GRADUATION!! (Grad School)

Sunday, August 23

Every so often....

I find myself going through cycles. Usually I am fine, I have a good life. I am grateful to be near my family and have my cute little 2 bedroom that desperately needs cleaned. School starts again this week, I have meetings for the Nov Event, a Lonestar concert with Sarah, and an outing with Rhonda. It's not like I don't keep myself busy.

But then there are nights like tonight. I have known it was coming, I was stupid and joined my sisters for the movie P.S. I Love You this last week and that always gets me to thinking (yes things other then ...."Wow, Irish boys are hawt"). I can tell by my unexplainable temperament and the influx of my reading.

Tonight, I sit here listening to sappy country music and reading books. Purposely listening and reading things that will tug at the heartstrings.

oh well....someday......

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Amy said...

I so understand where you are right now.