GRADUATION!! (Grad School)

Monday, April 13

I have a job.........

Yup you read that right:

It is more hours (35/week) then I would prefer in a week, but I can work a small school schedule around it. I have to go register for classes (hopefully this afternoon) but I should be able to pull at least one class in the morning and one in the evening. It might not be the full 12 credits I had planned but we can go this route for a couple of semesters at least.

As for details: It is a receptionist position at a small software company (Sound familiar Kristin?). So it is something I am good at and something I am comfortable with. It is in the salary range I was shooting for (Yay!) and I start tomorrow morning.

Next Question............With classes (morning and evening) starting in May.........when am I gonna go to the Gym? Ugh, I have to call my trainer, he is not gonna be happy with me. :)


kuri said...


Kathy said...

Yeah! No more job hunting!

Jessica said...

That is fantastic!

Kate said...


I guess you can go to the gym after your night classes or on days that you don't have night classes? And Saturday mornings.