GRADUATION!! (Grad School)

Sunday, October 5

I get married first.

Another first for me.....

While running to catch the metro I was approached by a decent looking guy asking to give me his number. Being me I asked him why. He was honest and told me he wanted the "get with a white woman cuz he never had before." It wasn't the reason that shocked me so much as him admitting it aloud. Lol!

In my clumsy way I told him thanks but no thanks; I wasn't into it. Being my neighborhood he immediately pulled the race card. Obviously I wasn't into mixed race. Ugh! Save me from stupidity!

So I said the one thing I knew would get him to back off.

"That isn't it at all, man. You see I get married first."

He stopped following me after that! LOL!

Now I am off to enjoy the final session of conference.
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Kathy said...

That would scare him off.

Amy said...

Great comeback! I wouldn't have known what to say to him.

Tiana said...


Jessica said...

I agree with Tiana, Awesome!

Boo said...

This is a great story! Thanks for sharing. Good job for being quick on your feet.

Megatha said...

Besides, if you took him up on the offer, where would that leave our deal? You can't do that to me!

Britten said...

Yes, that line would leave most of the world speechless, sad to say. LOL!

Good call, girl!

But you're not a call-girl ;) haha.