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Saturday, October 4

Thoughts during todays morning seesion..

As I listened to Elder Oaks talk today about the importance of attending the Sacrament meeting I was reminded of an experience that happened months ago.

After the death of Boo’s mother a group of us gathered in Kentucky to help in any way we could. There wasn’t much we could do but be there and so we went. Come Sunday we headed off to the local church for a sacrament service. Unfortunately, when we arrived we learned that the times had changed and we had missed the meeting. This was not good news and Boo was obviously upset. Lucky for us we were found by two brethren who upon learning why we were in town and our current dilemma they went and received permission to give us the sacrament. After the brethren finished and left us, Steph bore her testimony and one by one we each followed. I don’t remember what was said that morning. But I do remember the feeling of the Spirit as the 5 of us sat in the high council room of that chapel in Louisville Kentucky.

That experience is a constant reminder of a 3 things……….
1. The Spirit was with us that day. As we gathered to partake of the holy ordinance of the sacrament we were blessed with the calming influence of the Spirit
“For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.” Matthew 18:20

2. God loves His children.
We were in desperate need of that calming influence. There is nothing more difficult then losing a family member. Boo needed the peace and love that can come from the Spirit. So the Lord provided a way for us to participate in a spiritual experience in the midst of a Boo’s pain.

3. I don’t know how to explain the connection for the third thing. But I am reminded of the blessing of Relief Society.
Boo and Steph came into my world by way of attending a singles ward together. Many a Sunday were spent together on the second row back on the right. The bonds have been forged over the past 3 and a half. That experience reminds me that I am blessed to find amazing women among the members of my church.

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