GRADUATION!! (Grad School)

Tuesday, August 19

"You're basically a gay man."

Today's title comes from my morning discussion with StephinMT.....

While she was gushing over the twisted-ness of Karate Kid III, I was excitedly talking about my most recent Amazon purchases.

What could elicit such a statement you ask.....

I ordered:
  • Les Miserables Original London Cast
  • Disney's Beauty and the Beast: The Broadway Musical
  • 1 of: Into the Woods (1987 Original Broadway Cast)
And since I am the most impatient person on earth....I downloaded:
  • On My Own
  • Empty Charis at Empty Tables
  • A Little Fall of Rain
  • I Dreamed A Dream
  • Do You Hear the People Sing
(From the Original Broadway Production of Les Miserables, of course.)

But really if I am going to see Les Miserables in 2 weeks I should listen to the music again to prepare myself...right? And if I happen to burst into song at random moments during my day, who can blame me. Jeremy.....does that make me a gay man?

Beside, the rest of the conversation included this:
StephinMT: It has a rich villain, Rae.
StephinMT: And he smokes cigars in the bathtub
StephinMT: W/his secretary taking notes
StephinMT: Talking on the phone about dumping toxic waste
StephinMT: He is an ally of the scorned Dojo Guy (Cobra Kai)
StephinMT: And now he is going to destroy Daniel.
StephinMT: It's AMAZING!
I mean really come on! Does a woman who chooses to what Karate Kid II really have any room to talk? :P


Stephanie said...

Did I mention that the bad guy also has a slicked back PONYTAIL?!

Yeah. Take that, Les Mis!

Sherpa said...

Kelli calls me a gay man every so often. Especially when I start waxing eloquent about Liza, Bette, or start singing musicals. Yes, I do that.

Hannah said...

Rae.. when are you goin? at wolftrap right? I'm going too! :)

Hannah said...

I'm talking about Les Mis by the way..... ;)