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Friday, August 15

Too Tired....

Okay y'all..... I know I have been out of it for a bit. I don't promise that it will change anytime soon. Sorry.

I have been rather moody as of late. I don't want to be around most people. I don't want to have to socialize at all really. For those that know me well this isn't all that shocking. It has been a rather full couple of months.............

It all started in April with Rigelletto (interesting), Conference (uplifting), The Cherry Blossom Festival (Service is GREAT!), hairspray with Jess, A trip to Richmond to meet Tiff, My cousin Jane came to town.

May continued with Berwyn Heights Day (Yay for more service), The Renn Faire (FUN), Movie Mockers (Words cannot describe), The TM's in DC (A hoot), Plus various movies and dinners with friends.

June saw me off to Utah for a week (Sarah is the greatest friend ever!! and my family is GREAT), then dog sitting in Maryland for 2 weeks. There was also a trip to Annapolis with the TM's, The Opera with Kristin, my Aunt, Steph and Boo all came to town (in the same week no less).

July was filled with weekend trips. With Richard and Kandice, I headed off to Gettysburg and Williamsburg. I headed to Maryland with Jess for the chance to get books signed by Nora Roberts at her husband's store (Turn The Page bookstore....isn't that a great name fo ra bookstore). Dinner with the TM's was in there somewhere alone with more movies and dinners with friends.

August started with a bang, the trip to NY with the TM's was awesome. Dog sitting again for Jess, and then last weekend Richard, Kandice, and I hit Monticello and Lurray caverns; they were very interesting.
Tomorrow I have a dinner and movies with friends, next weekend is the Book fair with Patience,
I have the weekend of the 30th open.....for now.

But the following week starts September and I have Les Mes with Jess, a trip to Washington with the TM's, and a dinner with the local TM's. And that is before the weeks get filled with other things.

See just typing it all out makes me tired. Lol!

Pardon me while I choose to hunker down during the week and beg off certain engagements. I am tired. Physically and sometimes just tired of being around people. People who require hugging and smiles and happiness. Lol! I promise after sleep and lots of reading, I will return to playing. :)


Amy said...

I'm tired just reading that! And I thought I was busy- you've got me beat by a mile!

Kandi said...

Lol, you have been busy! I bet my summer was as equally busy though!! ;-) Let me know if you want to be invited to Meredith's blog, she would be fine with you reading it. I've told Mer and Mamma Lynnie all about you, and you are given two thumbs up!