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Wednesday, November 12

Frustration in a pretty package.

I know this comes as no surprise to most of you, I'm a girl who has become addicted to the virtual world. Lol!

Over the past few years my blog roll has broke the 200 mark. There are 4 different email accounts that I check daily. Then there are things like myspace (weekly), facebook (daily), at least 2 book forums that I am a member of (daily), my blog and my family wiki (checked as needed). I'm constantly on IM to keep connected to my world at large.

Lately I have been mostly cut off from this world and I am slowing losing my mind. Even with my berry access, my commute isn't long enough for me to check all the things I usually do. My bloglines has over 2000 unread blogs. My email accounts (other then the work address) have hundreds of unread emails. Not to mention the other sites I usually check. Ugh! I don't even know where to start my virtual housecleaning. Which compounds my frustration. There are so many things I have to catch up on. Argh!

Though in reality, it's not as if I have the time right now. Ha ha ha. The only reason you get this blog is because oi have an awesome boss who let me come in over an hour late today. Yay for sleeping. Here's hoping the next blog won't be written from a cab at midnight tonight.
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Tiana said...


Stephanie said...

*in a calm voice*

Rae. Back away from the internet.

Seriously, love. It's time to unplug. See if you can just go one day--Sunday so there's not work or some other day w/in the next two weeks--without checking email, blogs or whatever else. I know you love it but moderation in all things. You're officially addicted to connectivity.

Julia said...

I hope you've not over do it, Rae. I hope also in due time you'll be able to catch up on all the stuff that you need to get to. But rest up plenty too. Good luck in the virtual world ;)

By the way, you are tagged. Visit my blog. You don't have to do it or you can take your time and post it anytime. There no rush :)

Julia (from JDRobb yahoo group)