GRADUATION!! (Grad School)

Tuesday, March 22

the midnight hour....

It is that time again and I need a quick break before settling back in for the last 3 pages of my midterm essays that are due tomorrow.

Spring break is over now. I still can't believe it passed by so quickly. But it did and now there is only a short 6 weeks until the end of the semester. I realize that my brain is stuck in school mode as that is where my world revolves. In less than 14 months I will have completed the first portion of the education that I have been headed towards for years. I know the fate of the world will not be affected by my degree. But in reality, my world will tilt on its axis at that point. Granted, I will just be headed off to more school, but that is not the true point.

This thing.... this degree, that I have put so much effort into, will have been received. For a girl that feels that she never completes a project and never settles in one place for long, this is a MASSIVE achievement. And a massively scary step. The future that I have been hoping for is going to be possible. But what if that future is not what I dream it to be. I know for a fact that real life is nothing like school. And yet, even with that fear, I am giddy as a girl on her first day of kindergarden. There are less then 14 MONTHS!

Now I just have to battle the senior-itis that is settling into the creases of my brain.

Okay I am back to a discussion of the trauma of slavery and Holocaust survivors using the neo-slave narratives of Charles Johnson and Mark Twain's Puddi'nhead Wilson.


Soarenth said...

Six weeks? It is the semester end that close already? And 14 short months for the degree? You are making quick time, Rachel!

Be proud. Okay, yeah, it is crazy-scary graduating from college/university. Won't lie about that. But the upside is SO worth it. You then have a HUGE accomplishment! Even if you never do a single hour more of work in that field, having completed the schooling for it proves to yourself (and others, but that's peripheral) that you can finish something big that is important to you.

Keep going forward, Rachel! You can do it!!

Inspector Clouseau said...

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