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Friday, October 17

But I slept in....

So I have today off but the day is still jam packed full of things to do. Most important of which is my morning breakfast and shopping trip for Kate's Birthday.


Some how I got the idea stuck in my head that because I slept in a whole hour it was late enough to call my family in UT as I walked to the metro. So I rang my fabulous sister in law to talk. It was nothing important but as the phone continued to ring it dawned on me to look at the time.

Yes, my good friends, I was calling UT at 8:30 am EST.

Do I know that means it was only 6:30 am MST? Yes, and usually I pay closer attention to that. I felt so stupid. Who doesn't worry when they get a call at the crack of dawn from family?

Of course, my fabulous family called me right back and my wonderful sister in law Cyn proceded to talk to me for another 10 or 15 minutes. Poor woman. Lol!

I have got to get it worked back into my head that just because I am awake the rest of the world might not be. Lol! Maybe I should move to Alaska, then it wouldn't matter who I called when I got up. Lol!
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