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Thursday, August 14

Not a BTT.....

So I don't like today's BTT questions because I don't really read books about sports or their players. (I totally don't count the books on the Chicago Stars...they aren't real, Meg. No matter how real we want them to be. :p)

So instead you get to look at my fantasy home. I got these pics from an email sent to my by one of my baby brothers.(Thanks Paul!) My SIL Cyn quickly responded with another email saying this was how she envisioned my ideal home...."a book house, filled with the book furniture."

And that is what this man has made, a house of books.........Hand carved wooden books.... You have to check out his site to see how amazingly talented this man really is. But I think my all time favorite is the bed. How I would love to fall asleep on this:

To Quote Cyn:
He is mind bogglingly talented!

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