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Saturday, October 18

The sites....

The train ride to New York was beautiful. The leaves are starting to turn and it was just gorgeous.

Once I got to the city, I met up with Jess, her sister Ci Ci, and her friend Sara. We walked through Orchard dtreet and had guys yell at us to but things and then hit the Tenement Museum. They are restoring one of the tenements to what it looked like in the 19th century. So they took us through it and explained life in those times. It was interesting to learn about and I now have 2 books to help me learn more. :)

From there we took the subway (with a lot of handholding from the local Ci Ci) and ended up on Broadway, waiting for our show to start. We grabbed hot dogs from a roach coach and got in line.
(Personal note: the food at the Roach Coaches on the National Mall are better. )

Anyway, it is now intermission, and while I am enjoying the show I think I have blushed more today then I have in a long time. :)
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Amy said...

I've heard that show can do that to you!

I'm trying to talk myself out of being jealous- it's not working very well.