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Monday, August 4

The Dawn Broke...Lol!

And I hadn't seen the inside of my eyelids.....Lol! It has been quite the weekend so a Quick recap:

Monday through Thursday:
  • I lived on 4 hours of sleep or less a night.
  • We finalized all of the information for the NY breaking Dawn Trip with my fabulous Twilight Moms
  • After an hour of sleep I headed up to NY with Tara and Tink.
  • Then we hit the Twilight Live Panel (what joy and fun)
  • A shout out to big sister Tiana who managed to score one of the TwilightMom's Fundraiser baskets!
  • On Line at the Nokia Theater for just over 3 was hot and I was tired
  • I helped the TM's admin by "making the drop" (Thanks Tara) (I had to handle the transaction for 2 extra tickets to the signing. They sold for over $300(!!!) and funds went towards the TwilightMom's Forum. Wahoo!!
  • The signing itself....AWESOME.
    • Fabulous Q and A.
    • Great pics taken.....I hope I get copies
    • Furfenfeld was really great. I haven't always been a fan but when it was just the man and his guitar it was really good stuff. I might have to snag an album just to see if I like it....
    • The lines for the signing was insane...I'm talking people almost passing out, getting shoved up against railings, crazy concert type stuff....
    • Stephanie was really nice as always.
  • Midnight Release..........great except they ran out of Jacob tattoos!!
  • Real NY Pizza at 1 in the morning
    • Thanks for the craving Lisa!! I was glad I got to try it. Did you ever get your bagel?
  • Back to the Hotel where we read until we passed out...after being up for 24 hours straight!
  • know people were looking at us funny when we talked about putting the naked cowboy in the basement in a jar!
  • Checkout and Good Byes. :( :(
  • WICKED at the Gershwin!!
    • A friend got me a seat in the booth. I had never seen a Broadway show so I was ecstatic....If only I hadn't been falling over dead tired. Lol!
    • This also included a tour of the theater back stage...AWESOME!
  • Train ride home where I alternated between reading and phone calls full of exclamation points.
  • Home with Gina to talk for a bit before I crashed for about 5 hours!!
  • Among other things I finished Breaking Dawn. :)
Now about the book. I don't really review books on my blog. Mostly because I will read just about anything. As long as I can live in my imagination I can usually enjoy the book.

I have read post after post of those that either like or hate this book. I think it all comes down to expectations. Many people already believed they knew what would happen with this book. They had their own ending already pre-written in their head. I think this set them up for disappointment when the story was different then they expected.

I, on the other hand, had very few expectations. Everyone knew Bella and Edward would marry,.Other then that my only requirement was that Jacob was happy. This book met both expectations and then surpassed them in ways that I had never imagined. Lol! I thoroughly enjoyed this book.

In the last few weeks, I have had to explain my interest in these books to several people and I have taken to saying this:
Stephanie Meyer might not have the best technical/grammatical writing abilities. But what she lacks in technique she more then makes up for imagination.Not everyone agrees with me. That is okay; it's the way the world works. I don't have to change my mind, and they don't have to change theirs. Lol!


Sherpa said...

A Jacob tattoo would've been awesome.

Amy said...

I love Wicked! Love, love, love it!! I'm glad you got to see it.

I'm so jealous reading about your weekend. I would have loved to have been there.

Thanks for helping with "The Drop" K was telling me about it and she said you saved the day :)

dougandcheryl said...

Sounds like an awesome weekend! What fun to meet Stephenie and get to do all those things. You've got to show us some pics. I'm glad you liked the book. I did as well!

Cluff Family said...

Wow! Busy weekend. So fun.