GRADUATION!! (Grad School)

Thursday, August 6


When I was in my early twenties I learned in a fairly dramatic manner that I cannot over do..... My body will only handle so much before it gives out and I crash for days (or months) at a time.

As time has progressed I have tried to train myself to stay with in the boundaries that my body has set. But it isn't so easy for me. I will do really well for a while and then I will want to have fun. My schedule will get busy and I will forget that if I don't take care I will over do it and crash out. I will want to have fun and you can always sleep when you are dead, right?

With my hectic schedule of late, I have been waiting for the crash period to hit. I knew it was coming but I didn't think there was a way out of the crazy life that I had set up for myself.

Then I went to Twi-con......

It started with 3 days of 16 -17 hours on my feet during the day and little to no sleep at night. I crashed on night 4 and I got decent sleep the last 2 days (my body requiring a full 8 hours before I was coherent enough to move). But the day schedule didn't change. While I had some great moments, the week is kind of a blur of fatigue and chaos.....

Now here I sit 5 days after the event is over and my brain is finally starting to get back online. I couldn't figure out why I had lost my motivation. I had assignments ready to be turned in and a final next week but haven't done a bit of studying since I finished Chapter 12 while at Twi-con. But the need to rest is still riding me pretty hard. I have completed my work assignments while at the office, but didn't go to class or do my homework during the last 4 days. I crawl into bed around 7:30/8 pm and read for a bit then sleep through the night.......(okay I admit to reading late into the night last night (I was asleep by 1:30) but I totally blame AmyO for that. Why would you give me a whole new trilogy? By the way.....Maria V Snyder Study Series - Good Stuff)

I have officially decided that today will be my last recoup day.....I am back on track as of tomorrow. But I have learned something....I can't do things like this while I need to be focusing on school. I can't lose a week of school because I am too tired to focus. Which is why I had to pull out of the New Moon Event in November. I can't handle this amount of stress right before I am to go into finals for a 17 credit hour course schedule. I can't take a week and a half off then. So...I will be helping on the fringes but I will miss the major action. While I am sad about it.....I know it is the right decision.

As for the event....I think it will be awesome! Check it out and those of you in the area swing on by the event in November. For those that aren't close by y'all know I got a floor if you need a place to crash. ;)

Bow I am off to bed.


Bonnie the Boss said...

The books are good huh! Sorry the one is ripped, that was me and my dorkiness! Storm glass is good too!
I hope you get going again soon! Sorry you are sooo tired.

Amy said...

I am in no way responsible for your lack of sleep.... ok, maybe just a little bit but it's worth it, right?