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Thursday, December 25

Merry Christmas.

I know, I know. I'm a punk. But it's almost 2 in the morning and since I'm working on 3 hours of sleep, my brain is too tired to text and/or email all my friends individually.

So to all those here at home and abroad:

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.

Love you all!

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Wednesday, December 24

I'm exhausted.

Tonight I did something I haven't done in a long time. While listening to the sounds of family playing I curled up on a couch next to the Christmas tree with my book. I could hear the boys playing hero scape(??) And others watching a Christmas movie. My sister Gretchen was manning the stove as we continue to crank out Christmas cookies. It was a pleasant back drop to my reading. It didn't take long for the pages to blur and my eyes to close. 2 HOURS later I woke up at midnight and now I can't seem to fall back asleep. Lol!

*sigh* tomorrow is gonna be a big day so I have to get some sleep. Argh.
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Monday, December 22

Christmas in Utah

I wanted to get today written about so that in the years to come I don't forget about it.

I have now been home with the fam for 3 full days. Each day has been full of nostalgic moments and fun. It is so good to be able to see my siblings and to be surrounded with the familiar. As I missed Christmas here last year, I am enjoying the sights of the family Christmas tree and the many Christmas decorations that mom has collected over the years.

Today I had the chance to attend church with my "home ward". For those that aren't LDS that means I went to the congregation that I attended growing up. Of course there were many new faces. It has been 4 years since I was a regular here. But there were many that I remember from years passed. I think the funniest moment I had was when I was approached by a young woman while I was talking with my mother. She addressed us as "Sister Gifford" and it took me a minute to realize that she wasn't speaking to my mother. Lol! She is a girl that I had taught in primary 8 or so years ago. I hardly recognized her. But it was nice to be remembered, even if it made me feel old (Sister Gifford, indeed).

The meeting consisted of about 4 speakers and lots of Christmas hymns. My favorite being Silent Night, which has ended our Christmas Services for years. The organist always plays the bells for the last verse. It is very nice, and a small nostalgic moment for me. :)

There was a short Christmas Pageant during Primary with my youngest brother and one of my nephews participating and then we headed off to attend the ordination of my brother Cricket. He was made a priest today (Right now, I can't think of an easy way to explain this for the Non-LDS if you want email me and I can explain it later) and all but one brother and his wife was able to attend.

We then headed off to my parents house for dinner and dessert. There was fun and chaos and food galore.
After hours spent talking and eating and talking some more we decided to play a couple of games. I can't even begin to tell you how hilarious Do You Love Your Neighbor is when you have "big kids" (adults) involved. I think all of my siblings played, even my pregnant sister and the ones with babies in arms. My parents even joined in. You could probably hear the laughter down the block, as we tend to get a bit competitive when we gather as a family. Lucky we sustained only 2 injuries during the game. One being a chair that broke...hee hee hee....and one being a little one that got caught in a 3 way battle for a seat.

After every one had to leave me and Wog and Goose settled in with some of my fabulous popcorn for the movie The Night They Saved Christmas. Another wonderfully nostalgic movie. It is much different watching it as an adult.

And that is my day. There was lots of conversatin' and laughing and fun. I want to remember this.

P.S. The cat is out of the bag....I broke under pressure last night. I really wasn't prepared to lie....though if I wanted to keep y secret I guess I should have been.........but then again I am horrible at I don't think any preparation would have done me any good.

Any way, I told the family last night about my plans to move back to Utah. I broke the news to my mother tonight. She seemed pleased. ;)

Tuesday, December 16

Christmas in Killarney

Its that time of year again and I have been humming this song for a week or more now. So I am inflicting upon you poor souls. Lol!

As I mentioned last year. This is one of the Christmas songs that I remember from my childhood. We played it every year (though with out the alcohol....)

So enjoy!

Friday, December 12

Amy is the Greatest!

A while back......sometime last month. I blogged about my love of instrumental music. Amy introduced me to William Joseph.

Now I am 2 cd's in and loving it. Thanks Amy.

Enjoy Within (Performed live in Saskatoon)

Tuesday, December 9

Seated by a cop

You know, I guess it says something about the neighborhood when you go to IHOP for a late dinner and the gentleman who seats you is a cop who is there to keep the peace.

Moving when?
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Thursday, December 4

A few more details....

This post is for all those that I have been too crazy busy to talk to yet you still read my blog., Thanks!

Secondly, the reason for my busy-ness.........

On November 13th the company I have been working for merged with another company. What did this mean for me? A lot of crazy hours starting months ago. Hence the blogs from the back of a cab at midnight. As the other company already has a staffed HR department, my boss and I (along with quite a few others) will not be staying on with the new company. We have been asked to stay through a transition period and will be given a generous severance package to help us in our endeavors to find a new positions.

Third, as most of you know, I have decided to move out of the hood. One mugging is enough to scare this white girl back to the burbs.

Roll these together and what do we come up with? Rachel at loose ends for work and housing come January.

So, you ask, what is this plan that has got Rachel all excited?

The answer: SCHOOL

I've missed deadlines right now and I will have to re-apply and all of that rot, but here is what I figure. Once I get settled in, I can start work at a Temp agency or if needed I could even work at a bookstore (I know such a hardship for me.). Letting them know that I will only be available full time until what ever date classes start. Then I will move to part time and attend classes full time, using my severance to pay for tuition and my part time job to cover living expenses. If I play it right, my severance could get me though at least 2 if not 3 or 4 semesters of tuition and books.

So that is the plan.....I am really excited! And really really nervous. Lol!

Wednesday, December 3

I have a plan.

I can't tell you how excited I am.

I have a plan that would take me through the next couple of years.

Its a bit un-nerving to make this kind of decision. Ack!
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Saturday, November 29

A day to be grateful.

Here I am again at the american history museum. Except the roles seem to be reversed as I am the one to arrive first. The morning is gorgeous so with the sun shining on my back I sit here with my iPod playing in my ear and a book in my lap.

People are starting to gather s I have to get in line but reallly how can I complain about the freakin' tourists on my playground when I'm in such a great mood. :)
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Wednesday, November 26

Anger Management

Those who have known me long enough (or are married to people who have known me long enough) can remember a time when I had a temper. There was a time when I used that temper as an excuse to react violently. As the years have passed (since there have been so many HA!) I have made a conscious effort not to lose my temper. It was a goal I had made after many talks with my dad (Kent) about who was really in control of my emotions.

I haven't really had to pay attention to this goal in the last 4 years because there was little need. There have been a few times where my temper has gotten the better of me but I was able to walk away so it was nothing major. Not to say there has been no anger in the last 4 years just that there was no yelling, violence, or wild accusations or anything else that used to mark my arguments.

Why do I bring this up now, you ask? Well, last night I realized that I really do control my temper. It has taken more then 11 years but in the midst of someone yelling at me I was able to think clearly and rationally. I was able to stay calm and realize that it wasn't worth the argument.

Not something I would have done at other times in years past. This doesn't mean that the reaction wasn't there. By the time I was back in bed the adrenaline had hit and I was shaking with no outlet (I decided to read until it faded). The urge to defend myself and my actions was there but it wasn't worth getting all riled up, especially when I had to work in the morning.

It's nice to know that in some ways I am growing up. Even if I still prefer to live my life in a world of books.
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Tuesday, November 25

For Julia......and Jess

Julia over at Julia's Book Corner tagged me....TWICE! And Jess from Capital Hill Romance caught me forever ago.....

Hold on get all the answers in one. Please scroll down and see if you are tagged. ;)

The BookWorm Award............
Open the closest book to you, not your favorite or most intellectual book, but the book closest to you at the moment, to page 56. Write out the fifth sentence, as well as two to five sentences following.

(Be grateful that Ben has me reading history right now instead of smut.)

So from Today's current book, The Killer Angels by Michael Shaara:
Longstreet remembered his manners. "Oh, excuse me, Colonel. Allow me to present our George Pickett. Our loveliest general. General Pickett, Colonel Fremantle of the Coldstream Guards."
Tag five people to pass on the award and Meme.
My Five are:

7 Random Book Facts Meme....

  • Link the person who tagged you & post these rules.
  • Share seven random and/or weird book facts about yourself.
  • Tag seven random people and include links to their blogs.
  • Let each person know that they've been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

Both Jess and Julia tagged me for this one so I guess I have to do it now huh?

My 7 facts:
  1. I buy books for souvenirs. Some people buy shot glasses or teaspoons....I buy books.
  2. My mothers favorite movie is The Music Man and we often watched it on Sundays. By the time I was 18 I had the desire to be Marian the Librarian.
  3. I love books that are part of a series. (does anyone not know this?)
  4. When a new book comes out in one of the series' I read, I have to read all of the preceding books before I can read the new one. (This is okay when there are only 3 or 4 books....but a bit more difficult with a series' like the J.D. Robb 'In Death' books which has a count of somewhere in the 30's)
  5. I remember getting The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis and The Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien for my 8th birthday. (I don't remember reading either series at that time and have never picked up Tolkien as an adult.....but it is on the list.)
  6. I fell in love with the Anne Of Green Gables series when I was 11 and I have been in love with Gilbert Blythe ever since. (I would even take him over Jacob Black......but maybe not the BDB boys)
  7. I prefer my collections to be in paperback but I am too impatient to wait for the new books. So I buy in hardcover to read the first time. Then when the paperback comes out I trade the hardcover on Paperbackswap or Bookmooch.
My Seven Are:

I think that is all for the tags......Did I forget any?

At least I taste good with Gravey......

You Are The Stuffing
You're complicated and complex, yet all your pieces fit together.

People miss you if you're gone - but they're not sure why.

Yeah....I am not sure why.....but there you have it....

Monday, November 24

A girls weekend

As you know, it started Friday night with the girls here in DC and continued with an early train ride to NYC with Tink.
Friday night was a blast. The TM's here are great to just hang out with and there was a lot to discuss after we saw the movie Friday. This meant we were up laughing until almost 3 am......making 4 am seem like an indecent hour to get up for a 5 am train. Ugh! But with some reminder texts from Tink, I was able to get up an out with only an hour of sleep under my belt. The sunrise on the train was beautiful. I even woke up Tink to take a picture. Lol! Poor girl.

Upon arrival we headed over to the pier and jumped in line for a 2 hour tour of the harbor. Yes I know this is rather touristy, but I wanted a chance to see as much of the city as possible. Who knows how long I will have that chance. Right? ;) It was great to see all of the interesting places. The statue of Liberty and Ellis Island are still quite a sight to behold. (Granted it would have been a smart thing to remember that I get seasick before the boat hit the rough waters....but since I didn't yak I figure I handled things just fine. Three cheers for Coke products.)

After the harbor tour we met up with the NY TM's to catch another shot at THE flick. My opinion hasn't changed so I'll just say that I will probably own this movie. Actually, I am almost positive that this movie will one day grace my collection......But I really hope they do a better job on New Moon. It is better as a companion to the movie instead of a story all on it's own. And that is all I am going to say on that topic.

After the movie we spent a couple of hours at lunch and just shooting the breeze with the NY ladies. It is so fun just to get together and chat. Kara then walked us over to Rockefeller Center to take a look at the unlit tree. I hope to see it lit up sometime next month but I am not sure that it will be a possibility. it is crazy how busy my schedule tends to stay. throw in a 10 day trip to Utah and I have no time to do anything. Lol!

We rounded the evening off by walking down 5th Avenue to see the store windows. Some are already decorated for Christmas (though Macy's didn't officially unveil theirs until yesterday.) A quick trip to Borders to pick up my souvenir books to commemorate this trip and we were on the train headed for home.

All in all, it was a fun trip that was followed by lots of sleep. Apparently I am to old to survive on 3 hours of "catch as you can" sleep. oh well you are only young once, right? Lol!

This weekend starts early with a movie on Wednesday with my friend Kate. We are headed to see Four Christmas' with Reese Witherspoon and Vince Vaughn. I look forward to it, it only to get a look at my future. I can just see me trying to figure out how to handle the holidays with 4 sets of in-laws. Lol!

Well there's my was even written on something other then my Blackberry.
Feel Very Special.

Now I have got to get back to work. *sigh*

I am going to die at 87.  When are you? Click here to find out!

Saturday, November 22

The morning train

Well I saw the movie. My girls night was a blast. There was a lot of talking. Even more laughing. I didn't crash until somewhere between 230 and 300 am.

Now here it is just after 500 and I am on the train to NYC. Hopefully I can catch a bit more sleep during the next 3 hours. The hour or so of sleep at the hotel just isn't cutting it lol! But not to worry. I have my good friend cherry coke as my wingman. :)

As for my thoughts on the movie. Well.......I wouldn't call it the movie of the year.

I can catalogue many of its faults. But I think I liked it anyway. So there's that. :) we'll see what I say after my afternoon showing with the NY TM's. Maybe the 3rd time will clear up a few lingering issues. :)
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Thursday, November 20

Twilight Eve.....

It's the night before you know where the girls in your life are? Lol!

All the my TMs here are counting down the hours to Twilight. Most are hitting a midnight showing somewhere in there area.

Not I! Granted the multiple viewings over the next week should make up for that fact. Ha ha ha!

I must say I am looking forward to being with the girls here tomorrow and then agin with a whole new set of girls in NY.

Here's hopin' it doesn't blow. :)
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Tuesday, November 18

BDSM anyone? I know someone.........

From our car conversation:

Me: You would tie me up?

Noted, you like bondage. Glad we're not dating.

You: Wait, wait, wait!!! That is not what I meant.
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Anyone who has ever listened to my iPod on random knows that I have an eclectic taste in music. I can go from musicals to country to pop to classical to rap to 80's rock to hard rock and honestly say "oooh, I love this song." Lol! I know I am not alone in this as I have found it is common of people of my generation.

Today on the metro I was again reminded how powerful music can be. I enjoyed my commute as I sat listening to the hits roll by. Then a song came on that I rarely listen to. It is one of the movie soundtrack suites. You know the kind. There are no words, just the music that had played as a backdrop to the powerful momoents in the movie.

I listened to it all the way through. Then I listened to it again and again. It has been awhile since I have been to a concert so I had forgotten how it feels to find the music of the orchestra swelling in your chest. To feel as if the piano is sweeping through your soul.

I think todays playlist shall be songs that have no words. Songs full of powerful emotions that speak to the soul.

Any suggestions?
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Monday, November 17

Public transportation

I am a big fan of public transportation. For the past 4 years I have gotten around on the DC metro system (sometimes catching rides with friends to things that are far away). It is pretty fabulous. I love using metro for many reasons.

I do NOT love when, at the end of a long and tiring day, I get on the bus and it smells of dirty butt.

A my momma would say, butt stink is not pleasant!!
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Wednesday, November 12

Frustration in a pretty package.

I know this comes as no surprise to most of you, I'm a girl who has become addicted to the virtual world. Lol!

Over the past few years my blog roll has broke the 200 mark. There are 4 different email accounts that I check daily. Then there are things like myspace (weekly), facebook (daily), at least 2 book forums that I am a member of (daily), my blog and my family wiki (checked as needed). I'm constantly on IM to keep connected to my world at large.

Lately I have been mostly cut off from this world and I am slowing losing my mind. Even with my berry access, my commute isn't long enough for me to check all the things I usually do. My bloglines has over 2000 unread blogs. My email accounts (other then the work address) have hundreds of unread emails. Not to mention the other sites I usually check. Ugh! I don't even know where to start my virtual housecleaning. Which compounds my frustration. There are so many things I have to catch up on. Argh!

Though in reality, it's not as if I have the time right now. Ha ha ha. The only reason you get this blog is because oi have an awesome boss who let me come in over an hour late today. Yay for sleeping. Here's hoping the next blog won't be written from a cab at midnight tonight.
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Another cab ride...

Another night where I was in the office till midnight.

I'm not trying to ignore people. I just don't have time.

I've been trying to call my dad for 2 days now to wish him a happy birthday. But I figure he doesn't want that call this late. Lol!
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Tuesday, November 11

Caught a cab....

It's after midnight and a very nice cabbie is spending the next hour driving me home from the office.

We are finally ready for tomorrow. (Did you catch that John and Subodh? Tomorrow.)

I'm exhausted and frustrated. My book was finally delivered from Amazon today. I've been waiting a week. And now I'm too tired to even read it. Oh well! Once I get through tomorrow maybe I will be able to think. Though I probably won't find my brain until this week is over. :s
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Tuesday, November 4

Random thoughts........

**As my Daddy says:
Vote Today. Vote Often.
(Or stop complaining)

**Some day I am going to grow out of the ugly duckling phase and be able to walk without embarassing myself. Until then I will continue to feel like a 12 year old girl in a rush as I fall down at random moments in front of people.

**Sorry John and Subodh. I'm not going to share work info in this post. But I will say the tension levels are still high at the office. :)

**I've reaffirmed my decision to never get drunk. My cherry coke hangovers are enough to deter me from wanting a real one. One girls night out and getting up the next day is painful. (But totally worth it! Thanks Tink and Tara.)

And that is all for now. I know I haven't written for over a week but between work and friends in town I just haven't had time. I'll try to get something worthwhile posted soon.
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Thursday, October 23


My roots were showing again today.
As I stood for the bus this evening I got the chance to hear the drumline from one of the local schools practice their marching. There was color gaurd and a handful of marchers without intruments.

They drumline sounds pretty great but again I was reminded of the difference in my upbringing. Back home there is a large pretty football field for the marching band etc to practice on. Here they practice by marching on the streets.

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Wednesday, October 22

What am I to do!

By order of my boss, I am to leave at a reasonable hour. So here it is 5:45pm and I am waiting for my bus. What will I do with my time tonight. *gasp*
I think I will make popcorn, watch Ironman which just came in from BlockBuster and unpack from last weekend. :)

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Tuesday, October 21

Who was I?

Rae's Past Lives:
589 BC: Native American
496 AD: A trophy wife
1754 AD: A nun
'What were you in your past lives?' at

I am speechless? A nun?


I had intended to write about Sunday, which was a lot of fun (except for the horrendous travel snafu) but yesterday got away from me. All of a sudden it was after 10 and I was still trying to get things done for work.

The emails started this morning bright and early. I got so focused on what was coming in on my blackberry that I walked into a tree branch this morning. Lol!
It's gonna be a good one. Ha ha ha!
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Saturday, October 18

The end of the day....

What a day it has been. After the show and the back stage tour by the wonderful Jane, I went to dinner with Kara and and her husband Craig. Feeling the effects of very little sleep, lots of walking, and the insecurity of being in a new place, I skipped Central Park and the Met for a chance to go home with Kara for the night instead.

Now it's late and I'm tucked away in the guest bedroom here at Kara's. We have had tea and cocoa, browsed the lastest twillight paraphenalia (a companion to the movie with some great stills in it), and watched a Disney Channel muppet version of The Wizard of Oz, that, honestly might cause nightmares. Lol!

Oh well I'm tired. It has been a long day and I need sleep. Talk at you tomorrow. :)
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The sites....

The train ride to New York was beautiful. The leaves are starting to turn and it was just gorgeous.

Once I got to the city, I met up with Jess, her sister Ci Ci, and her friend Sara. We walked through Orchard dtreet and had guys yell at us to but things and then hit the Tenement Museum. They are restoring one of the tenements to what it looked like in the 19th century. So they took us through it and explained life in those times. It was interesting to learn about and I now have 2 books to help me learn more. :)

From there we took the subway (with a lot of handholding from the local Ci Ci) and ended up on Broadway, waiting for our show to start. We grabbed hot dogs from a roach coach and got in line.
(Personal note: the food at the Roach Coaches on the National Mall are better. )

Anyway, it is now intermission, and while I am enjoying the show I think I have blushed more today then I have in a long time. :)
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the morning trial

I slept about 2 hours last night after crashing my computer. Talk about stress. I still don't know what I have done. I'll have to talk to IT on Monday.

I was up and ready at 4:45 am but my cab didn't show. I stared to get worried when I called the cab company and was given the number of a different company. 11 calls and an hour and a half later I am finally on my train.

Note to my readers: Diamond cab and Checker cab both have crappy people on their phones. Diamond cab will only take your fare if you are in NW DC. But you won't find that out until you call them to ask where you cab is only to be told that "there are no cabs in your area".

Bad news: I missed my train. Good news: Unlike the airlines, there isn't a fee to change your ticket.

But I am not complaining. I am now on a train headed for New York. Where I will stay until Sunday evening. I'll get a chance to see a broadway show (Ave Q this time) and tour that theater (Kara is the coolest TM EVAH!) I am also going to see The Met and have Sunday brunch with the NY TM's. Who knows what else I will have time for. Lol!

Who cares! I'm on my way. ;)
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Friday, October 17

But I slept in....

So I have today off but the day is still jam packed full of things to do. Most important of which is my morning breakfast and shopping trip for Kate's Birthday.


Some how I got the idea stuck in my head that because I slept in a whole hour it was late enough to call my family in UT as I walked to the metro. So I rang my fabulous sister in law to talk. It was nothing important but as the phone continued to ring it dawned on me to look at the time.

Yes, my good friends, I was calling UT at 8:30 am EST.

Do I know that means it was only 6:30 am MST? Yes, and usually I pay closer attention to that. I felt so stupid. Who doesn't worry when they get a call at the crack of dawn from family?

Of course, my fabulous family called me right back and my wonderful sister in law Cyn proceded to talk to me for another 10 or 15 minutes. Poor woman. Lol!

I have got to get it worked back into my head that just because I am awake the rest of the world might not be. Lol! Maybe I should move to Alaska, then it wouldn't matter who I called when I got up. Lol!
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Monday, October 13

Is today over yet?

I can't even begin to describe my day....or even my weekend......

To say it has been rough is somewhat of an understatement. I can't talk about it. I don't think life will get much easier in the next few months.

Friday, October 10

November 21st is coming!

Twilight HD Exclusive Trailer

Oh Dear.....

Tiana, I am posting this for you cuz I don't know if you will see it anywhere else. :)

Can any one guess what I will be doing on the 21st? Lol!

Thursday, October 9

BTT #18

btt button

I’ve seen this series of questions floating around the ‘net the last few days, and thought it looked like a good one for us!

What was the last book you bought?
The WARDen's Black Dagger Brotherhood Insider's Guide

Name a book you have read MORE than once.
Too many to count......I love to re-read some of my favorites. Recently, I worked my way through Diana Gabaldon's Outlander series...

Has a book ever fundamentally changed the way you see life? If yes, what was it?
Well there is always the Scriptures....I would say they fundamentally change my life. But that sounds like a cheesy answer. I also really loved The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch, there were some very important reminders in that book that I try to implement in my life.

How do you choose a book?
(eg. by cover design and summary, recommendations or reviews)

It depends on my mood....I might just pick up something that sounds interesting on the back cover. Others I get by referrals from friends. I don't usually go by cover design....some of my favorite books have lame covers. And I steer clear of the reviews.....I prefer to make my own assessment.

Do you prefer Fiction or Non-Fiction?
All of the above.

What’s more important in a novel - beautiful writing or a gripping plot?
I like there to be plot. I can put up with some crappy writing if the plot has been engaging.

Most loved/memorable character (character/book)
Anne Shirley from the Anne of Green Gable Series, hands down! She has been my favorite character since I was 12.

Which book or books can be found on your nightstand at the moment?
I Am America (And So Can You) by Stephen Colbert (he makes me laugh)
The Outlandish Companion by Diana Gabaldon (it has so much fascinating information)

What was the last book you’ve read, and when was it?
Today I continued reading The WARDen's Black Dagger Brotherhood Insider's Guide (I am on page 417......I will finish tonight on the metro ride home. wahoo!!)

Last book I finished was A Stroke of Midnight by Laurall K. Hamilton which I finished on Monday.

Have you ever given up on a book half way in?
Not that I can think of. I usually try to force myself to finish them. Though I know there are those that got interrupted and I haven't gotten back to them yet. And I emphasize the word YET!

Monday, October 6

Its an addiction

Over 3 years ago I was introduced to a little place called Crisp and Juicy. I'm told it is Peruvian chicken. All I know is I LOVE it. So I a. Eating it today. Steph wish you were here to join Jess and I. :)
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Sunday, October 5

I get married first.

Another first for me.....

While running to catch the metro I was approached by a decent looking guy asking to give me his number. Being me I asked him why. He was honest and told me he wanted the "get with a white woman cuz he never had before." It wasn't the reason that shocked me so much as him admitting it aloud. Lol!

In my clumsy way I told him thanks but no thanks; I wasn't into it. Being my neighborhood he immediately pulled the race card. Obviously I wasn't into mixed race. Ugh! Save me from stupidity!

So I said the one thing I knew would get him to back off.

"That isn't it at all, man. You see I get married first."

He stopped following me after that! LOL!

Now I am off to enjoy the final session of conference.
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Saturday, October 4

18 forever.......

I'm on the bus again tonight. I spent a few hours with Chel and her family. (I'll post pictures later)

Tonight I am reminded why I live where I do. I love living in the city. I love riding the metro and the bus. Granted, I don't like to be surrounded by too many people. But for the most part I like to sit and listen to those around me. Whether it is on the metro or the National Mall or some place else. I love to be apart of it all without haveing to be involved. Does that make sense?

There is a breeze on my face from the open window and people are happy. What could be nicer. :)
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Thoughts during todays morning seesion..

As I listened to Elder Oaks talk today about the importance of attending the Sacrament meeting I was reminded of an experience that happened months ago.

After the death of Boo’s mother a group of us gathered in Kentucky to help in any way we could. There wasn’t much we could do but be there and so we went. Come Sunday we headed off to the local church for a sacrament service. Unfortunately, when we arrived we learned that the times had changed and we had missed the meeting. This was not good news and Boo was obviously upset. Lucky for us we were found by two brethren who upon learning why we were in town and our current dilemma they went and received permission to give us the sacrament. After the brethren finished and left us, Steph bore her testimony and one by one we each followed. I don’t remember what was said that morning. But I do remember the feeling of the Spirit as the 5 of us sat in the high council room of that chapel in Louisville Kentucky.

That experience is a constant reminder of a 3 things……….
1. The Spirit was with us that day. As we gathered to partake of the holy ordinance of the sacrament we were blessed with the calming influence of the Spirit
“For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.” Matthew 18:20

2. God loves His children.
We were in desperate need of that calming influence. There is nothing more difficult then losing a family member. Boo needed the peace and love that can come from the Spirit. So the Lord provided a way for us to participate in a spiritual experience in the midst of a Boo’s pain.

3. I don’t know how to explain the connection for the third thing. But I am reminded of the blessing of Relief Society.
Boo and Steph came into my world by way of attending a singles ward together. Many a Sunday were spent together on the second row back on the right. The bonds have been forged over the past 3 and a half. That experience reminds me that I am blessed to find amazing women among the members of my church.

Friday, October 3

It's up to you guys....

Thanks Amy!

Just for Tiana!

I am trying to catch up on my 2,000 unread blogs but it is not working. Work keeps interfering today. Maybe in a couple of weeks when I am allowed I can express a bit of the frustration that I am experiencing due to work. But for now you get things like this. :)

My big sister called me last night to tell me she had tagged me. So I am supporting her today!

8 T.V. Shows I love to watch:
I don't have Television anymore and haven’t for months now. Thanks to Brother Richard who kept me up on the season Finale’s. Now I have Hulu….and well I am addicted. *sigh*
  1. Bones
  2. House
  3. Numbers
  4. American Idol
  5. Law and Order (all of them I love the re-runs on TBS or is it TNT? I never remember but I used to watch them all the time. Lol!)
  6. Friends
  7. Gilmore Girls
  8. Firefly
8 things that happened yesterday:
  1. Had to get out of bed! Ugh!
  2. Finished book 131 for the year
  3. Started the Merry Gentry Series
  4. Work….can this count for the rest of them? It really should
  5. Talked to my big sister on the phone
  6. Thought about cleaning my room….that is seriously HUGE!
  7. Got Yahoo IM downloaded to my Blackberry so I can now chat on the way to and from work! Wahoo.
  8. Talked to my best friend Meg ( I think this happens every day)
8 favorite places to eat
  1. Cheesecake Factory
  2. Coastal Flats (Seafood)
  3. Crisp and Juicy (Peruvian Chicken…..YUMMY!)
  4. What is the name of the Mediterranean place in DC…the one where we sit on the floor and there is a belly dancer….I can never remember the name but I try to take everyone there. LOVE IT!
  5. Captain Pell’s…Boo when are you coming back?
  6. Okay…I’ll come clean…..every once in a while I crave one of the sausages from the Roach coaches on the National Mall…..there is just something about eating them. *sigh*
  7. There is a Sushi Joint in Tyson’s corner….Steph what is the name of it…it is really good
  8. “That Pancake place I would go to with my sister Rachel when I visited her on the weekends in DC...what was the name of that place?" - T it is called the Original Pancake House. It definitely deserves to be mentioned here. I go there with Kate every now and then and is the only place that I will eat pancakes.
8 things I am looking forward to:
  1. Steph and Boo coming to visit the end of Oct…..We are going to see the Secret life of Bees!!!!
  2. The End of the Work Stress!
  3. The Twilight Movie with the TM’s at the end of November
  4. Christmas with the Fam
  5. Sleep
  6. The New J.R. Ward book that comes out next week and the LKH book that I will get at the end of the month. :)
  7. General Conference
  8. A clean bedroom
8 things on my wish list:
  1. Books…I always wish for more books…..for authors to write more in their series’; for books that are already out but I haven’t had a chance to read; for books that I haven’t even heard of yet but could interest me……
  2. Time to read the above mentioned books. Lol!
  3. To have Tiana or my other sibs to visit VA
  4. A good vacation
  5. To go back to school
  6. A pedicure
  7. To get back on a regular exercise cycle
  8. And since I am wishing….I really need to update the wardrobe
Now 8 people that I tag:
  1. Boo
  2. Steph
  3. Meg
  4. Amber (A.K.A. Dancing Queen)
  5. Kathy
  6. AmyO
  7. Julia (from the JD Robb group)
  8. E.L.E.

Thursday, October 2

BTT #17

btt button

What, in your opinion, is the best book that you haven’t liked? Mind you, I don’t mean your most-hated book–oh, no. I mean the most accomplished, skilled, well-written, impressive book that you just simply didn’t like.

Like, for movies–I can acknowledge that Citizen Kane is a tour de force and is all sorts of wonderful, cinematically speaking, but . . . I just don’t like it. I find it impressive and quite an accomplishment, but it’s not my cup of tea.

So . . . what book (or books) is your Citizen Kane?

I am responding to this because I don't even have to think about it. I know the answer.

The Phillip Pullman Dark Material's Trilogy. Now don't get me wrong, I am not one of those that is here to complain about Mr Pullman's religious preferences. Though, I can see why some of the Christian Right got a bit scared after reading this book. Mr. Pullman is an amazing writer. If I had been more in tune with the subject matter, I might have loved these books.

But...I hit a wall in the middle of book to as I tried to wrap my head around the universe that he had created so well. It went against all of my beliefs and I found myself having to push myself to finish.

Why did I push myself?

Because I wanted to know what happened. Even with my head firmly slammed against the wall I wanted to know how it ended.

So I pushed through.....and then I HATED the ending. HATED IT! Among other things it was not happy. If I wanted depressing I would read the news. So, while Mr. Pullmans talents are quite impressive, he isn' did they put cup of tea.

Wednesday, October 1

What an odd feeling.....

Today the clip I am using keeps pulling my hair.

So I took it out.

I are telling me this isn't a big deal. But in the last 4 months I have only worn my hair down once. Yup that is right.....1 time! (And that time....I totally blame my best friend Meg, she is a bad influence on me. I ended up wearing makeup that day too. *gasp*)

It is odd to have my hair hanging down my back. It is humid today so it is curling just slightly. It just barely reaches my shoulder blades.
It keeps falling in my face...which means it is going to have to go back up shortly.......but I thought this day should be marked some how. Other then by the 3 people who have stopped in the door of my office with a look of slight shock on their face. Lol!
Kathy Just for you.....
(I am no Tara so you are stuck with these crappy photos....sorry)

Tuesday, September 30

They almost match my real eye color...sort of

What's your inner eye colour?
Blue eyes You're a relaxed, laid-back chick with a sweet, friendly nature. Your kindness puts people at ease and also wins you many friends, and you love to be surrounded by those who love you. You've also got a strong romantic streak, and when you fall in love, you fall deep. However, sometimes when the going gets tough, you can become a bit reclusive and try to stay out of important matters – generally not a good idea! You tend to rely on others a lot, and your mood hits rock bottom when they disappoint you. Not surprisingly though, when someone is relying on you, you go to all lengths to live up to their expectations, and because of that, you make a wonderful friend.
Fun quizzes, surveys & blog quizzes by Quibblo

Saturday, September 27

My Girls....

Tonight was a night that seemed to be all about my girls. I met up with Kate and we saw the new movie The Women. It made me laugh a lot. But it also made me think of the women I n my life. We followed the movie with Womens Conference. Every fall the women of our church gather to hear messgaes directed specifically to us as women. It speaks of our talents, our fears, and our purpose. Tonights meeting was amazing. I was again reminded of the possible connections that can be made with the women around me.

But most importantly tonight has made me very grateful for my girlfriends. I have some amazing friends.

I keep trying to write something to follow that sentence but it isn't working. I can't seem to find the words that could adequetely (sp?) express how grateful I am for these women.

So I guess I'll just say thanks and I love y'all. You mean more to me then words can say.
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Friday, September 26

Maybe Perry can help me.

This was in my new messages this morning:

"Rachel, right now, all around you, outside your door, down the street, and in every corner of your world, there's evidence of a conspiracy. All the elements are secretly marching to the beat of your drummer, while casually pretending to be detached and indifferent.

I love you,
    The Universe"

Which totally explains all the guys in my neighborhood who walk as if thay are drunk. I'll have to work on that drummer.
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Wednesday, September 24

I'm in my "Frump Girl" phase

What Is Your Style?
Frumpy You’re too bogged down in work and commitments to put any time towards your look. Whatever is easy, whatever’s is comfortable is what you do. Fashion takes too much work!
Fun quizzes, surveys & blog quizzes by Quibblo

Tuesday, September 23

I give I give!!!

That's 3 times in the last week that I have slept through my alarm. I give in! I'll get a new one. Ugh!
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Monday, September 22

Vampilla Ice!!

Alright.....only m fellow TM's will think this is funny.....but I had to share.

There was a night as we sat in the cabins out on La Push that we got to see a live Performance of this song! I tell you we were laughing until we cried!

Amy, Thanks for posting it!

Its a medley!

One of my friends posted this on facebook.........It gave me a I thougth I would share until i got a real post up.

How many of these have you actually seen?

Thursday, September 18

My favorite shot of my weekend

I haven't written a review of my is still percolating. One of the joys of the trip was that fact that there were 26 women all with cameras. As I had broken mine a few months before I am glad to have literally hundreds of shots to help me remember the trip.

I found this shot this morning and it made me smile. It was taken by my friend Kendra. I am glad to say that laughing was a common occurrence for the weekend. This was just hours after my plane had landed. It didn't matter that it has been months since I had seen Meg or years since I had seen Gypsy (literally, I haven't seen her since high school). Sitting in a Starbucks in Seattle we were laughing like loons. I just wish I knew what we were laughing about. :)

P.S. I would head over to Gypsy's page, she has some amazing shots up from our trip. She is very talented with her camera!

Tuesday, September 16


Fear is an interesting thing. I thought I was doing better. But here it is almost 2 months after the incident and the mere sight of a man walking behind me in my neighborhood has the ability to send me into a panic. I seem to be shaking.
Not a good thing. I got to deal with this stupid fear!
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Monday, September 15

Home again, home again, jiggety jog......

36 hours later I am finally stansing in my bedroom. I am going to shower ande sleep before I start crying.

It's good to be home. :)
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Too Tired To Think....

What a nice alliteration. ;)
Well my weekend of fun is almost over. I now sit in the JFK airport for the 9 am flight to BWI.

Any real thoughts will have to be written after a couple hours of decent sleep. I don't count sleep on planes, that causes more discomfort then rest. :)
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Sunday, September 14


Another day comes to a close. And what a day it was. It has been so fun here in Forks, a lot of the locals have gotten into the fun. The tour of the high school was great. We got pictures of the entire group of TMs. We had a bonfire and listened to indian stories out in La Push. I mailed postcards and bought what I hope is a super cool key chain. :) I even won a prize (I guessed the right number of Edward heads in the jar) and listened to a Twilight Rap. If it ever gets on YouTube I will post it. It was really funny.

I have also met some really awesome ladies. These women are a really fun bunch. I am so excited to be able to continue to chat with them.

And finally, I have remembered a whole lot about myself. But that is a whole different post.

It is late and I need to shower and pack to go home.

See y'all back on the east coast. :)
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Saturday, September 13

Off to the high school.

So we have yet to make it to the hospital. We are waiting for dr Cullan to come on shift.

So instead we are hitting up the high school. It's been awhile since I have been inside a school room. But I gues I can for Bella.
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In search of Dr Cullan.

So at this moment we are hoofing it to the Forks hospital.
Amy needs a fix.

Kathy is brilliant! Maybe we should start with a map.
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Thursday, September 11

On the ferry.

We have a3rived. There are so many of us it is hrd to keep everyone straight. Lunch at Ivars was fabulous. Lots of laughter and fun.
The claqm chowder was amazing. :)

Now we are on the ferry headed onto Port Angelous. My pensive side has reared it's ugly head. It is so gorgeous here. The air is brisk and clean. I am grateful for the chance to be here with so ma,y fabulous women. I am again reminded of the freedoms we enjoy as citizens of this country.
I blame Dan and his emails. But after 2 emails from him over seas and 2 flights with multiple soldiers returning from the middle east, I feel the need to express my gratitude to them in general. I am deeply grateful for the soldiers of yesterday and today who fight so that I can enjoy my freedoms in beautiful places such as this.
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Random blog post for Kara......

I promised Kara that I would post random notes from the trip. After the great nap on the plane, we have touched down in the ATL.

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7 years have gone by.

I sit on the runway waiting for my plane to take off and wonder what that morning was like for the passengers all those years ago.
Not that I am worried about anything happening today. I'm just remembering that the people on those flights were very like those that surround me today.

My thoughts turn to the Pugliese family as they always do on this day. I wish good things for them.
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Wednesday, September 10

Things to do.....

So I am almost home. Only a short 30 minutes bus ride and I will be home to prep for my trip. I have just over 6 hours to:

Do 4 loads of laundry (2 loads of bedding)
Clean my kitchen
Clean the bathroom
Pack for my trip
And sleep.....

Which do you think will end up on the 'not gonna happen list'?
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Homeward bound...

I am finally on the train. It has been quite a long day for me. Lol!

In just under 36 hours I will be boarding a plane for the west coast. Washington, here I come.
I am excited. Really, I am. I just don't have time to sound like it. Works keeps me pretty busy and after work I spend my nights prepping for the triip.

By the by.....I finished my 27 gifts. I am tempted to post a pic of one but they look like a Kindergardener craft project so I probably won't.

Maybe when I come back I'll take a pic of my booty. (As in pirates treasure not my rear end).
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Monday, September 8


OnePlusYou Quizzes and Widgets

So apparently these guys think my blog is okay for the general public.....

I guess that is better then having to tell my mother that she can't read my blog. Lol!

Work is really too busy for me to be doing I am going to get back to it. :)

Friday, September 5

Showing my Age..........

Apparently, I can no longer come home from a show at 1:30 in the morning, read until 3 am and then get up and be coherent at 5:30 am.

I slept through my alarms....and now my brain is a bit fuzzy.......

It is going to be a very long day!

BTT #16 I forgot here's your Thursday question on Friday. :)

btt button

Suggested by JM

I was looking through books yesterday at the shops and saw all the Twilight books, which I know basically nothing about. What I do know is that I’m beginning to feel like I’m the *only* person who knows nothing about them.

Despite being almost broke and trying to save money, I almost bought the expensive book (Australian book prices are often completely nutty) just because I felt the need to be ‘up’ on what everyone else was reading.

Have you ever felt pressured to read something because ‘everyone else’ was reading it? Have you ever given in and read the book(s) in question or do you resist? If you are a reviewer, etc, do you feel it’s your duty to keep up on current trends?

Okay.....I admit it, I have been pressured into reading a book or two...or more. (Yes, Ben I am still blaming you for the whole dark trilogy thing!)
I don't feel duty bound to keep up with "trends" per se, but I do like to read books others have found interesting. Some I like, others not so much. I don't usually do a review of anything I read so I guess it isn't a worry for me. Lol!

Thursday, September 4

Tugs at the heart strings

Les Mis was amazing, of course.
As expected:
Jean Val Jean was a saint,
Javert unforgiving,
Fantine pathetic, the Thenadier's scummy,
The men of the barricade were courageous, Cosette and Marious sickeningly in love, and poor Eponine was stuck with unrequited love.

I realized that I have a very cynical outlook. My favorite songs: A Little Fall of Rain and Empty Chairs and Empty Tables. (A song of love that was never accepted and a song of the battle suvivor.)
And the song A Heart Full of Love makes me want to gag.

I guess I'll have to work on that.
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Welcome Home......

Today is a big day for the family back home.

Baby Hughie returns from his 2 year mission to Vina del Mar Chile. As a matter of fact, his plan landed just over 2 hours ago. Dinner is scheduled for everyone in 2 hours. I am sad to miss it. I am sure he has quite a few stories to tell. :)

It has been interesting for me to read his emails and watch this young man grow. He is such a great kid. I am so proud of him.

So Welcome Home Hugh! On to the next step!

Wednesday, September 3

A different language

Dinner with Nancy, Kara, and Tink was a blast.

On the way home a group of gentleman got into a discussion on the bus. It seemed to get rather heated. Unfortunately, I can't figure out what it was about. While I could pick out a few words here and there (White House, MF'er, sh*t, soldiers, and a couple others) I have no idea what they were saying. I guess I still need to learn more of the local lingo. Lol!
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Fandom Unite....

I think everyone knows by now that a portion of Stephanie's next book, Midnight Sun, was illegally posted on the internet. Stephanie is rather understandably upset by this. Sadly, she has put Midnight Sun on hold indefinitely.

You can find more information, including a legal copy of the released manuscript here.
(Don't spoil I still haven't read it.....yet......)

The fans have decided to show their support.....

For those that don't know......I am a Twilight fan. There are various reasons, one being I just love to read and Stephanie Meyer has a great imagination. I have had the chance to meet some of the most amazing women because of these books. For that alone I will be forever grateful for Stephanie Meyer and her writing talents. But the fact that I actually enjoy the stories and can't wait until my trip next week trip to Forks Washington....well.....lets just chalk it up to a personal geekiness.

So yes, I will be one of many wearing a Twilight support shirt on 9/13/08. I hope she continues to create the stories and characters that many have grown to love.

Tuesday, September 2


I was all rea5y to get into the next episode of Robin Hood only to learn that the DVD I just received is nothing but extras. Ugh!

Oh well I guess I'll have to watch Firefly instead.
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Monday, September 1


I rarely dream. And if I do I rarely remember them, expect a few of the terrifying nightmares of my childhood (Ursula is one scary broad!).

When I do actually dream I try to remember them. There was one a few years ago that had me holding a very important discussion with my CFO and the missionaries in my tiny bathroom at the house in Falls Church. Rather awkward. Lol!

This weekend I have had two dreams. 1 is odd enough but 2 so close together hasn't ever happened that I recall.

The first happened Sat morning and included a rather intriguing drive in a jeep..... Through the halls of a school I was supposed to be attending. I'm have learned my lesson. Don't end the privious nightt just after encounter written by Gabaldon. It causes odd dreams. ;)

But this morning I woke from a disturbing dream of Courtney, who died 18 years ago last month. I don't recall much, other then it was present time but she hadn't changed in appearance or speach. There was a feeling of age about her. We were having a meal of sorts surrounded by people, But we sat and talked as if we had all the time in the world.

18 years........I'm glad is was a good dream. Though, I am again reminded of those things in my life that would disappoint her.

As I said, disturbing.
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Saturday, August 30

Fall is coming.

I was on the metro today watching the trees as they flew past the window.

Even after all these years, I still get a little thrill at how green everything is here. But today I noticed a smattering of yellow and red. It was only tiny bit here and there but it reminded me that fall is around the corner. The colors will change drastically and temperatues will start to cool.

The end of another year draws closer. When did time start to go by so fast? How do I make it slow down?
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Thursday, August 28

2 out of 3.....

The scrapbook pages are finally finished. That means my headdress is finished. My pages are done. Now all I need is 27 gifts........

Any thoughts?
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BTT #15

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If you’re anything like me, one of your favorite reasons to read is for the story. Not for the character development and interaction. Not because of the descriptive, emotive powers of the writer. Not because of deep, literary meaning hidden beneath layers of metaphor. (Even though those are all good things.)

No … it’s because you want to know what happens next?

Or, um, is it just me?

No....that is what allows me to read authors that have what I deem to be less then stellar writing capabilities.

Many a time I will find my self skimming through pages of description (thank you Robert Jordan and Diana Gabaldon) to get to the action of the story. Not that the descriptions aren't necessary, but I find that on the first read through I want to know what happens more then i want to hear how the stage is set. It is only on the second read through that I will pick up the intricacies of the descriptions. Which, I am just realizing, means that I probably miss out on a lot of things in books that I figure aren't worth the re-read.

Wednesday, August 27

I can't sleep

It is after 11:30. I'm tired. I have qa sinus pressure headache. I am covered in Vicks VapoRub. There should be nothing to keep me awake.

And yet.....

I am awake.

Life is not fair today :p
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nothing but a big empty void.....

My head is filled with something other then words. Lol!
Therefore I will not be blogging about anything important today.

Instead I am going to go home in 20 minutes scrapbook another 4 pages or so and then SLEEP.....

You think if i sleep enough this head cold will go away and I will be able to function like a normal person....

It's a nice thought, but i think it requires a person to be normal to begin with. :)

Tuesday, August 26

I swear it was gonna happen.....

You ever notice that the minute you commit to a new work out routine you get sick?

Maybe it is just me? It will happen as soon as the head cold goes away. :s
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Saturday, August 23

A letter to an older me.....

As I was getting ready to head out this afternoon I got stopped by a country song.....

Who knows what it actually talked about but I was reminded of the letters that I had to write as a teenager. You know the ones they had you write to an older self, filled with your hopes and dreams and fears......

I know of two that I had to keep. 1 I opened a few years ago at the time stated on the envelope. It spoke of my faith and testimony and the knowledge of a life as wife and mother. It spoke of my insecurities with the hope that I had found someone to help me overcome them. Someone that would get me past my fear.

I have no idea what the date is on the second envelope. I wonder if the time has passed for me to open it. Though in reality I fear what is contained with in the pages of that letter. I wonder if I am a disappointment to myself as a child.

Does that make sense? I am speaking as if I am 2 people. The teenager that had a sure knowledge that the future would hold a husband and children by the time I had reached this ripe old age of 29....And the woman who is happy in her single life and is not sure she wants it to change regardless of the fact that I joke about it with my friends.
(but that is not the purpose of this post, maybe I will expound on that at another time)

I decided while listening to this song, any letter I write today would be vastly different from the ones written by the younger me. I would not speak of the future as a given at all. I would not hope for someone to come and "help" me get over my insecurities. I would tell the me who is 45 that I hope she is past the fear of commitment....even if she is not committed to someone. I would hope that she is comfortable in her own skin and has a sense of accomplishment in what ever she does, be it home and family, a career, church, or service within the community. Or all of the above. I hope that she has found solace in the gospel at the times of her life was troubled.
My life has become one that is filled with a love of books and knowledge and learning; I hope that the older me has taken the time to go back to school. Any degree would be nice, but it is not essential, the chance to be in a classroom again would be enough.

Of course I have many hopes and fear but 45 should already know this. She isn't an idiot after all. Hopefully, she won't look back at this writing and think of herself as a completely different person.

Now I am off to the book fair in Harrisburg.....Wahoo for me!

Friday, August 22

Writers Block........

I stare at this blank page and nothing seems to flow from my fingertips. There are things I have wanted to blog about but every time I sit down the words won't come.
Tonight I will probably hit another movie by myself. Which means that the Dark Knight is still out (I am to big of a wuss to see that one by myself. I will probably scare myself witless.) Anyone know what is playing at the theater by the Courthouse Metro?

Tomorrow I am headed out to the Green Valley Book Fair. I must admit that I am geek enough to be excited about it. Lol!

Now, since I can't think of anything else to write you get another picture
meme.....Just cuz they make me giggle.

This one was stolen from one of the McNabbers Darla! (bonus points if you know what a McNabber is....)

Here’s how this one works:
You answer each question, search that answer in Google Image Search and then post the first picture that pops up. (And really I just picked my favorite...)

Age at my next birthday: *sigh* the big 3-0

Place I’d like to travel: Scotland and Ireland.......and well Europe......and so many other places....

Favorite place: Umm....the library. Duh!

Favorite object: Books....another duh...sorry.....

Favorite color: really my favorite color is teal or aquamarinie (blue green)....but usually I just say green because there are very few places where teal looks good. LOL!

Nickname: Rae

Birthplace: Pocatello, potato jokes please. :)

Thursday, August 21

BTT #14

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Inspired by Booksplease

Whether you usually read off of your own book pile or from the library shelves NOW, chances are you started off with trips to the library. (There’s no way my parents could otherwise have kept up with my book habit when I was 10.)
So …
What is your earliest memory of a library?
Who took you?
Do you have you any funny/odd memories of the library?

My earliest memory right now is in elementary school. I remember having to leave class in either 1st or second grade ( I know we were at the school in NH at least) and go to the library for tutoring sessions.....math? Reading? Both? I am not sure any more. It was too long ago, but it was at the back of the library and I got to go by myself!! Woot!
It wasn't until I was much older that the library became my safe haven. As a matter of fact, I think it was during my teenage years.
All of my funny/odd memories all include me taking 3 little boys to the library.
Good night nurse, boys have energy....

The Cutest Couple

While walking to the metro each morning I run into quite a few different types of people. We have the working professionals that hurry by with out a smile. We have the nervous school kids who won't look you in the eye. There are the "hooligans", you know the kids that have me all paranoid to walk home. There are the hunky (and some not so hunky) fireman that are usually washing their trucks in the early am and many others.

But a couple of times now I have had the chance to walk behind an extremely cute couple and I don't mean in looks. They walk hand in hand to the metro, laughing like teenagers falling in love for the first time. But they aren't teenagers, they are somewhere in their mid 40's. Which makes it nice to watch. Upon reaching the metro escalators, he leans in and gives her a fairly chaste kiss. Not an absent minded kiss, more a kiss that says, we're in public but I want you to feel loved. (Or at least that is what I see when I have come upon them). Then she heads off to catch a train and he heads back the way he has come. Both have the same smile on their faces.

That is what I want at some point in my life.
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Wednesday, August 20

I shot the Sheriff

A couple months ago some one wrote about a BBC version of Robin Hood on one of the blogs I read. I was intrigued and immediately added season 1 to my Blockbuster Queue.

Today after dinner with Jess and riding in her new car (Yay for new cars!!!), I arrived home to find disc one had arrived.

I'm a bit of a geek.

I watched all three episodes on the dvd. Lol! Now don't get all judgemental and think I have no taste.....mespecially you Steph......slicked back ponytail indeed! I will admit some of the acting isn't all that good and the timing is off sometimes. But DUDE(!) Robin Hood is a hottie. I am glad that I have 2 seasons to look forward to. ;)
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Tuesday, August 19

Another night with the TM's

Another night out with the TM's and I find myself on the bus late at night.

The bus is filled with people talking and laughing. Maybe not with me but at least around me.

It is a nice feeling.

Kandice.......before I forget..... I was told about the PALACE ACQUIRE program. It might be something that we are looking for. I'll email tomorrow with more information. ;)
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"You're basically a gay man."

Today's title comes from my morning discussion with StephinMT.....

While she was gushing over the twisted-ness of Karate Kid III, I was excitedly talking about my most recent Amazon purchases.

What could elicit such a statement you ask.....

I ordered:
  • Les Miserables Original London Cast
  • Disney's Beauty and the Beast: The Broadway Musical
  • 1 of: Into the Woods (1987 Original Broadway Cast)
And since I am the most impatient person on earth....I downloaded:
  • On My Own
  • Empty Charis at Empty Tables
  • A Little Fall of Rain
  • I Dreamed A Dream
  • Do You Hear the People Sing
(From the Original Broadway Production of Les Miserables, of course.)

But really if I am going to see Les Miserables in 2 weeks I should listen to the music again to prepare myself...right? And if I happen to burst into song at random moments during my day, who can blame me. Jeremy.....does that make me a gay man?

Beside, the rest of the conversation included this:
StephinMT: It has a rich villain, Rae.
StephinMT: And he smokes cigars in the bathtub
StephinMT: W/his secretary taking notes
StephinMT: Talking on the phone about dumping toxic waste
StephinMT: He is an ally of the scorned Dojo Guy (Cobra Kai)
StephinMT: And now he is going to destroy Daniel.
StephinMT: It's AMAZING!
I mean really come on! Does a woman who chooses to what Karate Kid II really have any room to talk? :P

Monday, August 18

Do I scrapbook?

As part of my trip next month I had to create a scrapbook page. Yes, creatively retarded me had to create a page. I know, everyone is gasping in shock. Meg originally offered to create my page and I was all gung ho with that idea. But after many discussions, personal procrastination, and the realization that I can make "digital scrap booking pages", plans changed. I actually created my own page last week.

This was my first try: I actually liked it but I couldn't find a way to make it 12 x 12 so here it is in all it's glory.
My second attempt is pretty much the same thing with a different color scheme and a scrunched feel. Here's hoping it will print nicely. I am not sure it will. Lol!

Just be grateful, Meg had the time to create my Ya-Ya headdress. (Yes, again, I know. Who would picture me in a headdress of any sort?) Can you imagine me trying to create one? It pays to know creative people. Being my best friend, she made my ya-ya out of a baseball cap. See that is what you get when your friends really know you. Lol!

Friday, August 15

A night out by myself

Surounded by men and women in their clubbing finest I catch the train home. It has been an interesing evening by myself. As. I mentioned in my last post it has been a while since I have gone out on my own. What I intended to be a quick stop at CVS turned into a couple of hours of phone calls, dinner and a movie.

It was fun for me. I like being able to attend movies by myself and have missed doing so. Tonight's choice was Swing Vote with Kevin Costner. Everyone knows I steer clear of politics but this lookeds to be a movie that was worth the price of admission. I must admit I was pleasantly surprised. What I expected was a movie with the intent to make fun of either the political process or the parties themselves. I expected something only slightly funny due to my own politcal ignorance. What I found was an interesting movie meant to stir the sympathies of the american voter. Not to vote one way or the other. Not to stand behind this policy or that. Just for us to take the opportunity to exercise our right to vote, to be grateful for the blessings we have and help make our country the best it can be.
As a matter of fact I felt myself a bit ashamed as I listned to "Bud's" final speech. I am definitely one of the many that take the take my freedoms for granted. I had better change that.

Elections aren't that far away. Have you figured out who you stand behind?
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Too Tired....

Okay y'all..... I know I have been out of it for a bit. I don't promise that it will change anytime soon. Sorry.

I have been rather moody as of late. I don't want to be around most people. I don't want to have to socialize at all really. For those that know me well this isn't all that shocking. It has been a rather full couple of months.............

It all started in April with Rigelletto (interesting), Conference (uplifting), The Cherry Blossom Festival (Service is GREAT!), hairspray with Jess, A trip to Richmond to meet Tiff, My cousin Jane came to town.

May continued with Berwyn Heights Day (Yay for more service), The Renn Faire (FUN), Movie Mockers (Words cannot describe), The TM's in DC (A hoot), Plus various movies and dinners with friends.

June saw me off to Utah for a week (Sarah is the greatest friend ever!! and my family is GREAT), then dog sitting in Maryland for 2 weeks. There was also a trip to Annapolis with the TM's, The Opera with Kristin, my Aunt, Steph and Boo all came to town (in the same week no less).

July was filled with weekend trips. With Richard and Kandice, I headed off to Gettysburg and Williamsburg. I headed to Maryland with Jess for the chance to get books signed by Nora Roberts at her husband's store (Turn The Page bookstore....isn't that a great name fo ra bookstore). Dinner with the TM's was in there somewhere alone with more movies and dinners with friends.

August started with a bang, the trip to NY with the TM's was awesome. Dog sitting again for Jess, and then last weekend Richard, Kandice, and I hit Monticello and Lurray caverns; they were very interesting.
Tomorrow I have a dinner and movies with friends, next weekend is the Book fair with Patience,
I have the weekend of the 30th open.....for now.

But the following week starts September and I have Les Mes with Jess, a trip to Washington with the TM's, and a dinner with the local TM's. And that is before the weeks get filled with other things.

See just typing it all out makes me tired. Lol!

Pardon me while I choose to hunker down during the week and beg off certain engagements. I am tired. Physically and sometimes just tired of being around people. People who require hugging and smiles and happiness. Lol! I promise after sleep and lots of reading, I will return to playing. :)

Thursday, August 14


So I jumped on the bandwagon.......Here is what Wordle created for me....

Why I am an coordinator.......

I couldn't help but post the results.....

You Are Scooter

Brainy and knowledgeable, you are the perfect sidekick.

You're always willing to lend a helping hand.

In any big event or party, you're the one who keeps things going.

"15 seconds to showtime!"

Thanks Come Undone :)

Not a BTT.....

So I don't like today's BTT questions because I don't really read books about sports or their players. (I totally don't count the books on the Chicago Stars...they aren't real, Meg. No matter how real we want them to be. :p)

So instead you get to look at my fantasy home. I got these pics from an email sent to my by one of my baby brothers.(Thanks Paul!) My SIL Cyn quickly responded with another email saying this was how she envisioned my ideal home...."a book house, filled with the book furniture."

And that is what this man has made, a house of books.........Hand carved wooden books.... You have to check out his site to see how amazingly talented this man really is. But I think my all time favorite is the bed. How I would love to fall asleep on this:

To Quote Cyn:
He is mind bogglingly talented!