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Friday, August 15

A night out by myself

Surounded by men and women in their clubbing finest I catch the train home. It has been an interesing evening by myself. As. I mentioned in my last post it has been a while since I have gone out on my own. What I intended to be a quick stop at CVS turned into a couple of hours of phone calls, dinner and a movie.

It was fun for me. I like being able to attend movies by myself and have missed doing so. Tonight's choice was Swing Vote with Kevin Costner. Everyone knows I steer clear of politics but this lookeds to be a movie that was worth the price of admission. I must admit I was pleasantly surprised. What I expected was a movie with the intent to make fun of either the political process or the parties themselves. I expected something only slightly funny due to my own politcal ignorance. What I found was an interesting movie meant to stir the sympathies of the american voter. Not to vote one way or the other. Not to stand behind this policy or that. Just for us to take the opportunity to exercise our right to vote, to be grateful for the blessings we have and help make our country the best it can be.
As a matter of fact I felt myself a bit ashamed as I listned to "Bud's" final speech. I am definitely one of the many that take the take my freedoms for granted. I had better change that.

Elections aren't that far away. Have you figured out who you stand behind?
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Sherpa said...

You go girl!

Tiana said...

i miss you!