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Thursday, August 21

The Cutest Couple

While walking to the metro each morning I run into quite a few different types of people. We have the working professionals that hurry by with out a smile. We have the nervous school kids who won't look you in the eye. There are the "hooligans", you know the kids that have me all paranoid to walk home. There are the hunky (and some not so hunky) fireman that are usually washing their trucks in the early am and many others.

But a couple of times now I have had the chance to walk behind an extremely cute couple and I don't mean in looks. They walk hand in hand to the metro, laughing like teenagers falling in love for the first time. But they aren't teenagers, they are somewhere in their mid 40's. Which makes it nice to watch. Upon reaching the metro escalators, he leans in and gives her a fairly chaste kiss. Not an absent minded kiss, more a kiss that says, we're in public but I want you to feel loved. (Or at least that is what I see when I have come upon them). Then she heads off to catch a train and he heads back the way he has come. Both have the same smile on their faces.

That is what I want at some point in my life.
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Cluff Family said...

I love hearing stuff like that!