GRADUATION!! (Grad School)

Tuesday, August 25

Rae is DONE!

It took almost 7 hours to clean my tiny 2 bedroom apartment.... 7 HOURS!

Okay that time included the time it took to update my calender with my new semester classes. Don't expect to hear from me until December. It is going to be a very busy couple of months for me. Lol!

I also tried to download the text for my American History class only to learn that Microsoft has discontinued the program that the professors based his entire class on. That's a bit awkward. Lol! Guess I'll have to go to class to figure out what the text will be. Maybe I should email the prof and tell him the product was discontinued....or would that be too annoying?

French looks to be interesting, though it will be a lot of work. I'm still hoping to get info on the other 3 classes.

On that note I have to crash because tomorrow is quite busy.



Kathy said...

So I shouldn't feel bad that it takes me days to clean my house.

Rae said...

Heck no Kathy. Lol! I have a tiny apartment so a couple of days is nothing for a full on house. Plus, I don't have anyone following behind me making a mess of the area I already cleaned. Lol!