GRADUATION!! (Grad School)

Friday, August 21

1 exit from home and I am stopped on the freeway due to construction!!!! Literally stopped!!! Dead phone battery so I can't call anyone and now what should have taken less than 5 minutes is gonna take over an hour!!!!

I hate night time construction!!!!
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P.S. I am home now and it only took 45 minutes. Thanks to Amy for the Blue October CD that got me through the stopped traffic with out pulling my hair out.

P.P.S. Night time construction workers.....I don't hate you. I understand the need for fixing our roads when there are less people on them. I just wish you would have warned me before the last chance I had to get off the freeway. I could have taken back roads to get home in 10 minutes instaed of 45.


Kathy said...

Bummer. Sorry you got stuck on the freeway.

Amy said...

That sucks! I hate night time construction. I'm glad that you had good music to make it bearable ;)