GRADUATION!! (Grad School)

Tuesday, November 17

"Goose Frabba"

Can it really have been a month since I posted? I can't believe I have let time go so long. I guess that explains so much of my current verbal diarrhea. I need an outlet.... :)

today..... well it is crazy busy and I have to get to the how to guides for Thursday's event......but I found a quite that I really enjoyed and needed to write it somewhere....

I have been taking an American Lit class this semester. I had forgotten how much I enjoy reading the classics. There is just something about the greats that causes my heart to race. (I can hear my mother now...... "Now if she can just get as excited over some guy as she does her books...." lol!) We have read so many different things, from short stories by Charlotte Gilman's to poets like Langston Hughes. I loved the chance I had to re-read Fahrenheit for book club discussion. That book is one of the ones that shaped my life as a teenager.

I came across a quote today while reading an interview of my friend over at and it reminded me why I feel that reading is so important. Why I am grateful for women like J. K. Rowling and Stephanie Meyer who bring people back into the world of books and reading.
One of the women interviewed stated that:
"I like my life. But there's probably some deep need to shut out the world for a while. Because the world is so [freaking] intrusive....Reading is an act of defiance in the world today. I owe Stephenie Meyer a thank you note for reminding me of that"
I felt this so describes how I am feeling these days. I have very few complaints about my life..... okay.....I am way busy... and I live in Utah ... with my parents. Other then that, I have enjoy my classes and all of my learning opportunities. But there are times, when you want to defy it all, block it out, and find that moment of "goose frabba," as Steph would say. And that is what books are for. Those moments of learning and Goose Frabba!

Okay....Moment over....... back to work and event stuff!