are:




To be honest I am leaning towards the first! Ihave always wanted a Stud-brary. ;)


Megatha said...

ooh! I SO agree. Who wouldn't want a stud-brary. he he he

Kate said...

haha...I was wondering how you were going to put this post together. Pretty funny.

Les said...

Definitely go with the stud-brary, it makes things so much more entertaining!

Amy said...

I really, really, really want a stud-brary!

So many thoughts.... none of them appropriate.... leaving now ;)