GRADUATION!! (Grad School)

Thursday, August 27


I broke my tooth.....vertically right down the middle.... my good dentist is back in DC......What's a girl to do....especially when I can afford to fix it. *sigh*

Tuesday, August 25


I ran out of paper halfway through printing the readings for my Amer. History class. Argh!

by the way....the professor posted all of the readings so that I don't have to buy the discontinued product like his syllabus said. Lol! Helps if I actually look at all the available info. :)

The Morning after......

Wow....I can't believe how tired I am. At least I won't be washing the kitchen and bathroom floors on my hands and knees for another couple of months.

I got up early and bought my new school books to the tune of alomost $400. UGH! My only worry now is about the American Lit class that didn't have any assigned text books and the history class where the program was discontinued.

On a good note, the new parking pass will get me through the next 3 semesters (fall, spring, and summer). I only have to buy them once a year. Hallelujah!

And now I am thinking about my schedule for the next little bit..... I will be going to school and working for 11 - 12 hours a day for the next sememster. On the days that classes starts at 7 am I don't get off work until after 6 pm. On the days they start at 8:30 am I have a night class that goes until 9 pm. This won't include my meetings that I have to be at for the event in November. Or anything else that endes up on my plate. It also means no more movies for a buck on Tuesday nights. I have French class. (I know what you are thinking AmyO! French class!!)

What does this all mean.....

As of today, I no longer have a life until December. Lol! Have a great fall everyone. I'll see ya on the flipside :)

Rae is DONE!

It took almost 7 hours to clean my tiny 2 bedroom apartment.... 7 HOURS!

Okay that time included the time it took to update my calender with my new semester classes. Don't expect to hear from me until December. It is going to be a very busy couple of months for me. Lol!

I also tried to download the text for my American History class only to learn that Microsoft has discontinued the program that the professors based his entire class on. That's a bit awkward. Lol! Guess I'll have to go to class to figure out what the text will be. Maybe I should email the prof and tell him the product was discontinued....or would that be too annoying?

French looks to be interesting, though it will be a lot of work. I'm still hoping to get info on the other 3 classes.

On that note I have to crash because tomorrow is quite busy.


Sunday, August 23

Every so often....

I find myself going through cycles. Usually I am fine, I have a good life. I am grateful to be near my family and have my cute little 2 bedroom that desperately needs cleaned. School starts again this week, I have meetings for the Nov Event, a Lonestar concert with Sarah, and an outing with Rhonda. It's not like I don't keep myself busy.

But then there are nights like tonight. I have known it was coming, I was stupid and joined my sisters for the movie P.S. I Love You this last week and that always gets me to thinking (yes things other then ...."Wow, Irish boys are hawt"). I can tell by my unexplainable temperament and the influx of my reading.

Tonight, I sit here listening to sappy country music and reading books. Purposely listening and reading things that will tug at the heartstrings.

oh well....someday......

Saturday, August 22

I'm an idiot....

Its the last Sat before school starts and instead of going to bed at a reasonable hour last night I stayed up until 5:30 reading Tara's darn fanfiction. Makes me pretty useless today!
I need a nap before tonights baseball game. :)
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Tuesday, August 11

Do a little dance.....

make a little love......get down tonight.....get down tonight......Everybondy sing with me now.....

I finished my last assignement of the all I have left is the final tomorrow and I am done.


Why tonight.....

I have to be up, showered, shaved, and ready in a dress by 615 in the morning.

So why is it that I have been trying to sleep for TWO hours and am still awake!!!!
Even reading didn't help. Argh!!!
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Monday, August 10

It's Monday....

2 Moments to remember from my morning commute.......

That gut wrenching feeling as the cop behind you turns on
the flashers then goes around you to pull over the guy in front of


Realizing the call with your dad didn't disconnect while you
yelled "why are you on my tail a**hole!"

I really need to work on my commuter people skills....Lol!

Thursday, August 6


While I might not be a HUGE pizza fan, I must say that I have a thing for Domino's desserts.

Especially the chocolate lava crunch cake.......


And I'm not even a huge chocolate fan. Lol!
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When I was in my early twenties I learned in a fairly dramatic manner that I cannot over do..... My body will only handle so much before it gives out and I crash for days (or months) at a time.

As time has progressed I have tried to train myself to stay with in the boundaries that my body has set. But it isn't so easy for me. I will do really well for a while and then I will want to have fun. My schedule will get busy and I will forget that if I don't take care I will over do it and crash out. I will want to have fun and you can always sleep when you are dead, right?

With my hectic schedule of late, I have been waiting for the crash period to hit. I knew it was coming but I didn't think there was a way out of the crazy life that I had set up for myself.

Then I went to Twi-con......

It started with 3 days of 16 -17 hours on my feet during the day and little to no sleep at night. I crashed on night 4 and I got decent sleep the last 2 days (my body requiring a full 8 hours before I was coherent enough to move). But the day schedule didn't change. While I had some great moments, the week is kind of a blur of fatigue and chaos.....

Now here I sit 5 days after the event is over and my brain is finally starting to get back online. I couldn't figure out why I had lost my motivation. I had assignments ready to be turned in and a final next week but haven't done a bit of studying since I finished Chapter 12 while at Twi-con. But the need to rest is still riding me pretty hard. I have completed my work assignments while at the office, but didn't go to class or do my homework during the last 4 days. I crawl into bed around 7:30/8 pm and read for a bit then sleep through the night.......(okay I admit to reading late into the night last night (I was asleep by 1:30) but I totally blame AmyO for that. Why would you give me a whole new trilogy? By the way.....Maria V Snyder Study Series - Good Stuff)

I have officially decided that today will be my last recoup day.....I am back on track as of tomorrow. But I have learned something....I can't do things like this while I need to be focusing on school. I can't lose a week of school because I am too tired to focus. Which is why I had to pull out of the New Moon Event in November. I can't handle this amount of stress right before I am to go into finals for a 17 credit hour course schedule. I can't take a week and a half off then. So...I will be helping on the fringes but I will miss the major action. While I am sad about it.....I know it is the right decision.

As for the event....I think it will be awesome! Check it out and those of you in the area swing on by the event in November. For those that aren't close by y'all know I got a floor if you need a place to crash. ;)

Bow I am off to bed.

Tuesday, August 4

3 am never looked so fun

Britton recorded this on Thursday night.....I am not sure the actual time but I know it was well after midnight. There we all sat with our laptops and Facebook having conversations about Mormons, Catholics, and Foogart's Frozen Yogurt & Smog Checks. Lol!

TwiCon definately had it's moments. ;)