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Thursday, August 21

BTT #14

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Inspired by Booksplease

Whether you usually read off of your own book pile or from the library shelves NOW, chances are you started off with trips to the library. (There’s no way my parents could otherwise have kept up with my book habit when I was 10.)
So …
What is your earliest memory of a library?
Who took you?
Do you have you any funny/odd memories of the library?

My earliest memory right now is in elementary school. I remember having to leave class in either 1st or second grade ( I know we were at the school in NH at least) and go to the library for tutoring sessions.....math? Reading? Both? I am not sure any more. It was too long ago, but it was at the back of the library and I got to go by myself!! Woot!
It wasn't until I was much older that the library became my safe haven. As a matter of fact, I think it was during my teenage years.
All of my funny/odd memories all include me taking 3 little boys to the library.
Good night nurse, boys have energy....

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